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  1. R8 makes 620
    the C5 makes 600
    XKR-trans am makes 650 :)
    and the next time i hear Rolex 2001,
    i'm just going to answer Rolex 2002...
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    C5R makes over 600hp according to GM

    C5-R Specs
    LS-1 Pushrod V8 with Aluminum Block and Heads

    427 cid
    Intake System:
    Electronic Sequential Fuel Injection

    Compression Ratio:

    620bhp @ 6400RPM

    495lb/ft @ 5200RPM

    6-Speed Manual with Drop Gear

    Final Drive Ratio:

    Curb Weight:
    2510 lbs.

    6-Speed Manual with Drop Gear

    Fuel Capacity:
    100 liters

    4-wheel vented monoblock calipers w/carbon rotors & pads
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    thank you for the updated specs.
    but the Jaguar XKR Trans AM still has more HP than the Audi and the C5.
    XKR has 650
    but maybe i should also include the more updated Jaguar stat then:
    how's 700 hp sound?
    "The 6.3 Litre V-8 engine revs to 7000 rpm and produces 700 hp, as well as 550 ft/lbs. of torque. The performance is good, and the 2550-pound car is capable of 200 mph and a zero to 135-mph quarter mile in 10.88 seconds."
    oh shoot, was that three C5s the Jaguar past?
    -Rolex 2002
  4. the Vettes, the Jag won, were the same vettes that won in 2000 and 2001 Rolex. same drivers and everything... you can check it out
    and so ?
    How can you say the Jag is no match:
    Jaguar has a 6.3L with 700hp and 550 torque, better handling believe it or not, far surperior dependability as shown in the past races...
    i dont know the 0-60 in the 7 liter Chevy you say, but the Jag was beating it by almsot .2 - .3 seconds.
    Corvette had to go up to 7 liters to match a 6.3L mustang engine, no offense that's a slap in the face by Ford.
    no match? Corvette is just trying to keep up....
  5. does the jag use the same chassis and everything that the mustang uses in that series? If it does then you people need to realize that you are just arguing the age old chevy vs. ford competition. If a car is useing a standardized chassis and engine combo that other cars posess, it doesn't matter what brand name is on it.
  6. it uses a Jaguar body and chassis, thus why it's Jaguar... though it does use a Mustang Engine and mustang type Tranny...
    and yes it's the old age competition, Ford does something, then Chevy counters...
    in the past it was Ford doing the catch up, but what i'm saying is that Chevy is now doing the catch up, especially since Ford improved so much by using the advances and technology used in Jaguar engines.
  7. to note, Mustang Cobra SVT isnt the best current production stang, the Falcon is. with the revival of the Mach, Bullit and Boss... the Cobra may be taking a slight back seat...
    and it's almsot official,but the Jaguar will have a new R series, with the X-Type...
    Road And Track:
    Jaguar X-Type R

    Jaguar’s new small X-Type won’t hit the showroom floor until the second half of this year, but there are already rumors flying about an exciting high-performance version designed to go up against BMW’s M3. Using the all-wheel-drive system developed to keep the Mondeo-based Jaguar a true Jaguar in handling terms, the new flyer will use a supercharged variant of the 3.5-liter V-6 introduced on the S-Type. With well over 300 horsepower it should be good for 0–60 times in the sub-5-second class.

    But the X-Type R will have to take its place in the line of Jaguar performance-car introductions; a cleaned-up S-Type Sport with purely cosmetic changes has just been launched in Europe, and a full-house R will follow in a year or so.

    even the X-Type is competing welll against the M3; who would have thought
  8. Now how many people will ever be able to race a Z06 to its fullest capacity. So a Z06 will kill an M3 in a drag race race so what? There isn't going to able drag racing going in the streets. If you compare both cars: Z06 and the even the current M3, for everyday use the M3 kills the Z06 in most categories. The interior and luxury features alone says it all. Not to mention the extra in the back seat. You be the judge.
  9. Tests proven? This car is not on sale yet! So how was it proven?
  10. I mean that someone wrote that Z06 is overall better than CSL and this is test proven. lol
  11. Jaguar XKR Trans Am

    0-60 mph - 3.3 seconds
    0-100 mph - 6.3 seconds
    0-130 - 9.9 seconds
    Standing 1/4 mile - 11.0 seconds an 133 mph
    Top speed: 185 mph
    that's with the 5.1L (2001)

    does the C5 match up to this?
  12. I love the corvette but im tired of everyone comparing the Z06 to every damn high performance car that comes up on this sight. someone said earlier on this sight that the corvette is good but not unbeatable and that is true.
    For the price of a Z06 there really isnt that much that can come close to beating it, but when you compare cars that are twice the price then yeah your gonna find some cars that can. if you can find one that can even come close. I love BMW but their cars in that price range just arent as good as a Z06. If you want to compare a car to this then compare the 03 viper. the prices match more evenly and the viper is front engine/rear wheel drive with 2 seats (same layout as the Z06) and i dont want to say it but im sure the viper could kill the Z06. This is just my opinion cause comparing a car that costs at least $30,000 more then another car is just stupid. and it is also stupid comparing the Z06 to every car on this sight. well im on my way to see if anyone has started comparing the new Ferrari Enzo to the Z06. (KEEP IN MIND THIS IS JUST MY OPINION)
  13. there are a lot of clowns on this site that talk a bunch of shit cause they can hide the truth in anonymity... i can sit here and say I'm a billionaire and that i have driven the F2002 around fiorano and beat the lap record by 26seconds of course its ridiculous and nobody will believe me...thats all i got say about all the loosers on this website. The Z06 should have well over 700hp if its to match the M3's engine performance the M3 is about 3.2 to 3.3 liter not exactly sure but the z06 is about 7 liters. if it was a good as an M3 engine all it would need is about 4 liters to get preety much the same power thats all i gotta say...i wanna how many clowns are gonna call me a retard or say im stupid and that i dont know what im talking about
  14. completely agree with you
    XKR trans 5.1 has 650 hp
    done through fine tuning yes, however statistically that even beats the vette
    jaguar has a pretty close in performance, the difference is it doesn't tune-up the engine, just add a supercharger in there.
    the jag 3.0 has a 246 hp rating, comparing the the bmw 333 out of a 3.3
    i dont know the stats of the newer 3.4L jaguar engine.
    However i'm sure it'll destroy the 3.3 from bmw in the amount of torque. hp maybe also. jaguar tends to outmuscle the bmw
    though the beemer is better in terms of 0-60/
    bmw even had to redesign the 7 series to match up to the new 4.2L jaguar engine at 300hp. BMW now has a 4.4 at 325 hp.
    i think the csl is cool, though 350 seems little in amount of muscle. I wonder what is its top speed.
    it could be a true super supercar if bmw could tweek a little more hp and make it join the 400 hp class.
  15. yellow C5r racers 2 time lemans GTS class winners nuff said
  16. yeah so they did....
    but XKR won 2002
  17. the xkr i know already has more bhp per L,
    what i wanted to know was the yellow C5R 0-60
  18. 2000 c5r 0-60 3.5 secs depending on gearing also 2001-02 models are faster and hp/liter doenst mean sh*t in racing or anywere else
  19. thanks, so the 2000-2001 XKR is faster 0-60 since its 3.3
    and i know the XKR 2002 is even faster as well...
  20. its still not better and it isnt faster new 2002 c5r hit sixty in about 3.1-3.2 and it also beats the xkr on the track
  21. how is it not faster?
    since the 2001 was 3.3 seconds, while the C5 was 3.5 at the time
    the 2002 xkr must be going at 3.1
    with 700hp and 550 lbs torque, and even lighter than the c5, it definetly has to at least match, if not beat the c5.
    i'm not aware of the two GTSs going head to head in 2002.
    so you can't say it beats it on the track.
    the xkr destroys the z06 7.0L on the track.
    and le mans will prove that, and 2001 gts champions as well, and being 2nd and 4th in the standings in 2002 as well.
  22. guys ur comparing 2 cars that shouldn't be compared.
    the M3 is more expensive,a lot more and 2 different engines can't be compared.i'm in love with bmw but i can clearly say that the Z06 kills it,because the engine is a lot bigger.
    and please stop comparing every car to the Z06.
    how would u feel if i put the Z06 head to head with the new Supra Ab Flug S900? it's a twinturbocharged engine that can release 800hp.
    can we compare it to the Z06?
  23. that 3.5 secs 0-60 was for the silver vette the 2000 and it was the first gen and no an xkr trans am CANNOT beat a factory C5R get it. and with 600-640 horses and a 2511 (2001) weight it can easily whoop that xkr. and the 2002 xkr weighs how much thats right 2674 lbs. and the vette team has a perfect season going into the ALMS season which i bet the xkr cant and couldnt do.

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