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  1. posted in 2002

    for a 12 year old car this looks very good<!-- Signature -->
  2. Yeah. That's great!<!-- Signature -->
  3. its scary!<!-- Signature -->
  4. 363kmh at Le Mans in 1991 , at the post n°12 before Indianapolis corner.
  5. deuginthesky, 1991 was the 1st year of the chicanes in the Mulsanne was it not? a faster top speed than 363 wouldve been reached in 1990....more like the 400 normally quoted, dont u think?

    also, this car never had official history of mercedes-benz (its in german god damn it!) quotes a race value for the new 32-valve engine of 720hp with a low boost of 11.6psi, with 850hp for short qualifying sessions on an much higher 20.3psi
  6. ch1c4n3:

    1990 was the first year chicanes on the mulsanne were introduced. The power figures you quote for the turbo engine are similar to what I have seen.
    The most impressive power outpower at LeMans I've hear about was from the turbocharged Nissans in 1990. Apparently Mark Blundell had 1100-1200bhp on tap, and it was supposed to be accidental!.

  7. yeh, Mark Blundells pop-off valve got jammed closed apparently, sent excess boost back into the engine, it was probably over 1200hp on tap in reality, maybe as high as 1400hp....he hit 239mph on the mulsanne....even WITH chicanes, fastest speed ever recorded on the new circuit
  8. WOW!!!. I'am surprised the engine lasted the lap!. Power to weight is roughly equal to current F1 cars.
    I would have loved to have seen that Nissan blasting out of Arnage on that lap. I bought the 1990 Le Mans review tape from Duke and although they mentioned Blundell's lap they did'nt show it.

  9. I’ll answer both of you , Blaze1 and ch1c4n3 :

    F1s weight is 600kg minimum , imposed by the FIA (with the pilot) for just over 850hp.

    Mulsanne is a chicane , between the Hunaudières and Arnage.

    I also got 730hp for the power of the C11.

    The 1200hp Nissans are a rumor IMO , the 917/30 with 1100hp is the most powerful proto ever.

    never a Nissan has reached 239mph at LM (at least in race)

    The record speed in 1990 was 366kmh for the Nissan R 90C K.
  10. Big power for the age and nice weight.<!-- Signature -->
  11. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from WS6 Trans Am</i>
    <b>Big power for the age and nice weight.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --><!-- Signature -->
  12. 950 horse out of a v8!!?!?!? Thats nuts.. So which engine does it have mercedes or sauber

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