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  1. only lived up halfway to expectations.......

    when the protype for this car was shown it had a V12 and all wheel stayed afloat for as long as the economy could hold it (which wasnt very long , a recession hit)other wise it did ok. when people say "oh i dont like it,my moms car has a V-6 i could probaly beat it" they are talking out theyre a$$.the things that that engine has been pushed to are amazing, but the fact that it is V-6 does hinder its potential. all v-6s have a natural imbalance so under extreme situations as in this case it made it fail in competion situations.

    i still want one though.....:) <!-- Signature -->
  2. You're right and intelligent, that's why Elton John owns one of it.
  3. to bad but its still the coolest car ever<!-- Signature -->
  4. I usually only like American cars, but here I have to make an exception. This is one bad-ass road warrior. They have GOT to release it again, but with even MORE Hp. Hell, every SOB and thier mother would buy one...
  5. Listen, The standered german V12 was too heavy and powerful for american/canadian streets. To amke it legal you would have had to but put restrictor plates on which would've eventually slowed it down any ways. So, adding a v6 instead of a v12 cuts down on weight and $$$ without comprimising speed. To be honest folks it is acually a race car, only modified.


    542 bhp @ 7000 RPM, top speed: 212.3 MPH? Thats amazing! don't complain<!-- Signature -->
  6. Wait, how can anyone say that all sixes have a natural imbalance? Manufacturers all over the world like Porsche(won Le Mans how many times?), BMW(almost all the M cars), and TVR use a basic six design. Not to mention all the Japanese makes like Nissan and Toyota's bulletproof sixes, known to pump out up to 7 or 8 hundred horses under heavy tuning. It must not be a very prominent flaw. Oh yeah and you guys saying that the car was too powerful for Amercian streets don't seem to know that we don't have a horsepower restriction law in the states (thank god), as long as the car could pass emissions and other safty crash tests and such its legal.
  7. I agree with Shmak on that one. This car also won it's class at LeMans but was disqualified on a technicality (Damn French people). How many people do not know this??? Do some research. The car could take the heat, the speed, and everything else and still be completely aluminum. And to say this car lived up to half it's expectations? Ha! It was the fastest car in the world when it was produced with a V6! Would a V12 pushed the car over 220? Possibly, but I doubt it. This car is an aerodynamic marvel and would be too big and heavy with a V12.
  8. 212.3 mph???? what are you on, its 222. The topspeed ever reached in an xj220 is 222mph. ever wonder what the hell 220 in xj220 stood for.
  9. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Jag lover</i>
    <b>212.3 mph???? what are you on, its 222. The topspeed ever reached in an xj220 is 222mph. ever wonder what the hell 220 in xj220 stood for.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    222 mph, where'd you find that? The highest I've seen with valid documentation is 217, which I still feel is a little high. While the speedometer goes up to 240, it will never hit it. I think that the original intent was to get it to 220, but to my knowledge it never went that fast in a race or on a track. I've also heard that the significance to the number "220" is the number of units produced, though I believe that 350 (DuPont Registry's Top 100 Cars of the Century) were produced over 1992 and 1993.<!-- Signature -->
  10. The 220 in XJ220 stands for its intented top speed. It was tested on a very large speed ring, it did 214 mph piont something so with the embankment factored in I think it pulled 218 mph. <!-- Signature -->
  11. When Jag puts a number like that at the end of the name it means the claimed top speed, XJ220=220mph, XK180=180mph, XK120=120mph. That is their little way of doing things like Ferraris using the engine displacement in most of the names of ther cars, F355=3.5 liters, 360 Modena=3.6 liters, 550 maranello=5.5 liters, 575MM=5.7 liters and so on and so forth. It's just a gimmick.
  12. Ahh, BMW make inline 6's, not V6's.

    And the reason this car never saw the intended COSWORTH V12 is because it wasn't reliably meeting power requirments/expectations, couldn't meet upcoming emissions standards and it would have been too costly to re-engineer the engine.

    0-60 miles per hour is claimed in various magazines (using correvit testing equipment) as 3.2 seconds.

    And it's still the most beautiful car ever produced.<!-- Signature -->

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