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Discussion in '2001 Donkervoort D8 150' started by datsun280zx, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. prowler wannbe

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  3. I dunno if you know Donkervoort but they were making cars like that long before the prowler was designed Donkervoort cars are based on the lotus seven and the prowler is a cheap ripoff from that car
  4. Donkervoort is a product from the Netherlands and i'm proud off it!
    It's a great looking car, just like Spyker(also Dutch).
    The Prowler is a poor American design! The Americans don't have a history like Europe does, so everyting they make is a ripe off from something we made earlyer!
  5. The Donkervoort D8 is a new chapter in a line of Dutch sportscars based on the S7. The Prowler is a retro thing for Americans in their mid-life crisis, the Donkervoort is built for racing
  6. No it isn't.<!-- Signature -->
  7. Why isn't it? Motivate your comment, please.
    It is a featherweight great handling sportscar, accellerates like a rocket (the 180 0-100kph in 5 sec.: pretty nice when your but is like 20cm from the tarmac?) what more do you want? Mabe a Caterham? Well that's closer to the original, that's true, but I would like a Donkervoort anyway.
  8. Prowler wannabee? Excuse me you think the Prowler is a brand new idea in desgin? The Prowler is inspired by a 65year old desgin!!!! R U Krazy?<!-- Signature -->
  9. American cars arent all rip offs. yah the prowler is a rip off, but it sure as hell looks better. the best american sports car is definately the viper, which is no rip off i assure you.<!-- Signature -->
  10. I think the Prowler is the fugliest car on the road. There is something about it I just don't like; I think it's too plain for a roadster.
    I don't think that all American cars are rip-offs. What was the Mustang a rip-off of? Or the Corvette? Or the Charger? Or the Challenger? Or the Barricuda? or the, well, you get my point.
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  13. no actually the fugliest car on the road these days has the by the Chrystler PT cruiser...every time a PT cruiser pulls up beside me and i look at the makes me laugh...watchin em drive that piece of a shit
  14. Lotus Super 7 wanna, if anything, dumbass.<!-- Signature -->
  15. i think it looks like a mix of a prowler and a shelby cobra
  16. WTF are you talking about you stupid idiot? The only good thing about prowlers is that we probably see very little of em here in Holland! Donkervoort is building cars for almost 25 years now and they never changed the concept. It's based on the Lotus Super Seven if you really want to know, not some ugly american (no offense) retro thingy. Sure a lot of amrican cars are original, but there's just no excuse for the prowler.

    The Prowler is based on the old musclecar concept - you know, alot of power should do the trick - but the Donkervoort and Lotus are based on a low weight, modest bhp ratio. If you don't have much weight you don't need a big engine to be quick.

    Anyways there is no comparison at all between the Donkervoort and the Prowler...<!-- Signature -->
  17. ONE UGLY PIECE<!-- Signature -->
  18. I like this car it gives off a retro seven vibe.... thats nowhere near close to the prowler in any way.

  19. The Prowler'd wish it'd be as cool as a Donkervoort.
  20. did you ever think about the fact that this design is a lot older then the prowler?
  21. most beautiful super 7 variant i have seen to date.
  22. Because obviously, every track suitable car wants to be like a yank.

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