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Discussion in '2002 Jaguar S-Type R' started by stars, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I understand that I am new here, in fact, this is the only pst that I intend to make here. Oh and as far as I know, the all Jag engines are in fact Ford units engineered by Cosworth, which is why I bought one.

    Having owned an M5 (2002 model) and owning a brand new S-Type-R I can say that although the BMW most definatly has the advantage in handling, speed and the look department, I most definatly prefer the Jaguar. For a start, the Jag is a lot rarer than the M5 and so that gives it point in my book. Next, although tha M5 is a fantastic car (I did go round the Nurburgring in it) the Jag is on balence "better." It is hard to explain but I will try.

    Now that my hair is starting to lose it's colour (dam) I am finding that, more and more, I want a TVR, but I want something that is comfortable (first grandchild in about 6months) and yet is more than capable of holding its own with a Carrera 2 (never wanted a Porsche, too common). When I first drove the Jag, I immeadiatly noticed how much more serene it was, after having the rock solid ride of an M series BMW and the ultra tough ride of a tuned RS4, the nice quiet, comfortable ride in the Jag came very welcome.

    With the aspect of auto vs. manual, I am actually finding that I can have more fun with the auto seeing as how I have had a tiptronic style system installed in the car, with this, the level of performance was massivley enhanced, or at least the feel of the car.

    What I am trying to say is that although it is fantastic having the performance and status of an M series BMW and the sheer speed and practicality of the RS4, the Jag is better because it is so much more comfortable than it's rivals, most definatly better then the Mercedes. It has a Cosworth (don't hold me to that one) engine, a good ride, good handling for what it is and most importantly, when I get out of it, I want to get back in and drive. This is the third car I have owned which does this for me. One is my orig Mini Cooper and the other is my Jaguar E-Type (4.2 convertible in British Racing Green). Oh and the fact that it was desinged in England (not incl engine/gearbox) and built in the UK means a lot to me.

    R.I.P. Browns Lane factory Coventry, well missed by all Jaguar enthusiasts.

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