Re: Since when was a Civic a Supercar?!?

Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by Camarobuff, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Since when was a Civic a Supercar?!?

    I always thought that super cars were cars with POWER and STYLE and in this car, I see none of the above. My brother drives one and I drive a mustang. Not only do I get more compliments than him, but I also smoke him up and down the road. I could have got a Civic too if I wanted one, but why buy a cute little girly car when I could get some good ol' American Muscle!
  2. *corection*a supercar is one that can be made fast.and this is a Type R
  3. I agree

    What the #$%# are you talking about, homo ?
    A supercar is a car that comes out costing #$%#ing heaps, looks wicked as, goes really damn fast and handles well. (And you can score some mean hot chicks in them). Example: Lamborghini, Ferrari etc... I wouldn't go so far as to say Mustangs are supercars. They are muscle cars, however some models of the Mustang ARE very much supercars (like the Mustang Cobra R).

    OOoOooOo, it's got a Type R badge on it does it ?? FEAR IT. It's a TRUE performance car due to that. I'm going to get Type R badges for my car and turn it into a supercar like the Honda Civic.

    As for saying a supercar is one that can be made fast... Basically you mean it's a supercar because by outfitting it with aftermarket components that increase its power you can turn it into a supercar. Not only are you contradiction yourself, suggesting that it's a supercar before AND after being made faster but you fail to realise that you can perform mods to make ANY car in EXISTANCE fast. You can even modify a Chainsaw motor to perform harder.

    You're an idiot, just shut up.<!-- Signature -->
  4. this car is nice...<!-- Signature -->
  5. How can u say its any car you can make fast?

    how can u say any car u can make fast is a supercar! You can make ANYTHING fast with enough $$$money$$$. Hell i've seen a school bus on TV that turned 11's and that is definatly NOT a supercar.
  6. Maybe your brother see's a mustang just as you've described it, and didn't want it.
  7. ur just mad cause some guy in an Si just wooooooped your ass<!-- Signature -->
  8. im not saying the civic type r is a supercar but it is on this site because it is a preview of things to come you dumba$$, this site also features suv's but are they a supercar are vans supercars, no didnt think so, get your facts straight before you start talking crap like that
  9. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from needfaspeedsi</i>
    <b>ur just mad cause some guy in an Si just wooooooped your ass</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->i just drove a prelude si the other day with a shift kit and exaust and sum kinda chip and even with these mods this car couldnt keep up with my Trans Am however it does well for a 4 cylender anyway back to the point no stock si can smoke a stock muscle car or supercar hell it cant even smoke sum american sport compacts i would know i have driven them all so you think becuz honda drops the word v-tec on your engine and puts the letters si anfter the name civic that makes it fast well you got another thing coming<!-- Signature -->

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