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  1. a twin turbo and a saleen S7 would kick this thing to india. sizzle it to the ground... think about it its a goddamn ford.
  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from C5 R Vette</i>
    <b>Sorry to all u stang loves vettes and vipers kill this thing. Lets compare, This thing isn't stock and so we can compare it to the c5 r vette((road verision)) and the viper gts R. The vette 0-60 in 3.5 and a top speed of 217, The viper 0-60 in 4.2 and a top speed of 190. As u can see the Vette and the Viper work this thing.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I beg to differ on it being stock. Lets see "stock"- comes from the factory that way. That is what every american considers stock. You can pick up the Saleen from a dealership. New cars are stock. Right??<!-- Signature -->
  3. actually saleen is very stock thank u very much

    in fact so stock its certified under the federal goverment, (the only performance team to do be), as a stock car, in fact this car has to pass 50 state emissions.

    it has to be set through certain amount tests under the federal government to be sold as BRAND SPAKING NEW CARS, and everything else

    so all in all this car is STOCK
  4. wat are you smokin its by no means stock. Stock is only wat meets the eye You think that they make 495 hp out of the same 351 that would normally make...wat lets see 250 hp stock. Your out of your mind. THAT IS BY NO MEANS A STOCK MOTOR.
  5. actually, i dont matter what is done to the engine before it is sold to u, all engines are stock when sold new.

    this car has the honor as being the only tuner car able to be sold under a brand name that is reconized by the federal government as a STOCK, NEW CAR.

    no other tuner car can say that.

    so yes this car is stock.
  6. made by saleen and sold by ford.

    mustang svt cobra------->made by svt sold by ford.

    and saleen is reconized as the only tuner being able to sell under a company name as a new car, meaning only one thing, its stock when sold.

    any car sold new with warranty not only from saleen but from ford, then its considered stock, no matter who had their hands on it.

    and yes i know the sight i go there for all the specs, what did u think u were smart.

    so lets go over it again, svt makes the cobra---stock, saleen makes this car----stock.

    when u can buy a tuner car other than a saleen, and buy it new from the dealer, then u can call it stock until then, its stock.
  7. Vipervenom800 ur a idoit. what the #$%# do you saleen takes a tunes, a factory built mustang correct??? a 351 windsor is a ford factory engine correct???? so before we start to name call do a little research. FAG
  8. Yeah this car seriously does kick some vette ass... this car is such a good lookn car and people who say this car is ugly look at a corvette first...i dont care if a viper can beat this car... it all depends on the motor... saleen could go ahead and slap on a Supercharged V10 if they wanted and if yeah really wanted to pay some extra money... then you should just go ahead and buy a frickn S7.... but yeah these cars are awesome
  9. it is supercharged damn it just supercharge the vette and you will see the difference remember the vette gets the same times without being supercharged and the vette is also cheaper
  10. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Stang Studd</i>
    <b>Yeah this car seriously does kick some vette ass... this car is such a good lookn car and people who say this car is ugly look at a corvette first...i dont care if a viper can beat this car... it all depends on the motor... saleen could go ahead and slap on a Supercharged V10 if they wanted and if yeah really wanted to pay some extra money... then you should just go ahead and buy a frickn S7.... but yeah these cars are awesome</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> tell your mother i said thanks
  11. Actually....

    the Callaway Corvette C12 would be considered a factory Corvette by your standards...

    As with the HPA 500hp Beetle/Golf/TT

    As with the Viper Venom600 (I think)

    Same with any RUF car.

    The Saleen Mustang is NOT a Saleen car. It is a FORD car, modified by Saleen.
  12. Saleens are tight but come on, for 20g's you can buy a new GT and have 35 grand to customize it for yourself, make it faster and better looking to your standards
  13. First of all you cannot compare the saleens against a viper or a vette because the vetter and viper are factory stockers. The saleen is modified wether or not ford sells it, The president sells it, A reverend sells it, it does not matter the bottom line is that it is a factory modified. Why dont you compare it to a Lingerfelter Vette or a Venom Viper????? Cause you know the Saleen would never catch up to those two beasts!!!! No dont flame me cause I love the 302,351 motors but only make comparisons that are logical and right. Now for those of you who say compare the S7 to the vette well, why dont you put the S7 against the Corvette C5-R??
  14. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from stangboy751</i>
    <b>I agree with you completely!!! Nothing under $100K could come close to touching this beast!!! Ferraris cost twice what this does and most still don't have 495 horses. I just think that it is a shame Ford stopped making the 351 Windsor, one of the best engines ever.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    you can purchase the W351 Engine from fords racing department for about $3,500. It is a shame that they arent using this engine in other mustangs but then again, not too many people would pay so much for a mustang
  15. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from EliteWolverine</i>
    <b>specs for u idiots out there,

    CAR AND DRIVER, AUGUST 1998, 0-150-0 ultimate speed test shoot out

    many cars tested but since u guys talk about the mus/vip/vett

    Saleen s351
    0-60 4.4secs
    0-100 9.5secs
    1/4mile 12.9secs
    0-150 23.0secs
    150-0 8.1secs/781ft.
    0-150-0 time 31.1secs

    Viper GTS
    0-60 3.9secs
    0-100 8.9secs
    1/4mile 12.2secs
    0-150 22.5secs
    150-0 9.1secs/907ft.
    0-150-0 time 31.6secs

    0-60 4.7secs
    0-100 11.0secs
    1/4mile 13.1secs
    0-150 30.2secs
    150-0 7.6secs/720ft.
    0-150-0 time 37.8secs

    as u can see the saleen did better in every things except against the viper in acceleration, but made up for it in braking, which a supercar must be able to do well or else its not a supercar

    supercar-a car that is well balanced in every aspect giving it total supermecy for its class

    and well sorry boys and girls ford won once again, but then again u guys should be used to loosing by now, heck its routine for u guys (dont take it to seriously, unless u cant take a joke then bring it on)

    Dodge-never head one
    Ford-FastOnRaceDay, FirstOnRaceDay (either one ford still wins)</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    If they do bring it...their excuse would be that this isnt a stock car..that its modified..I hear it way too many times, Its the most reasonable excuse anyone can give if a car handed them their plates on a platter...or SMOKED like so many 12 year old members like to use. I guess Saleen, Roush and Steeda are the only ones that MASS produce modified cars, if they are indeed modified.
  16. What do you think of the GM 454
  17. It's pretty sad that you own a mustang as do I and you don't know what you are talking about. My grandpa owns 3 corvettes including a 2002 ZO6 and I have a friend who has a S351. We raced them over a about 2 1/2 miles on the expressway and the saleen put it to some serious shame.. I'll admit that the mustang doesn't have as much flash as a vet or a viper, but it has much better handling than a viper and more power than a vet.
  18. Only to get slapped down again??? Who are you kidding?? You tell me how much a ZO6 and a Viper GTS cost and compare it to a S351. I'm thinking that the vet and the mustang are very close, but the vet is still more, and the viper, well that is another about $30k-$40k more.. still no competition for value, don't you feel stupid?
  19. Dude...the S351 was raced against the viper, and the S351 totally dominated all of the tests. There is no car at their respected price range that can touch a Saleen S351 at the time that it came out. Sure you can compare it to cars of the present, but this car was made in 1999 and still up to date...not even the new z06 can compete. But to the Z06's defend, this car is a tuner. and so is the saleen S281E. 495HP for the S351 and 425HP for the S281E.
  20. im so sick of these corvette #%$s, they think there little z06's can take a 351 yea rite makes me laugh, they arent even in the same price range or power range, the stock vette is as much as a brand new saleen s351 with like 110 less hp & like 110 less torque or something like that. any1 who says corvettes can demolish any mustangs are freakin retards who needa do some flippin research. any1 halfway smart should no some things but corvette kids dont. to prideful

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