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Discussion in '1997 Ferrari 550 Maranello' started by Witz, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Ferrari.<!-- Signature -->
  2. Porsche or Ferrari?

    This isn't a comparo. This isn't a forum for people to argue over which is better. All I want is a one word reply from each of you-Porsche or Ferrari. Me and a friend just wanted to see which was the more popular brand so just say which you like and don't go on about how you hate Ferrari's or how which car can take which car. Just place your vote-Porsche or Ferrari, and leave. I put this exact message in a Porsche forum for fairness.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Ferrari for me also
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  4. score another for the Italian Stalion<!-- Signature -->
  5. Definately Ferrari so add 1 more to the list 4-0<!-- Signature -->
  6. Of course it's gonna be Ferrari. It sort of depends on the model and make as well. I wouldn't take a 456 GT over a Carrera.
  7. Ferrari. Not a chance for Porsche. 6-0
  8. Ferrari. It's only obvious, isn't it?<!-- Signature -->
  9. Pors... Ferrari.<!-- Signature -->
  10. fu(king porsche rules. goddam ferrari's are pieces of typical italian fu(kin sh1T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys don't know shit but i do cuz i've driven both several times!
  11. Really? What Video Game was it?
  12. The 360 Modena has better 0-60 times than this, and the Porsche is Alot more accelerative (By about .7 second 0-60 time) but top speed is short of the Ferrari. The 360 modena would most likely be faster than this car. And It costs less too. I just don't like the 550 and the 575 M Marenello. Plus I think the 360 has sleeker looks. But overall, this car is pretty cool. Oh, and by the way, can't we all just get along, like good, sucessful people would? Would be nice.
  13. I can't compare these cars but for shear looks and history I have to go with the ferrari. The 250 gto is one of the best cars ever!

  14. Pro Ferrari.
  15. !!I dunno they are both mad!!
  16. The way you say that makes it really difficult to believe anyone would even LET you get close to a Porsche or Ferrari. Definitely not drive one. Moron. How old are you by the way? 11? 13 at most? Keep checking between your legs for the first sign of pubes.
  17. Porsche...because i own one =)
  18. HSV or Ferrai

    i hate bamix sounding porsches
  19. Ferrari. Unless you get the GT2
  20. Noone like Porsche? I would take it.

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