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  1. the ab flug is fugly and its a souped up car so it would have to go against a souped up vette like the lingenfelter 725TT 0-100 in 4.3 and the 1/4 9.2@144
  2. 2001/2002. xkr had 650 hp and that was a first generation...
    i just wanted to 0-60 stats thank you very much.
    and it was brought up already, that the XKR had a faster 0-60.
    2001, the XKR had 3.3, and someone mentioned it was 3.5
    right, and the silver vette gets destroyed by the XKR, by 20 laps in the last Le Mans.
    the 2674 lbs is the other model 5.1L engine. the other version is slightly lighter. yes rgw 5.1 does have 0-60 in 3.1
    just like the vette, there's two xkrs.
    the C5R is easily matched up with the 6.3L 700hp XKR car.
    since the XKR trans am, beated a XJR-15 in test runs, the XKR Trans is super fast. Perhaps the fastest 0-60 car produced to date in the GTS field.
    and whoop, it beated a C5R.
  3. i really do think that the xkr was in 1 ALMS race and got beaten by every GTS there even the heavier saleen S7R and the 550 but remeber the viper gtsr team oreca was and still is one of the fastest and it can beat the vettes so dont say that the xkr is the fastest gts car to date, because there really is not competition between trans am cars and Lemans spec GTS cars.
  4. yes it was a factory stock xkr (i believe the silverstone edition) that raced, if i remember hearing about that one. The XKR Trans AM didn't not race in the ALMS has it races in the Trans Am series.
    my apologies on the fastest, i was referring to Jaguar racing.
    Since the XJR-15 did 0-60 in 3.1, and xkr beated it, i believe it now holds the claim as the fastest jaguar.
    correct me if i'm wrong, but in order to be in the ALMS, the car must be factory made? and not modified... i remember hearing a rule like that. might be worded differently. but i do know there exist a rule, that almost made the trans am version illegal to run.
    anywayz the XKR-trans am had beated vipers, saleens and ferraris on many occassions. thought i'm sure they weren't lemans specced cars.
    the last ALMS Jaguar wins did occur in the 90s. With the XJ220, and the XJR-15. With the XJ220 at the time being the fastest produced car.
    regardless, i'm gonna go research more in the ALMS...
    the trans am series, since 2001, had belong to the XKR.
    the 2002 versions of the C5R and the XKR-Trans AM, had not raced each other, but on specs they are very similar.
    a link with the C5R stats will be nice :)
  5. the ALMS requires that the car(Except LMP) have at least 50 road going versions of the car available for sale the saleen hasnt got 50 road going cars yet so it was slapped with a weight penalty and a smaller engine restrictor(did i spell it right?) which makes the car lose power, for this reason another great racer the M3 GTR in the GT class is no longer beating on porsche GT3's because it doesnt have 50 road going vehicles hence an M3 with a V8 that car is the $250,000 strassen(not sure thats the name its on this site) version but BMW hasnt produced enough so BMW thought that the weight penalty and smaller restrictor would make it uncompetitve so they decided to drop the support.
  6. the XKR -trans am doesn't have that requirment..
    probably why it doesn't race in the ALMS
    also perhaps the reason they licesenced Arden to produce a racing version of the Xk, named arden lightweight rs. having a stock 4.6 engine and probably in the neighborhood of 500hp stock.
    the trans-am version had a 6.1.
    jaguar is determined to go back to racing, it's latest moves and plans proves it.
    Strassenversion btw
    at nearly half the price at $140,000 you get yourself an Jaguar XKA with a 4.4L V8 giving off 468hp and 0-60 in 4.6, with luxury superior to its bently and RR competitors.
    so figure a street legal, super luxury sports car comparable to a BMW race car.
    the new A-type to be seen on the 26th will become the true racing version of the XKA. , will virtually destory all factory modified BMWs well at least until BMW upgrade their cars of course.
  7. Take 'em both for a spin on a real race track (ie. non-oval) and the BMW would disappear into the distance. Its a fine balance of handling and power. The Z06 sadly is not.
  8. here's a question, since i dont know much about racing BMWs...
    but when was the last time BMW won a racing champion?
  9. that's what i'm saying.
    the ZO6 can't be compared to the Supra,and this M3 can't be compared to the ZO6.the Z06 is clearly faster stronger and has a bigger engine.
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    how much? how about you're wrong?

    based on what you said:
    C5R = 640HP

    2002 Grand AM Specialized Jaguar XKR Specs:
    XKR = 700HP
    550 ft lbs torque
    weight is 2550lbs

    fine there is an 40 lb difference, but there is also a 60HP difference

    i dont see the vette beating it, with those numbers.
    the silver vette got destroyed by 20 laps.
    i do see the cars going head to head.
    will it make Corvette nervous? most definetly yes
    can the Jaguar go perfect, no.
    Will the Corvette be perfect if Jagur was in the ALMS? no
    but the numbers favor the Jaguar.
    list of cars the Jaguar beated:
    Saleen S7, Porsche GT1, Ferrari 550, Dodge Viper, Marcos and Ultima GTR. closed car was the Viper, 10 laps behind the Jaguar.
  11. this is a bullshit comparison. You can't say the jag would smoke the vette if it was in ALMS because it would have to conform to the ALMS regulations and that would obliterate the jag's obvious performance advantage. Shit if you guys want to compare completely different cars why not the trans am jag agains an oldsmobile engined CART (or IRL whatever the hell race series it is). or the C5R against the Jag/Cosworth F1 car (assuming it doesn't break down on the first lap).
  12. actually the jaguar is more dependable than the williams...
    it has yet to have engine failure this season... how times did the bmw go out cause of engine failure?
    both cars went out in the last race.
    what i'm saying is this, the yellow vette c5r and the Black xkr trans am are closely matched cars..
    when you put the vette and the xkr in the same category, like the Trans Am... Jaguar has deemed better.
    blue jaguar vs silver vette
    an ALMS competiting Jaguar is in the future. If it's anything like we've seen in the other categories, it'll be giving the Corvette strong competition.
    different between Grand Am series car and the ALMS car is?
  13. let me explain this to you
    1. what class is the C5R in? GTS
    what class is the XKR Trans AM in? GTS
    same class of car, not different cars///
    it's not as retared as racing a GTS against an F1 as you said

    2. the XKR is capable of racing in an ALMS competition if it wants to, unlike the two M3 teams that got kicked out.

    3. the 2002 yellow C5R has a 7.0L v8 engine with about 690hp and 500 ft lbs of torque, with a 0-60 in about 3.1
    the 2002 black XKR has a 6.3L v8 engine with about 700hp and 550 ft lbs of torque with a 0-60 in 3.1 or better

    weight is virtually the same, with the vette favoring a bit around 20-40 lbs.

    4. with those stats the vette can not kill the XKR, and it is highly possible for the Jaguar to beat the C5R, if they ever do race.

    5. This is a fair comparison between two super GTS cars.
  14. The M3 csl is 10000 times better than the corvette z06...maybe the corvette is a faster a little bit (dry weather), but this car has a better design, beter reliabily, durability,,..its a german car, of course its better than an american car...the design of the corvette is so old...and by the way this car on a track would be surely better than the corvette due to traction control and stuff...this car would eat corners, tell me what the corvette can do on corners...and on rain??!
  15. you obviously don't know anything about vettes if you think the design is really old. Yes BMW's will always kick ass but you are pretty ignorant if you think the vette has poor reliability and durability.
  16. ever heard the expression:
    if it's not broken, don't fix (change) it?
    same can be aplied to the vette.
    the z06 actualy has superb handling.
    about reliability, Corvette isn't that great.
    BMW is one of the worsest european cars in terms of reliability.
    not that is necessary a bad thing, but in racing terms, the vetter is more dependability than the bmw.
    Durability it's all the same. Depends on how much money you want to put into a car.
    Meaning how many 70s corvettes do you still running?
    then ask yourself the same question to BMWs?
    other European cars? other American cars?
    Corvette is one American car, that people keep, and spend money to keep running when and if it's breaks down.
    and about rain... bmw will run about the same way as the vette would, especially with rear wheel drive.
    granted bmw has "special technology" but reality is most cars stink in the rain
  17. uuuuummmmmmmmmmm.
    sorry man but i can tell u that i see many and many BMW2002 every day,and it's a 70s car.
    and i also see hundreds of old Mercedes c280 every day.also 70s cars
  18. ohh, this is funny, always that corvette lovers who think that the corvette is the best car ever made. I've seen different topics
    like: CORVETTE VS 360 modena, CORVETTE WINS or Corvette smokes Gt3.
    Corvette kills that smokes that, just quit it ok, and the Z06 can't kill the csl

  19. yes i know....
    thats my point... durability, any car can really last long...
    if you want it to.
  20. i believe so
  21. This would slaughter the Z06 easily. I very much doubt the Z06 could keep up with the standard M3 around the 'ring for more than 1 or 2 laps, let alone the CSL.

    WAY2FAST4U, I'll buy you a beer if the Z06 can beat this thing on a track <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Fair wager?
  22. motor trend or car and driver tested the M3 the ZO6 and I think a porsche boxter. The ZO6 and the M3 where pretty even matched on the track, and the ZO6 won the test overall (I beleive the price of the car was not a factor in the results). The regular M3 absolutley slaughter the ZO6, and the CSL would almost definitly be a lot faster than the ZO6 but probably wouldn't "slaughter" it.
  23. you're right. on the track the BMW m3 is awesome and does beat the z06.
    drag racing, the z06 would probabably beat both m3 versions.
    however i do believe they prefered the z06 though, cause of the price. but racing terms the bmw has an edge.
  24. The Z06 has no place here. Oh sure, it's cheaper, but next to any E46 M3, it looks like some kid in Vietnam put it together. You get what you pay for, and I don't think I've ever heard this many enthusiast wanna-be's whinge so much about the price you pay for world-class quality and engineering.
  25. well the Z06 isn't that bad....
    but as you put, you get what you pay for.

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