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  1. Pontiac's new lineup

    The G/XP is a great looking car, and the new Sunfire looks a lot better than the current Sunfire, but the best car I've seen from Pontiac is the Grand Prix G-Force. Its looks really good, and its got 280hp on tap from the supercharged V6. With .85 lateral Gs, the G-Force is going to be one of the best handling cars in its segment, with a top speed of 155 mph. Its one of the best cars I've ever seen, inside and out.

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  2. You know... I couldn't agree more wit you. RIGHT on the money. Their new line-up does look great and the future is looking bright wit those schemes. And YES, the G force is the nicest new sedan. But the question is... will they produce the G Force?
  3. GM has already confirmed it will be built. The G-Force is already slated for release in 2003, if I remember the year correctly. <!-- Signature -->
  4. What about the new firebird ram-air?<!-- Signature -->
  5. I have to disagree on the styling of this sedan. I think it is incredibly generic looking, and hard to tell apart from other Pontiac's at a glance. The wheels dress it up a bit, but especially with no Firebird, Pontiac's lineup is still sleep-inducing.
    As for the Sunfire, it's looks are about all it really has going for it. Still the worst newer car I have ever driven in my entire life... But thousands of teenagers get them because they look "cool" and don't know enough to know that POS's. Two sides of my family have been given that car after an accident and both have hated it, knowing about 2% about cars and having no prejudices.<!-- Signature -->
  6. OK this might sound crazy but the new Gforce Grand Prix looks like its built off the Bonneville platform! Seriously! The headlights looks the same (replaced the blacked out stuff with clear) The Rear lights are new however.

    Does anyone know this for sure? To me it really really looks like they used the Bonneville platform to make the new GrandPrix <!-- Signature -->
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  8. Me not sure bout that. It could be. Not sure if you can fit the LS1 in a Grand Prix hood..but Bonneville is long enough.
    Who knows =P

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