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Discussion in '2002 Porsche 911 GT2' started by Josh427, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I thought this was a car comparison and not a Government comparison.
  2. Im american but you just cant put this car down so sweet
  3. wow, this forum went from good to bad
  4. ok never quote that post again. i don't want to scroll all the way down just to read Your Name is Billy? just refer to it as "CGTFury's Longass post"
  5. This is just to tick off MastrVipr
  6. This is just to tick off MastrVipr
  7. yeah, let's all poke fun at mastrvipr. I should stop posting here.
    but i still will anyway.
  8. You should stop posting and do us a favor okay <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  9. right back at ya, holmes.
  10. damn nazis trying to take over the world again
  11. or marry pat. haha
  12. I think American cars have there goods and so do German cars. Its just a matter of who costs more and has more heritage behind it and performance stats to back it up. But a Z06 vs. a GT2 is unquestionably leaving the winner the GT2.
  13. ??? It's what costs LESS not more. and the heritage thing, the Vette has shitloads of Heritage. More then the GT2. Not saying the Vette has better stats, just more heritage.
  14. the 911 might. but not the GT2. unless i am mistaken, which i shouldn't be, that GT2 is a fairly recent addition to the porsche family. like maybe 1980 or 90. the Vette is from like the 50s and 60s (i think.) but the vette is older then the GT2 but maybe not the Turbo
  15. You idiot "the 911 might. but not the GT2." News for you ya...The GT2 is a 911. Dude and plus Porsche has a lot more tradition behind it then Chevy but chevy isn't back by much. Chevy also has heritage but not as much as Porsche.
  16. Exactly...he should stick to the Viper forums.
  17. then why the hell do you go there and spam them?
  18. I don't spam! I post things that have interesting topics like in the Viper SRT10 forums. I would like to see ignorance so I can correct them or learn a few things myself.
  19. Americans can dominate racing if they wanted to. We're too busy making SUV's, trucks, and family cars. We don't have time for racing, since we have supply and demand at our hands.
  20. I think if American's try they can make a super exotic like the McLaren F1
  21. Re:

    Koeniggsegg CC is powered by the Lincoln all-alluminum Mark VIII
    V-8. And take a look at the Saleen S7, or even the Saleen SR. These are exotic, American-powered supercars.

    The Z06 Corvette comes close to the performance of the GT2 - for $135,000 less. Some Eibach springs, Bilstein shocks, Crane Cams gold-extrude race-roller rockers and SLP fuel injectors will get it there for a thousand dollars or so.

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