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Discussion in '1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow' started by LamboOwner, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Own One

    I own A pierce Arrow Silver Arrow. It is not a fastback like this one but Is still nice. I got it in Long Beach California. $620,994 (Auction)<!-- Signature -->
  2. Sure you do. Of course you bluff is simply too easy to see through: They only made 5 of these cars and they all looked exactly the same and there is not a chance you would have gotten a Silver Arrow at an auction for $620,000. They usually go for double that, but good try, hotshot.
  3. I'm sure that you know exactly if I own one or not. I mean exactly what I say.
  4. Re: You Own One? idiot!

    Hey Lambo guy, your a freakin dumb ass!
    you wish you could own this car, you made a mistake when you said that you have a SilverArrow but a different kind, all the SilverArrows made were only of this mod. idiot! i hate fake people.
  5. **** preimum

    This new premium has got to go. #$%#s around with the picture loading and gives us "chate ass" pictures to boot. is just sticking there corporate dicks up our asses.

    __/o \__
    \____ \ ------------> "premium"
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    we should get something for free, why not this. let me know what you think

  6. hehehehehe(cough) Ah-hem! heheheheheheheheheheheheh.
  7. Why would you want to buy a low standard car like this?
  8. im sure you can dream about gettig one of these masterpeices, but it wont happen
  9. Come on. Your name is LamboOwner. If you have any Lambo next to a Pierce-Arrow your car taste would be kinda wide. And according to your word usage you're not even 20 years old. I'm not saying that you can't have one at that age, but it would be kinda strange.

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