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  1. This car looks like a insect...but i think that its a fast looks so light and with 250hp it might not be that bad...but the design is like a grasshoper or something
  2. As far as I'm concernd the Skyline is a muscle car, the first Gen 240SXs are muscle cars also. And don't give me it has to be a V8 to be a muscle car. the GNX is a 6cyl and it's renowned as a great muscle car.
  3. Tell me; exactly what would this car be useful for? I mean, besides looking stupid going down the highway?
  4. personally, i think this looks like a f*cked up version of the plymouth prowler. I also think hyundai, kia and daiwoo are all crap..but, you get what you pay for. as for jap, american, and european cars, i think they all have good and bad qualities and thats what makes them unique.
  5. yo forgot 2 say da saleen s7
  6. Hyundai are getting better and having sales increase and I'm planning to buy a 2003 Hyundai Tuscani(Tiburon) straight from Korea.
  7. I'm very biased against Hyundai, any company that unleashes a car as $#!TTY as the Pony, is very evil indeed.

    Get this - a lady at my College is trying to sell a 1984 Pony for $1000.00!!! Considering a 1990 is only worth $300.00, that lady is seriously [email protected] UP!!! and that 1984 Pony has body damage to it.

    I must say, Three times I've gone on 3 different roadtrips in a different Pony each time, and all of those times, we ended up hitch hiking home (Engine blew on one, Transmission fell apart on another, the entire cooling system got fried on the third), only once was the car driven remotely hard (110*C in the day, car was driven 160km one way at 130km/h, car broke down on the way home that evening).

    The Hyundai Pony is quite possibly the WORST car ever made. Yet for some strange there are actually "Hyundai Fanatic" websites!!!I just don't get it!!<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    P.S. all prices are in CDN.
  8. when you people make an assumption, you should know everything i

    ********** ferrari is ferrari although it's slower than a massively modified honda civic. it's still a ferrari. but the civic would be much cheaper even though i had been modified. you guys are telling ferrari is good car but you know why? probably not. oh, maybe car magazines said it so. ***************

    here is my point. get whatever car you have and pull upto 125bhp/liter. (svt ford focus has 85.51 bhp per litre, go any other car section and find 125bhp/liter. you may find one from mits. lancer evo and subaru sti but none of american car). and most of american cars use early 90's hyundai's interior anyway. have you seen 2002 corvette zo6 interior? dude, if you haven't seen, go to chevy dealer and take a look at it. it's absolutely trash! i own 02 camaro z28 and mitsubishi lancer es. so don't tell me it's not a trash! if you are proud of american muscle cars (which you don't even own one anyway), go ahead. and you're telling that hyundai sucks? what made you say that? car magazines? your neighbour? do you have any idea of what you know?
  9. Hyundai makes very poor wuality cars. The Tiburon is just a looker. Bad acceleration. Hyundai is Honda, but instead of having RELIABILITY, they have, well, no potential. Heck, honda has NSX and s2000 to its name, so we can forgive them for being so common. I loathe the Accent. Here in T.O, Ont, there are so many darned "AccentS" that I want to cry. Hyundai and Kia, MAKE BETTER CARS! The exterior on the Tibby is fine, but it isn't as fast as name states. Note: nice to see a Canadian, Password please.
  10. *sighs*

    another american
  11. hmm...c'mon guys..i mean if you look at the horse power, this car is just as good as an S2000, the design is supposed to be "futurastic" i guess, but u gotta look at the specs b4 juding...perosonly i don't think it's that bad
    and i must admit, hyundais used to be shit as, but they have many more shares now, and they are improving...alooott !! which is good
  12. Some people really hav problems. I never liked Hyundai and i still dont but i respect them as a car manafacturer. The people who buy them want a car that is cheap economical and has a good warranty. There not selling it to the modifying market. Except maybe the tiburon. The reason i dont like them and probably still dont is their past cars and some present ones. Eg the Hyundai excel.
  13. Personally I love the car. This goes for all other Hyundai cars. I love the Tiburons, they have a very unique style.

    Cant people appreciate a car at all? (even if its falling apart?)
  14. "The Hyundai Pony is quite possibly the WORST car ever made."

    I dont know now. I hear complaints about the Volkswagen Jettas all the time. My friend owns a '97 Jetta and his reverse doesnt work anymore, so yeah he has to push it backwards everytime he parks.

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