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  2. Man, you're lucky Americans don't make rear engines. If we did, we would slaughter your Porsches. You know Chevrolet attempted to make a rear engined Corvette? It's called the CERV III. Look at the stats on that car. 225 MPH! Now that's #$%#ing crazy! If it was made, we would have dominated the tracks pretty bad!
    The thing is, engines in the back look kind of weird. Besides, they're harder to install, since it would look weird to build a long reared car. I mean, Porshces don't have long backs, but man, how much money is put into building those Porsches? Us Americans don't have time to make those kind of cars. Americans can make fast cars, but they don't have the time. We're not concerned much for racing, so we don't make too many fast cars. If we wanted to, man, we would. Just look at the Ford GT-40 story. Ferrari refused to be bought by Ford, and they got what they deserved, a whupping from Ford with the GT-40. Ford only built the GT-40 to tell those sons of bitches that it would have been better to go with Ford, or they will suffer defeat. So, if we wanted to make supercars, we would. But we don't give a damn, so we won't!
  3. Dude don't be hating on Imports. Americans cars are good but dude right now Euros are ruling.
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    That's easily debate-able.
  5. But come to think of it a Z06 is closely matched with the 996 Turbo and the GT2 farly is more superior then the 996 Turbo.
  6. Right, but the Z06 is a $50,000 vehicle, compared to the $185,000 GT2. Not even the C5R costs that much. Really, you're comparing a car to a name.
  7. By the way, Torque, or the force the crankshaft exudes on the half-shaft, is the way horsepower is measured. It takes torque to create horsepower.
  8. why do we compare Z06's? if you want to look at the look at this
    Z06=911 Turbo
    GT2>911 Turbo
    Viper SRT-10>911 Turbo
    Viper SRT-10=GT2

    That's what we should use to compare. Everybody comes round here like the Vette is the best thing that america can build. Well, guess what, You people are WRONG. The american powerhouse is the Viper, and w/o American cars would suck. Sure it's a 30k more, but along with the price comes better performance. People should compare cars to vipers and not vettes, cuz vettes SUCK compared to Vipers!
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    That kind of unfounded biased is as bad as saying "Japanese cars rule, American cars suck."

    Not even the SRT-10 can compare to the awesome handling of the 911 Turbo, but the Z06 crushes it in that very field.

    I am also an American racecar enthusiast, but to say something like "without the Viper, American cars would suck" is wearing your ass out on your sleeve.

    Next year, we'll see if you're right in the racing world. RIght now, the GT3 is head-to-head with the Z06 in every major European/American-combination racing platform, that's why there are so many comparisons between Porsches and Chevrolets.
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    You spoke my mind man.
  11. one point i would like to say is Porsche have a much higher exclusivity ratin than a vette just about anyone can afford a vette just in my little town witch doens't even have a Super walmart yet i know of at least 4 vettes (one that blue color, two silver, and one yello)
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    Right - which is just one more point on the Corvette's scoreboard.
  13. Why are you comparing the Z06 to a GT2?????????
  14. What the heck are you saying??? Thats bullsh*t!!!

    "Americans cant make cars yet that can outperform the European ones"

    Many american cars can outperform european cars that are in the same class and in higher classes!!! In many tests around the track the Z06 has and can outperform the Porsche Turbo and Ferrari 360 Modena!!!! Even though the Z06 is in a lower class it still outperforms them!!! So whats your point?!?!?!?!
  15. Yeah thats true!
  16. What a stupid ignorant post go back to mommy!!!
  17. Everytime an American company buids a car that can outperform a Euro car people start saying how the European car's interior is better or how the engine is more efficient. Just the fact that Americans can do it with $100,000 less makes everything that the European car has over the American mean nothing. Pump the price difference into a Z06 and it can be better than ANY European car. Yes, even a McLaren F1.

    Whoever posted the comment above is right. If you are going to leave out price, anybody would take the faster, classier car. But lets face it, the Porsche costs a fortune more than the Z06. The Vette is a great car, so is the Porsche, but stereoyping German make against American is just plain ridiculous.
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    Did everyone miss the fact that the Z06, according to 2 C&D tests, one Motor Trend comparo and a R&T article, OUTPERFORMS the 911 Turbo, despite a $70,000 price tag difference? Never mind pumping more money into it.

    Why compare a $50,000 sports car to a $185,000 race bred (Z06 vs. GT2); compare it to the $180,000 Saleen SR, which outperforms the GT2 at every angle.
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    The Saleen costs SR? I think you meant S7 which costs $390,000 but I have nothing against the Z06 and think its one hell of a car but do you really think it can compare to the GT2? It has a chance infront of the 996 Turbo but the GT2 is a monster.
  20. Efficient enough to beat a Porsche.

    Foothold, what are you talking about? GM is the biggest in the world.
  21. Yeah a Porsche Boxster.
  22. don't dis on the zo6 I'll drop a NUKE on Your ASS
  23. i simply love this

    this is class, this is sports, this is beauty, this is performance, this is tradition... this is a porsche.

    this car is the goal of my life!
  24. I have nothing to say except thank you for putting in words what was only in my head
  25. Re: i simply love this

    I hear ya.

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