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  1. brang your misinformed, three of the top motor trend test drivers tested the zo6 at the range of 3.980 to 4.0 average value of 3.998. I freakin HATE chevy, but they are the best at what they do, and that is put out muscle for a fraction of what this costs. If there is anyone in here that reads actual articles from RESPECTABLE sources, such as motor trend or car and driver they know that the z06 is by far the fastest AND best handeling vehicle that is mass produced, IN THE WORLD! PERIOD, that includes any mass produced beemer such as the M3, now this only has 17 more hP than the stock m3 so i doubt this is significantly faster than the stock m3 (dunno about the handeling though).

    p.s. you cannot argue with numbers, yes this car is nicer, more exotic more lux. But if we talk about speed and handeling the z06 beats this down with pure consistency in EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY

  2. Re: Sad a Z06 can kill this

    A Z06 is already beaten by the M3 performance wise (according to R&T) why must you post crap?
  3. WHAT? vw driver thats a sack of BULLSHIT, I'm not making shit up, you are though if you think that a heavier car with a smaller engine, less torque, and less horsepower can out accelerate a lighter, more powerful car. PS read up SONNY and youll realize that you are foolish, the z06 also outhandles the m3
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    Z06 stormed onto the scene one year ago, and performance enthusiasts still can't get enough of this radical Corvette. Zero-to-60 in four seconds. Lateral acceleration of 1 g. And a top speed over 170 mph. Automobile Magazine named Z06 its "2001 Automobile of the Year." And for 2002, Z06 is even hotter — now with 405 horsepower, capable of zero-to-60 in under four seconds.

    if you go to the link on top you will see that the m3 accelerates to 60 in 4.8 seconds...

    by clicking on the link just above you will see that the z06 destroys the m3 in every category, just like it works THIS car
  5. There's always some fookin' moron comparing a Z06 to everything.

    What you people aren't taking into consideration is that this is not a normal M3. It's a lightweight. That'll bring it on par with the Z06, at least.

    You also have to remember, this is apples to oranges. The 'Vette has 405 HP V8 with a zillion lb/ft of torque. Big #$%#ing deal, it can beat up on a BMW with an inline-6. That's like The Rock kicking Paul Reubens' ass.

    Honestly, you people... I think that Z06 comparisons should be banned from the forums. There is little in the world that is more annoying.
  6. first of all i didnt start this forum however there seems to be a difference of opinion, so why not prove the wrong party wrong? second of all sick boy you should be called suck boy, coz you can suck straight on my huge c0@#
    There is always some moron crying about oh this car has less displacement, because they cant fight back with any other reasonable fact since they have no freakin car knowledge. Comparing these two is not apples to oranges because lets not forget that these 2 cars are definitely in the same PRICE range, this is actually more expensive, and finally this is a tune model, the z06 is a mass produced vehicle. SO LIIKE I SAID SUCK IT SUCK BOY.
  7. You are the foolish one

    F40 vs 360 Modena

    F40 has vastly superior pw/wt, but the Modena is almost on par in a circuit.
  8. What... Sure a Z06 is your best bang for the buck but to beat an E46 CSL. i dont think so, not even drag, i love Porsche and this is a sure challenge that i would accept any day. Z06, right. The CSL will more than likely hit 100 km/h (62mph) in 3.9-4.1 where as the Z06 needs 4.4-4.5. Specs will be introduced and youll all see. Still dont get me wrong, i like the Z06, bsides the scoops that look ugly on any other color bsides black.
  9. YOU PEOPLE ARE STUPID!! Why does anyone think a M3 can beat a Z06 in anything besides luxury?? I've already made the argument once and no one could disagree with me. This M3 might have a chance on a road course.

    Today (August 10), on the Car & Driver television show they had the Supercar shootout. In it were 3 Dodge Vipers (one Hennesey and two others), an Aeroflight (I think that was the name of the company) modified 911 Turbo, and a Lingenfelter Corvette which, "has some Z06 suspension parts" according to Lingenfelter himself. The Lingenfelter with stock Z06 suspension parts beat a modified 911 Turbo and all the other cars in a road course. That should tell you people who say that the Z06 dosen't have a great suspension.

    Let's talk about this car. Does anyone think that a M3 can shave 600 lb. without giving up the backseat and all the luxury items that all the BMW lovers constantly brag about?? Not even by replacing some body panels with carbon fiber. OK, so throw out the back seat, throw out nearly everything that weighs anything, and finally you have a car that can compete with the Z06. This is basically a race car. It has 18 inch vented brakes!!

    For all you who say, "well BMW has such a great six. GM can't make a six that good. The Vette has a 5.7 litre V8 engine blah, blah, blah". What makes having a V6 better than a V8?? I'm asking because I don't see why it matters. It seems ANYONE with brain has realized that more displacement and cylinders = more power.
  10. The M3 might have a chance on a road course? Mate, the M3 CSL would SLAUGHTER cars such as the Z06 on a circuit such as the 'ring. The Z06 focuses on little more than straight-line speed. Sure, it might handle ok in certain situations, but I'm betting it will come a distant second to even the standard M3 in handling. And if the Corvette even stayed close to the CSL around a circuit, it would most likely fall apart and tumble into a ditch due to the shocking build quality. You pay for what you get. And I'll take the M3.
  11. Mouarf mouarf mouarf.
  12. Z06 vs M3 CSL, location: UK

    Winner? M3. No contest.

    Why? As the "rednecks favourite" weapon after a Hunting Rifle isnt sold in the UK, as its to fat.
  13. Z06 vs M3 CSL, location: UK

    Winner? M3. No contest.

    Why? As the "rednecks favourite" weapon after a Hunting Rifle isnt sold in the UK, as its to fat.
  14. I NEED PROOF assholes, and i am no red neck you mother#$%#er, my family has more money than the little #$%#in UK village that you come from put together. now like i listed proof before, the z06 just ABUSED, DESTROYED, ANNHILATED the m3 in every category, according to MOTOR TREND which just happens to be the authority in automotive information, the z06 brand new z06 with 405 HP and 400 LB of torque according to motor trend reached 60 in exactly 3.998 seconds, the m3 did in 4.80. IT ALSO ACCORDING TO MOTOR TREND OUTHANDELED the m3 by a significant margin, now that is a fact, i need you overpriced car loving (BMW FANS) assholes to find me PROOF that the CSL can beat the z06 and not just talk out of your ass.
  15. oh and ashen shadow just like all BMW fans you dont know SHIT, the z06 out handles the m3 DRAMATICALLY, by farrrrrrrr by a lotttt

  16. all the sad little people and there Z06's .
  17. good for you gt40 the new cobra has 390 stock, so suck it you hairy #$%#
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  19. OK, this is my take on things.. and unlike most people here, I will try to avoid worthless insults.

    Z06: 405 hp, 400 ft/lbs of torque out of a 5.7l V8 i believe, the v8 is fairly heavy and not all that efficient for a v8. The 2002 vette manages a sub-4 second 0-60 time and over 1 lateral g.
    M3 CSL: 350hp with unknown torque out of a 3l inline 6, which is lighter and more efficient already. The double vanos drivetrain will be standard in sports cars in 10 years since it is so incredibly advanced at this point, and the SMG 6-speed is a must for track racing.

    The z06 with its large torque and low end power will most likely beat out the csl in a short straight drag, however; In the 1/4 mile, the csl's SMG will most likely give it an advantage and it will edge out the vette. In a road race look to the BMW, the lighter, well balanced bimmer should be able to beat the z06's iffy suspension in corners, and even with less torque coming out of the corners, the BWM should be able to keep the lead going into the next corner.. if you have a good driver in both cars, look to the BWM for the road advantage.

    This is just my take on things.
  20. Corvette's are weak the m3 look's way better than those gay american cars.
  21. dude Hondacrx...i doubt anyone cares about your stupid opinion on how american cars are gay. Are you one of the many kids who watched the fast and the furious and think japanese imports are the best thing in the world. Get a life. Car manufacturers make cars that fit where people live. In America there is a lot of open road so the cars here are bigger with larger cubic inches. In japan everything is soo close together and there is barley any room so all the cars from there are tiny and compact. And in Europe they have both open spaces and little room in the cities. So every car has its good qualities. Im a lover of all automobiles
  22. Around nordschleife the old nurburgring

    8.17:37 = 150 km/h Schnitzer M3 E36 CLS II 350 ps 1330 kg, Manfred Wollgarten, Car 1998/1999

    8.20 = 150 km/h BMW M3 Evo E36 321 ps

    8.40 = 144 km/h Chevrolet Corvette -98, 344 hp, 1998

    Go prove it MR.MONEY.
  23. *Quote (i have no idead how to do your html

    Vfirst off, what's really sad is that you THINK that a Z06 can beat this. on a track the standard M3 rapes a Z06. of course i'm not even saying anything about the quality and luxury level of the interior, and then there's the back seats in the M3 and yes they do easily fit normal sized people. then you have to see that this is a car with a 3.2 liter engine producing 350 bhp meaning it produces nearly 110 bhp per liter which can only be the product of great engineering. the Z06 pumps out a whopping 405 bhp... but fron a 5.7 liter!!!! that's the product not of great engineering nor of engineering of any kind, it's the product of an american car company saying, as a little twelve year old boy, we want a car that goes really fast and not caring whatsoever how that is achieved. when bmw took the m3 and put in an M5 engine into the M3 (the engine still .8 liters smaller than the Z06's) the M3 put out numbers that would completely embarass the Z06 even in a drag race and i'm not even talking about on the track, where a standard M3 will do to embarass the corvette, so i say to the guy who started this post go back to shooting empty beer cans with your shotgun and riding your pick up truck and everything will be alright, just dont start anymore stupid posts like this.


    This is an ass.He knows nothing of engineering. The Z06 was maid as a sort of a muscle car/sports. Also I would like to point out the new vette goes somewhere around 175-180. Now that aint bad if you ask me. The M3 was designed by people in Germany who have something called an autobahn.We don't. They keep in mind that they go as fast as they damn well please. We can't. They have narrower streets. We don't. How do I know this. Where do I get my superpowere. Well.....I used to live in Germany. And if they used the full potential of the vettes V8. I guarentee that the M3 would be put to shame. Seeing just the raw power it could stir up. Now on a road track it might have alittle trouble. But the vette I always seem to remember does quite well in LeMans every year. So hey..I could be wrong. The little M3 is mad differently. Its smaller. And made for people who can blow money away. But the vette is a simple person's extotic. It's fast...manuverable and gots some umph. HTe M3 has that and more. But lets look at the cost man. I mean this is like making a post that sais the McLaren F1 can beat a Lotus Espris. Same thing buddy. Both are pretty little bad ass cars. And go fast. But lets look at cost. Crap the top of my head I can't quite remember the lotus. But The McLaren is probably a little more expensive(be sarcastic of course)Now both are sports cars. Both look pretty cool. But are tuned to different buyers. Thats why there are more than one sports car in the world. So lets let this petty squable come to an end. Cause I could this talk about this string for months. LOL.
  24. Both of these cars are awsome. If your rich enough just buy both of them. Because they are made for different types of people. And please anyone who says a corvette is ugly...take a look in the mirror..that car is beautiful. Both the vette and the m3 are beautiful so just stop saying stupid things if you know nothing about the car you are trying to talk about and things would be fine
  25. your long and useless remark is worthless, and you my son are misinformed, like i said READ UP then come back and talk to me the z06 makes the standard m3 look like a yugo in every category except for luxury ofcourse. thats a fact known to anyone with some kind of car knowledge.

    the z06 is LIGHTER than the standard m3, has more power, more torque, bigger engine, HOW CAN THE m3 COMPETE? the z06 is slightly heavier than this, and still has 55 more hp! and a ton more torque, the z06 will ABUSE the shit out of this...

    On the the moron that posted some kind of retarded proof on the nurburgring, uhh that corvette is the standard 345 HP corvette, we are talking about the z06 hence 405 HP 400 torque DIP SHIT.

    i showed you proof, you showed me NONE, therefore im right and you BMW cock suckers are wrong

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