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  1. To the response of the forum "Re: I have video footage of the CLK GTR doing 241mph..391kph!! " of which i couldnt reply to for some reason.

    to the last reply whom said that the video was of a RHD car not the mclaren f1 well thats nice to know but how many clk gtr's are there the answer is about 2-3. they are ALL owned by the sultan of brunei (just like all the RHD F50's). so unless this is a video he made i doubt it.

    secondly the F1 looks like a RHD or LHD car slightly when viewed from either side of the driver seat. This can be seen in this screen dump of a mclaren f1 movie. and a picture of the clk gtr's interior. now you tell me what you see.
  2. what? THERE are 25 CLK-GTRs! 1 of which is in Bill Gates' garage and the the other is in Steve Case's<!-- Signature -->
  3. sorry what i meant to say was there are 25 cars but only 2-3 RHD versions which are all owned by the sultan
  4. sorry, what i meant to say was there are 25 cars but only 2-3 RHD which are all at the sultans house
  5. Yeah, that video footage is of the McLaren going 241, i downloaded it twice, once as the GTR and once as the McLaren, but the interior shows its a McLaren.
  6. plus the top speed of this ride is 191 because of the downforce...
    anyways... the wing is adjustable... maybe if you flat this out this would give you more speed<!-- Signature -->
  7. Where do you download the video???

    I wanna see it.
  8. I downloaded it from morpheus... but If ur having trouble with morpheus... u can always try Kazaa <!-- Signature -->
  9. ???I meant the web-site.
  10. So Bill Gates has one of em aye! He has GOOD taste!
    I want one! But, I live in New Zealand, so it would need to be RHD. And sultan what ever own them. hmm. how much do you think he would sell them for? Or do you think I would need to buy a LHD and then spend about $100,000 for Mercedes to Convert it.

    What website can I download the VId of the GTR from? I had one of the McLaren F1 going to 391 kmh. (which I think is about 241mph) I neeeeeeeeeeed the videos!!! hehe

    This is my 2nd Fav car!

    I WANT one! I WILL have one!
  11. sorry to burst your bubble but it was the McLaren F1 which was featured there...
    anyways if you want pics I can send you one... just gimme your E-mail... or send me a message on and I'll holla back

    (Yup! This is the best car this world has seen!)<!-- Signature -->

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