Re: one of the best cars ever made!!!!!

Discussion in '2001 BMW M5' started by Beema fanatic, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. one of the best cars ever made!!!!!

    geez what can i say about this car other then that its all class luxury and ballz.For awhile BMW has made some good cars but this time they turned it up a notch a created a beast. 394hp and 368trq in a sedan how insane is that? With this car you dont have to show off people will toss you respect right when they see it. knowing you have almost 400 ponies under the hood you dont have to worry about those benz's trying to keep up with beemers. they wont even test to this. i heard the next gen of M5 will b V8 5.0ltr 500hp normally aspirated thats insane...then we'll see those corvettes bowing down and finally realizing that BMW is the best!!!!.
  2. hahahahahahaha. corvettes bowing down to a beemer, NEVER. wait until the new generation of vettes come out. and the new m5s r gonna have around 430 hp not 500.
  3. ok what do u know about Beemers!!! its not going to have 430hp where are u getting this info. Only talk when u know what your talkin about stay with your vettes but i will be ridding in style.
  4. Beema fanatic, boy you have a lot to learn. I doubt that is your car. And a BMW automobile isnt called a "BEEMA" its called a Bimmer. Dammit get it right.
  5. i never said that it was my car and sorry English professor but i really dont give a shyt about what u think i will spell it how ever i damn well please so go waste your time on other topics that matter dont waste my time with measley things like this iight!!

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