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  1. This isnt a road car, its a race car that races on the GTR circuit with the C5 or C6 Corvettes, Super Vipers, v8 BMWs, etc
    Imagine this thing on the streets
  2. JOEmomma what the hell is wrong with you? Why would you want Steve Saleen when you all the hype now is about the Lingenfelder Vette (which still isn't untouchable)... This car is some CRAZY shit though, I'd give my left nut for that mustang.<!-- Signature -->
  3. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from bob777</i>
    <b>you can't compare this thing to a viper even though its nice the viper will kill this thing. The S7 is so much better</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Which viper are u referring to. i believe the viper comes with 500 HP as well, how do you figure it will kill it, The viper has serious issues when it comes to handling....No competition, this car would dominate the viper on the race track. This is the same car that outperformed the Porsch GT2.

  4. This redefines the word mustang. it makes you forget all the bad mustangs and say WOW this is a nice car. mustangs will always beat camaros!

    I love Jennifer!!!!!!!<IMG SRC="">
  5. exactly, i couldn't agree more!
  6. Saleen charage about 50K US to redo a mustang he lives down here in florida there are a few on the road he can make the v6's faster than the 8's
  7. That's why its 5 times more expensive than a GT.

    This car rules, but I don't think you can drive it on standard roads/streets. Its too low and its probably using "weak" spoilers
  8. I don't know about you guys, but you can't #$%# with this car. YOU JUST CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. This is the road version of the Saleen Mustang GT race car. That why it's so expensive and so quick. It will beat any other road Mustang on a circuit.
  10. yeeeeeeeeee '01 COBRAS OWN!!! Then put a Saleen body kit on it and you got a masterpiece
  11. Better than S7?
  12. This car the single strongest mustang in the past couple of decades, The Cobra R no matter how i love the car cant take this car, and they #$%#ed up the 2003 Cobra too much to take this car either *cough* electronic stop at 155mph*cough* haha
  13. Electronic limiter? Replace the chip. Easy!!!
  14. Re:

    158,000$$$ according to this site's car compare option.
  15. I'm gonna have to disagree with the guy who said this was the best thing to come out of saleen. The best thing out of Saleen is the S7R, which I personally think is the best american car made, period. This car is very fast, but I think 158,000 is too much for it. You can't expect me to believe that a 5.8 liter engine, racing suspension, and a few other things would cost more than 120,000. if you gave me a corvette or mustang and 120k to modify it with, I could easily make it much, much faster.
  16. Yeah lets not
  17. i like saleen, but i don't like mustangs.

    but i honestly have to say i think this car looks like a "drab and the delirious" honda civic. sure its fast, but there is faster out there... on the road.

    and for handeling, 1.09 g's is good, but again... look at much cheaper c5 vettes, 1.2 g's on the skid... you all are sacrificing your left nuts for nothing. :)

    don't get mad, its just my opinion.

  18. Re: seleen makes other mustangs look wimpy READ THIS

    runs side by side
  19. Saleen wouldnt do anything for Corvettes because Chevy already puts performance everything in that motor. Why do you think that the Z28 that had the same size motor couldnt hang with the Vette. That wasnt even close.
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    lol, this is VERY amusing. Here are the cold hard facts

    1. This car costs approx $158,000
    2. The Ford GT would beat this in all areas except for handling, which is a tossup.
    3. This would SMOKE THE HELL out of a viper...anywhere, any track, anytime.
    4. The Cobra R would get burned anywhere with this.
    5. This car uses a 7 L engine that cranks out 505 horses
    6. If you want to find the specific performance numbers, go to, click on automobiles, SR, performance.
    7. The numbers dont lie.
    8. This car DOES make SOME stangs look wimpy, but only the base coupes.
    9. No mustang (possibly except the 85 horsepower P.O.S.'s from the 70's) has a top speed of about 130, for whomever said that. YOU ARE WRONG. Almost any stang will go atleast 145-150 if u take out the transmission chip (if one is included).

    Thank you. Have a nice day.

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