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  1. Ruf CTR "Yellow Bird" performances

    339 km/h
    0-100km/h 4"1
    0-200km/h 11"4
    0-1km 21"0
  2. sorry, im from the states. we really need to start using the metric system.
  3. yeah you do...
  4. its easy, 100 kmph is 62 mph, 1/4 mile is what? 400 meters? its all the same disances with only slight slight differences
  5. I'm searchig for the super-test of YellowBird, against 959 comfort and sport, GTO, Testarossa, Isdera, RS Porsche, Lamborghini...

    Help Me!!
  6. good luck!
  7. Sweet little car,i got the video of it when they drove it around the ring,hehe it splattered bugs down the side of the car cause of the all the sideways he did in it around the track lol too funny.<!-- Signature -->
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  9. this is the most awesome car in the world. it looks so much like a normal porsche, but underneath it's pure performance. my kind of tuner car.

    i've also found that video. sideways around almost every corner! i would've loved to ride along. just for some idea as to how fast he was going the whole track is 14 miles, or somewhere around 23 kilometers.
  10. I love this car and all ruf/porches
  11. This is the first of the best
  12. I've searched the net, but can't find any info on the Ruf CTR Yellowbird. Does anyone have any specs?<!-- Signature -->
  13. This car owns!!!

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