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Discussion in '2000 Hennessey Viper Venom 800TT' started by BugattiEB110SS, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. where do u get the viper has a truck engine?...hmm, lemme think, who built the first ever v10 truck? oh yeh dodge, noone slaps a bigger engine in a turck than dodge, so how do u figure its a truck engine? and again how do u figure the v10 rams were so similar and had viper engines in them, the similarity of the v10 truck and the v10 of the viper was only the camshafts,lol, look it up dude, and u say dodge had to put the new v10 in a truck to compete with the ford lighting, well, ford put a supercharger and more after market parts on their engine, so dodge SIMPLY droppped the stock v10 in there truck to blow the doors off the lighting
  2. oh and i c sumwhere sumones tryin to compare the Z06 to GTS, isnt the Z06 like an upgraded version of the normal vette?, like the ACR package for the viper?, well if so u gotta compare the Z06 to the ACR, not the standard GTS. now to get back onto the subject of this thing starting, it says i'de rather have a lingenfelter corvette, hmm, i sure as hell wouldnt, i'de like the more balls to the wall power of the viper, besides that its still got alot further upgrading it can have done to it, and comes cheaper than the 427TT, vipers never failed to achieve wut its set to do so far, i dont think it will now, if they got a 2002 model of the 800tt goin noone could ever argue theres better, only the guilt and jealousy of them knowing they dont have anything better than it and dont have anything better to do in life but argue to ppl online
  3. There isn't going to be a new 800TT considering Hennessy is out of business and the GTS is an upgraded version of the RT/10 so comparing the Z06 to the GTS is a fair comparison even though when M/T tested the Z06, Cobra R and the ACR it was tested against the ACR and the Z06 ended up coming out on top of the ACR. I would take the Lingenfelter for 2 reasons, it's faster hands down and I like the vette better than the viper!
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    <b>I'd take the vette also, More class than the viper. The viper is nothing more than an overpriced kit car with a truck engine!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Yeah, but if you ask anyone to take a look at a vette, and then take a look at a viper, they'll tell u that the viper looks much better than any vette. The vette has so much less class now that the viper has been rifined and everything

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