Re: Only 350 HP for a V-8 TT???????

Discussion in '1997 Lotus Elise GT1' started by EliseS2, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. The esprit has been around a hell of alot longer than most of you. It was made in the seventies and still is one of the best handling cars in the world. IN 2004 there will be the replacement for the esprit and elise. Also in 2004 there will be a new m250 (not completly the same, but similar to the concept). If all of these sell well in America, lotus will make an new car similar to this one.
  2. Is this car made out of carbon fiber?? It only weights 1050kg...<!-- Signature -->
  3. I believe it has an Aluminum frame that is reinforced with composites (semimonoquque or hower you spell it).
  4. Only 350 HP for a V-8 TT???????

    The basic LS-1 V-8 generates 350 HP normally aspirated. Why can't Lotus spend a little time and tune this engine up to, say, 450 or more HP? This is definately a supercar, but a little into it would make it capable of McLaren statistics, especially for the price tag on it. Lotus needs to spend a little effort on making a more powerful engine to keep up with the competition.
  5. I agree. This is just to little horsepower for a twin turbe V-8. But a veary nice car.

    keep the faith
  6. the reason it's so low is because it was only made so they could race at le mans.....same reason the Mcleran F1 was made...Lotus just decided to not make it as powerful as it could be for the street version...The race car puts out like 600hp
  7. The other reason is because its only a 3.5litre V8 so it is making 100bhp/litre, which i think you'll agree is pretty good<!-- Signature -->
  8. nice car hope they make a new version!!!!
  9. yea, but 0-60mph in 3.8sec and topspeed of 320km/h. better than the viper's V10 doesn't do that good.<!-- Signature -->
  10. They did make a racing version, this is the homoglation special so that it could race at Le Mans. Lotus is developing more powerful versions of this engine for road use. This engine is carried over from the Esprit.
  11. hmmmm . . . . . . why does a twin turbo V8 only generate 350 horse? well it's a small V8, a 3.5 Litre, it doesn't have crazy cams or crazy cylinder heads, nor nikisil lined cylinders, it's a V8 based on the Esprit (cuz they have to base this LeMans car after a production model), which has the same power output, plus they are canning the Esprit, so why spend money developing the motor more??? Lotus is cash strapped and they're canning most of the models introduced to date and hoping to redesign new cars on the same platform to make up for the 68.8 Million Euros in losses . . . . Lotus isn't a big car company with billions in backing to develop crazy technologies, they make light weight cars with superb power-weight ratios that makes these cars go fast
  12. I agree with the norm. Lotus prides itself on power to weight ratio and handling. I must say that it is a sweet car but for the price it is deffinatelly something to laugh at. This car would be perfect if it were in the same price tag as a Porsche 911T or even a Ferrari 360.

    I would expect Lotus to come up with some crazy car to replace the Esprit when it's production time is through. Keep going Lotus!!
  13. you bet. this car is basically a fusion of the lotus elise and the espirit. it got the engine from the espirit and everything else from the elise.. the idea is to pump up that horsepower to weight ratio. more power from the espirit, and the lightweight from the elise(i'm not saying that the espirit is heavy, though)

  14. Don't get so up tight. This was only for the real lotus fans. They only made 6 after all. The race version had a remapped corvette engine that Lotus were working on the road going version at the time for GM and that produce around 640BHP.

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