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  1. yes you can.......

    I was reading Max Power ages ago, and this prick wanted to twin turbo his integra, but there wasn't room for all the pipes etc, so the company made it turbo and super.

    they both work on the same principal of "forced feeding" so there's no reason why they wouldn't work
  2. ummm...yah, as if a vette could beat this......

    0-60 in 3.35

    217mph top

    no vette could ever beat this
  3. yeah bugatti is famouse for quad turbos.
  4. heyhey bullshit
  5. u can have twin superchargers - have a look at the aston martin section one of the vantage's or something has 2 superchargers, and 4 turbo's wouldn't get that hot as u'd prolly have 4 intercoolers as well, and it's still the same amount of exhaust gas - just getting pushed through more turbo's
  6. No your vette with the single turbo can't beat this and even if it did which it won't,but for the sake of arguement let's say it did.
    I'd still rather have the Bugatti.
    Don't ever compare bugatti with corvettes again son,lol
    corvette=Red neck
  7. Hey buddy, go learn something. I understand the part about not being able to mix turbos and superchargers, but since when can't you have more than one supercharger? Come back when you have some information to back up your statement.
  8. dick head. you can mix turbos and superchargers. ive seen it done before. but it cost shit loads and the wanker was running it on a diesiel engine. and id tell you the website if i new it but i dont
  9. Quad turbo rulz
  10. Yeah it does.
  11. Is this the first car with quad turbo's? It would be a riot to drive.
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  14. There is a car that's supercharged AND turbo charged, but I can't think of it at the moment. (and it's not the Diesel that was discussed earlier). I'll come back when I think of it.
  15. of course you can have a turbo\super it would be a nightmare making the manifold for it

    i've seen a supra with a turbo on the engine and a super on the exhaust, one blows air in the other sucks it out

    intersting concept but the supra still sucked
  16. no eh?

    no vette could ever?

    what about the ol' callaway sledgehammer? In the late 80s it did 255mph. officially documented. read it on this very site. and that was BEFORE this EB110 even came out.

    and to those discussing turbo lag.....the EB110 was notorious for it. There was no boost before 4700 RPM. In order to rip a 3.5 second 0 to 60 run you either had to feather at 5000 to maintain boost or dump at 8000 for wheelspin. Either technique obviously toasted the clutch after only a few runs. The combination of turbo lag and 4WD made it impossible to launch the car without seriously risking the life of the clutch.
  17. You should learn something. It is possible to twin supercahrge an engine. The 1993 Aston Martin Vantage uses twin Eaton blowers (superchargers) to boost it power.
  18. who cares about the sledgehammer..they made one...if some company focussed all they did on a car...than they could make it unbeatable..but bugatti doesnt really do dont compare another redneck car "the sledgehammer"(it is nice tho) to this bugatti
  19. You can twin-supercharge an engine, and you can also turbo/super an engine.
  20. Maybe you are the one that needs to go learn something. You can have more than one supercharger and you can have both a supercharger and a turbo charger.

    In fact back in 1982 before you were even born there was a Chevy II on the show car circuit with twin turbos feeding a supercharger.
  21. Obviously you are a car Noobm so allow me to educate you. YOu can definitively mix super and turbo charging. Examble Audi's Bclass rally car which was supercharged and turbocharged. If supercarching is done on the cylinders ( seperate manifolds) which are first in the firing order and turbo charging is done o the last cylinders in the firing order it can produce very nice results. Hope this helps you out
  22. a quadruple turbo do they really make them

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