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  1. Ah, what a choice.The M5 just edges out the Jag in performance (according to BMW's numbers, the M5 does 0-60 in 5.0 sec.'s), and the Jag has just a bit better styling and luxury. Since Jaguar is my favorite company and BMW my second favorite, I would have to pick the S-Type.
  2. Jaguar isn't about winning races on the street. It's about class and performance. The M5 would win against an S-Type, but I think the A-Type would give the M5 a run for it's money.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Yo, Car nut 1, the M5 sucks dick in front of the Jag because:
    1-The M5 design is dated and this is past its time
    2-As far as the stats go, the Jag is more advanced than the M5
    3-This will be more of a luxo cruiser with a lot of punch rather than a Sports sedan with some luxury amneities. I'd rather go for a luxury car...
    4-Jaguar traditional design/heritage...

    There are 4 reasons
  4. ok im sick of this crap of comparing this cat(jaguar) and the M5...lets go straight to the facts.....ull be the one to judge...

    for me its just so simple....a supercharged s-type with 0-60 in 5.3 seconds vs. a stock M5 that runs for only 4.8 seconds? isnt it a lil bit cocky if ur gonna say that this jag is better than the M5?...M5's so called "macho" bodyframe make this car a real deal and a true performer's car and so much to wrap things up...this jag eats the M5's dusts.
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  5. well lets see, a real luxury car vs. a sports sedan.

    hmmm luxury car with performance.

    does any one watch speedvision and seen the segment autoweek.

    u know where they test cars.

    well m5 nice car its price $75,000 big ones, for about 5k less u can get a viper to rape this car in every way.

    then again the Jaguar s-type doesnt cost that much, somewhere in the $50k, and well the lower version costs a nice cool 36k fully loaded as tested by autoweek, with lcd touch screen controls instead of buttons, all around leather with luxury, just damn sweet for 36k.

    36k for a luxo with performance, so damn good luxo, they thought that ford would be loosing money at that low of a price.

    but well bmw m5, is fast but for a price, get a viper with that much cash, give ur neck a beating and kill the m5 in every catagory.

    well the jag might not be the quickest to 0-60mph, but it does get better mpg, costs less and, well its a luxury car, a luxury carrrr.

    so compare the sports car m5 to other sports cars not to a luxury car with a ball kicking.

    My 2 cents.<!-- Signature -->
  6. JAG JAG JAG..... <!-- Signature -->
  7. I said it before and I say it again... The M5 looks too damn old!
  8. NitroNSX: "M5. There are too mant S-Types out there. It may be just behind the M5 now but wait until the new M5. It will have a stifer chais and beter engine. Also u would have to lose the Jag after the warinty runs out."

    This is a foolish comparison. Compare the regular 5 series over a Regular S-Type. There are WAY MORE 5 SERIES THAN S-TYPE WAY MORE!!!

    Compare how many M5's there are over how many S-Type R's. WAY MORE M5's than S-Type R!

    And to you Sparetire, I think you have miss understood me. I don't think the M5 is much more sublte than the Jag.

    This is becuase the Jag styling is timeless. The S-Types R simply has good "Genetics". It's Heritage alone is enough to make the car stand out yet no gimicks or foolishness had to be added. Just Traditional smooth, clean lines.
    Compare this to girls, the M5 and Jag are girls. Jag (or Jagget) looks better than M5 (or M5ah) not becuase she used alot of makeup and wearing a Fancy club outfit. She looks better becuase she looks better Genetically. Nothing to do with glitter and glamore. <!-- Signature -->
  9. Why does this remind me of EVERY Bentley thread on these forums?

    Jaguar does not make a car that emphasizes power and it NEVER WILL outside of F1 and Racing models. It doesn't need to.

    Seen the commercial with the T Bird and Ferrari? Now imagine the other guy in a JAG instead of a T Bird. She wouldn't even have started the race. THAT is what a Jag is about, not compensating by beating an M5 off the line. <!-- Signature -->
  10. I dunno about this car beatting a BMW but it will surely be one of the tightest things built by Ford, aside from Aston Martin.
  11. the M5 is soooo much better the jag is also cool but the M5 is a lot faster and is just about as luxurious as the jag
  12. The M5 is the fastest stock sedan!
  13. Once again I find a thread that amuses me greatly I mean this is the Jag forum but pit it aginst another car and so much for Jag... Though this car does have a nice history and lets not forget they did give the world the faster car for a while and it would be a Twin blown V6 (XJ220s). Since this isnt about Jags history nor its race performance I have to agree with the masses M5 hands down.

    ***FYI If any one is interested in driving BmWs line up of cars for a day do know that they do the SAVE THE BREAST fund raiser ever year and for every mile you put on a BMW of their a dollar is donated to the Susan G *SAVE THE TITTY* foundation... actually its breast cancer foundation but I like my version better.****<!-- Signature -->
  14. No doubt whatsoever: M5. Nuf said.
  15. It all depends on what u want doesn't it!
    If u want total performance then you should probably go with the M5, but if you want luxury and just to go cruising then the S-type is the car for you.
    I think the Type R looks better because the M5 looks the same as the other 5 series which in turn look like all other BMW saloons......which to be honest is a bit boring.
    BMW is about to go through a "ugly" phase with all their new cars where Jag's still look cool.
    And remember.....this is a Jag and will always have the upper hand on BMW maybe not in pure engineering terms but in reputation and character.
    As I said before it's all about personal taste.
    Between these two I'd probably go for the Jag but then I'd sell it and buy a MG ZT X-Power 385 in about 5 months time......and then we'll see who's the best performer!<!-- Signature -->
  16. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from stars</i>
    <b>The M5 is the fastest stock sedan!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    The M5 IS NOT THE FASTEST SEDAN THE BENTLEY ARNAGE T IS. Bentley is the Fastest. In fact the Rolls Royce is the fastest car! (at least the engine) Thrust the fastest car in the world is powered by the Rolls Royce engine. <!-- Signature -->
  17. Have to be M5 in looks and performance.<!-- Signature -->
  18. asm uch i hate BMW's i will take the M5 plz <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  19. True Analogic, the Jag is its own look, and you can tell its a jag even if you nothing else about it. It also has a much better style heritage going for it.
    For me, I like almost any kind of a car that draws little attention. At the same time, having what everyone else does is so lame. I think the M5 is a good mix for me. Most people will have no idea what a beast it is just looking at it (regarding the M5) However, the Jag has that jag look, and people expect a lot of power from that type of look. The bimmer carries this same weight, but people would not expect the M5 to be as fast as the Jag. The Jag looks more powerful. Thats why the M5 is better for me. It's ironic that this is my response to a superficial world, liking cars with less show and more go.<!-- Signature -->
  20. First off, everybody needs to stop comparing cars like this.

    Second, I would take an M5, who the f*ck would want this piece of Euro-Ford trash?

    The only good cars made by Jaguar are (were) the XKE, D-Type, XJR, and XKR. And most of their race cars.<!-- Signature -->
  21. The m5 will outhandle and sprint it, but it will be tight. The m5 will reassure driving enjoyment with it's manual tranny advantage<!-- Signature -->
  22. M5 fo sho, its faster, and makes just as much power in N/A form, wonder what a supercharger would do to it
  23. Personally I like the S-type more.
    If you're into luxury, comfort and style the jag beats the crap out of the BMW (even though it is also a fanastic car). It's also better for the everyday life, traffic jams etc.
    If you're only interested in performance, you should put your money on a pure sporstcar, not a fast-sedan - there are many very good sportscars for the same money.
    anyway,If I had money for the jag, i would probably had enough to get a 911 for weekends too... so who needs the M5???
  24. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Ford_IsTrash8</i>
    <b>The m5 will outhandle and sprint it, but it will be tight. The m5 will reassure driving enjoyment with it's manual tranny advantage</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> The Stype R is a Six speed!! Again in regaurds to performance: Get a car that is comparable enough to compete then use your driving skills to win.
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  25. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from vizkiz</i>
    <b>First off, everybody needs to stop comparing cars like this.

    Second, I would take an M5, who the f*ck would want this piece of Ford trash?

    The only good cars made by Jaguar are (were) the XKE, D-Type, XJR, and XKR. And most of their race cars.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Thank you, you said it. Jaguar doesn't exist anymore. I used to own an XKR and I now own an XJR, to me this is the only real Jag left. I had the S-Type as a loaner car while mine was for inspection. THE S TYPE SUCKS MY LEFT NUT it handled like a ford, it performed like a fod and it aso felt like a ford. All of this comes from a Jag lover. Unfotunately the S-Type isn't a Jag. I hate the people that drive S-Types because they have no goddamnn idea about cars. Why didn't all you S-Type owners just get a Ford Taurus and rebadged it with some Jag emblems??? YOU WOULD HAVE GOTTEN THE SAME CAR!!!! The only person I could see driving this is my mom. The XJR however is absolutely amazing. I love it and and it offers the same performance as the M5 (ok ok no manual) with wayyyy more luxury and amenities. If I had to choose between the Taurus (cough...S-Type....cough) and the M5 it would most definately be the BMW.

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