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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Enigma Lips, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. If you've got 16 minutes to spare for an epic rock song, here you go.

    Title: 'Strange News From Another Planet'
    Artist: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

    Post epic prog rock/post rock songs, please. I'll have a baby in a week or so, and my time of sitting around in my underwear listening to music on youtube is coming to a short end.

    My wife told me as she left for work today (yes, she is 39 weeks pregnant and working 12 hour days in the emergency room, yes she is insane) to take it easy. She instructed me to drink a bunch of red wine, smoke a fat bowl, and watch Top Gear in bed. Because it's probably my last chance. I go back to work tomorrow morning and am pretty much on call in case she goes into labor. However, that's not happening today, so my husbandly job is to get a good buzz going and fvck around all day.

    I chose to get really baked and listen to prog rock in my underwear. Maybe I'll take a bath, order a pizza. Who really knows?
  2. Good luck with the baby.

    As for the music, that's a little too metal for me. You might appreciate Ayreon, Kingston Wall, Hydria Spacefolk and of course Dream Theater.
  3. I'm currently watching this Sleater Kinney live concert from a few years ago from NPR, these ladies rock so hard. One of my favorite bands of all time that I was fortunate enough to see as they were coming up in very small venues when I was younger.

    Sleater Kinney in 2015

    Sleater Kinney in 1998
    in my hometown at a very small venue that maxes out at less than 100 people. And even then, its only standing room, and a stairway on the side that people pile onto.
  4. Crazy seeing Carrie Brownstein with her crazy success now with Portlandia and whatnot. I had such a crush on her when I was like 13 and still do. She's my celebrity freebie. I think my wife gets Liam Neeson or Neil Degrasse Tyson. Both of which I am jealous of.
  5. Sleater Kinney KILLING it on Letterman 2006
  6. Sleater Kinney KILLING it on Letterman 2006
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  8. Digging Strange News. I haven't listened to this band before, so seeing the band name and idol's description of them being "metal" set a much different expectation for me. Definitely rock, but I wouldn't say metal. Really liking it.
  9. Also, it's hard to imagine Carrie Brownstein not coming from a comedy background at all. I was aware of Sleater Kinney but it's just so weird that her comedy style seems really natural and refined. I feel like Fred Armisen has really had to work at developing his deadpan whereas for her it's probably just her natural personality.
  10. She reminds me of a lot of people around here.
  11. didn't realise the drummer rips that hard.

    the woods is a quality album. good riffs.
  12. It is. They've remained pretty consistent.
  13. shes great and armisen is perfect
  14. shes better
  15. what do you know idiot
  16. uh, i ride a bicycle and know a lot of bands youve never heard of
    so i think i know a thing or two about this
  17. you ride a bicycle for fun
    its not your life
    you have a #$%#ing gto man
    you drive it to a job where you tuck your collared shirt into your pleated pants and suck a corporate dick
    cars are over
  18. remember when spyke got a car
    now he shares the road with himself
    he knows whats up
  19. do u remember when spyke upset matt groening

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