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Discussion in '1990 Sauber-Mercedes C11' started by Gary Rulz, Aug 9, 2002.

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    363kmh at Le Mans in 1991 , at the post n°12 before Indianapolis corner.
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    deuginthesky, 1991 was the 1st year of the chicanes in the Mulsanne was it not? a faster top speed than 363 wouldve been reached in 1990....more like the 400 normally quoted, dont u think?

    also, this car never had official history of mercedes-benz (its in german god damn it!) quotes a race value for the new 32-valve engine of 720hp with a low boost of 11.6psi, with 850hp for short qualifying sessions on an much higher 20.3psi
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    1990 was the first year chicanes on the mulsanne were introduced. The power figures you quote for the turbo engine are similar to what I have seen.
    The most impressive power outpower at LeMans I've hear about was from the turbocharged Nissans in 1990. Apparently Mark Blundell had 1100-1200bhp on tap, and it was supposed to be accidental!.

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    The Toyota Eagle Mk.III has the BIGGEST REAR WING IN ALL OF HISTORY!!
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    Sup ppl
    look i know its a real nice car but i dont think it is the nicest
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  13. you can't use html

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