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  1. I agree totally!!!!!!!!The 2001 Z06 smoked a $86,000 Viper ACR around the track by 2 seconds and it has less HP like 100HP less and cost less and has less cylinders!!!!!!!! So this little BMW doesnt have a chance!!!!!!! And I dont get why this thread has like 500 replys PEOPLE ITS OBVIOUS!!!!!!!!
  2. many cars beat the viper, even a jaguar (if you change the tranny) bmw has every chance in the world around the track to beat the z06/
    because BMWs are track cars, not drag cars.
    for a natural inspired 6 it's great.
    even though there are a lot of cars who can beat the M3, and the M3 CSL, also with 6 cylinders or even 4... but they often require some form of turbo or supercharge.
    the z06 is a big 8.
    granted i think BMW's 8 cylinder engines stink in comparison to the performance of their 6.
    also to note, an dealer has informed its customers about the upcoming 2003 CSL version. It will be no where near the performance as this protoype. Yes it will have the same engine giving off 350HP, a 27HP upgrade over the
  3. i'll take the CSL any day over the Z06, what a shame if you consider the Z06 better, its has only 400 hp from a 5.7 V8 engine while the M3 has the best L6 in the world!! it's a naturally aspirated 3.2 with 50hp less than the Z06! and who cars about 0-60 times!??! the Z06 is slightly better, but i'm sure that on a track, the csl will rape it easily cuz i Bet that the Csl will have superb handling, cuz it is surely better than the current M3. which by the way has excellent handling!
    and more of that the M3 is A bmw not a chevrolet, a german car not an american one! it has gr8 resale value and at least it would last over the years without any breakdowns! not no mention that an m3 is surely 100 times more luxurious than the z06 and has BACK Seats!!! and the design of the Bimmer is a lot better than the oldish design of the vette!
    the list never ends, z06 is better than the m3 is 0-60, everything else would be to the favor of the csl!
  4. in current production I-6 BMW is the best in the world.
    for all time, it goes to the Jaguar XKE 4.2 L6
    regardless i would easily take the BMW 3.2 350, over the chevy 5.7 400;
    though the 5.4L mustang boss enginge is cool
  5. what's the output of the jaguar's 4.2 L6?
  6. Even though if Z06 would win this or would not BMW has the sickest interior and you are comparing a Luxary Car to a sport car that is built for speep.
  7. Sad I will kill you.
  8. Sad I will kill you.
  9. Sad I will kill you.
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    in 61 the XKE / Mark X had some 265hp 260 ft lbs torque
    that came from a 3.8L

    1962 4.2L featured a detuned racing motor, with 255hp and 275 ft lbs torque

    the origin of the XK 4.2L is from the jaguar XK racing series, and winner of 5 LeMans, prior to this 1962 production.

    the competition model in 1962 had 375HP

    63 the e had near 400PS from the 3.8L

    by 1966 the 4.2L became 265 HP with 283 ft lbs of torque

    all these models have a top speed of over 150 mph
  11. the 4.2L had achieved over 400hp.
    jaguar didn't focused more on the 4.2l much after the 60s
    has the 5.3L became the marque racing engine.
    immdiatley hitting 450HP in the XJS Racing.
    we gont see the 4.2L back in a racing form, till 1985 in the TWR version.
    the jaguar 4.2L is one of the longest lasting engine to be produces from 1962 to 1987.
    i guess nothing can beat the original.
    though many have been successful, but there is nothing like the original
  12. You might...if you can survive your beloved Corvette falling apart whilst cornering and disappearing into a ditch as a hideous fireball. Drive carefully.
  13. can everyone stop assuming that a car will "beat" another just by looking at the goddam hp? doesnt mean #$%# all on a race track
  14. A Z06 would kill it, but you know what's killing me? These damn Z06 fans. Yes, the Z06 rules, but can these people please stop kissing it's ass?
  15. According to Motor Trend magazine, the Corvette Z06 does an impressive 4.7 seconds to 60 MPH. However,the M3 here does 0-60 in 4.3. Just in case you have trouble with numbers, the Z06 is slower by 4 tenths of a second. Sorry.
  16. Vipers suck!!!! You go ahead and get your 8
    litre V10 with its pitiful 60 sum HP/litre. I despise every Dodge vehicle except for the '60s ones, and that in cludes the Wiper.
  17. It more than just money and speed that goes into a car. First it depends on what you want in a car. Me i would go with this over the Z06 because im sure that im not going out everynight using its top speed do to police and heavy speed ticket prices. and also the BMW is a lot mroe luxurious, not saying that the Z06 isnt.
  18. ya kno after reading up to the 10th page of pure BS by idiots who dont know the facts i decided to skip and give my 2cents.

    yes i too am tired of the Z06 being compared to everycar, BUT u have to respect the car, it was created to rival Ford's SVT Cobra R, both came out with equal 385hp, BUT the Z06 raped the Cobra R.

    now everyone is comparing the M3 a nice car one of my favorites, but comparing the 2002 Z06 to the 2002 M3 (NOT CSL)
    m3 would lose
    even the z8 would get killed
    sad to say the Z06 has SUPERB handling read R&T "Battle of the Brands" January 2001 issue AND this is the 385hp version....
    a 12 sports car shoot-out: Ferrai 550 maranello, 360 modena, Porsche 911 turbo, Boxter S, Acura Nsx, s2000, Bmw z8, M roadster, Benz SL500, slk230, & Chevy corvette z06, camaro ss.
    tested at Thunderhill Park by Steve Millen
    guess who got frist?
    1: 400hp 360 modena t-2min 7.65sec
    2: 385hp Corvette z06 t-2min 8.39sec
    3: 485hp 550 Maranello t-2min 9.25sec
    4: 415hp 911 turbo t-2min 10.73sec
    5: 400hp BMW z8 t-2min 13.30sec
    yes 1 sec on a race track is a LIFETIME
    this is what andrew bornhop said about the zo6
    "And though the z06 is perhaps a bit too firm for everyday use, it shines on the track, a true-world class sports car that posted faster times around thunder hill than all but ONE Italian machine... a car TRIPLE its price....
    #$%# i use to hate the z06 cuz of all the z06-heads out there but the z06 wouldnt get killed by the plain m3, now the CSL i dont know yet.
    for me i would take the m3 anyday but at a glance maybe id take the z06, everyone has there own taste just dont diss the car, this car is a legened, CHEAP you might say, but how many cars are on there 6th generation???
    i personally want a 2001 camaro SS <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> i fell in love with the v8 rumble and 5.7, 6speed u cant go wrong thats what i like...
  19. im not sure if the BMW costs more than a Z06 but it would be a close match between the BMW and Vette id go for the BMW

  20. Re:
    Sad a Z06 can kill this

    All you stupid rednecks and your corvettes. The zo6 does 0-60 in 4.7 while this does it in 4.3 ; this would kill it in top speed with the electtronic limiter off, and it's handling is much better
  21. JAjAJAjAJajaaJJAa, el corvette es bueno, pero no tanto..., por lo menos, me alegró el día este foro :D
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