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Discussion in '2004 Pontiac GTO' started by 2003 ss R, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. pritty good estimate: 0-100km/h 5.3 and 1/4 mile in 13.6
    I also read that it would generate a top speed of about 160 MPH. That's pretty damn sweet!
    faster than that the monaro got to 275 km that is about 170.5 miles
    so the GTO is quicker so it will go wicker.
  2. For you guys talking about the GTO looking like it did back in the days - that would cost too much money for testing and designing. GM played it safe and used the Monaro because when the GTO first came out in the 60s Holden used the GTO frame for there car the Monaro. The Monaro wasnt discontinued like the GTO was though, so the Monaro progressed in Australia and GM decided to use it being that it would probably look like the GTO if it wasnt discontinued anyway.
  3. the monaro has never had anything to do with the gto until now, the original monaros were 2 door kingswoods and they were discontinued along with the kingswood when the vb commodore was released. it was then reborn a couple years ago based on a commodore
  4. I don't see why they had to use the GTO name to cut a slice of the retro-mania pie. Even if you're able to ignore the middling looks, you still have a "muscle car" with "six-disc CD-changer with premium 10-speaker sound system, cruise control, a multi-function driver information center, keyless entry system and a host of other features to enhance the driving experience." I think the phrase he was searching for was --mute the driving experience-- And I know everyone's gonna jump in and say, "But you cant sell a car without all that stuff anymore!!!" Great, so you know what you do? You don't call it a GTO, you call it something, really anything, else. If they do manage to strip out all of that extra crap what you have is a far lighter, far rawer experience for the enthusiast driver.

    P.S. "a four-on-the-floor manual transmission that now boasts two additional gears." Does this strike anyone else as a painfully stupid thing to say?
  5. of course holden/pontaic were going to put all of those luxury things into it. that is what most people want in a car and also its how the car was made originally in australia because most people who buy them are mid40's and want a bit of luxury for there money.

    and "a four-on-the-floor manual transmission that now boasts two additional gears." is a completely stupid thing to say

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