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  1. As a everyday car i'd pick the Skyline. As a track car/weekend driver i'd pick the Lotus.

    This is the car! I love this car if i ever had enough money to buy it i would! The skyline has no chance with this car hell motha f*cking no. I dont wanna hear no BS about the "4WD" and it can handle better. The Lotus Espirit V8 will burn it in smoke in a straight like and around the track with its MR drivetrain.<!-- Signature -->
  3. i would go with the espirit because the skyline licks balls
  4. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from ZE MINI POWA</i>
    <b>i would go with the espirit because the skyline licks balls</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Oh what a quote!!!!!!

    Should the Skyline be compared to the Esprit......the Skyline doesn't attempt to be a supercar where the Esptrit most definately is!

    I'd still take the Esprit though!<!-- Signature -->
  5. you idiot those cars aren't even in the same class why would any one compare them. if i had the money to buy a lotus i wouldn't buy the british POS i'd buy the skyline and turbo charge it, lighten it, replace the exhaust system, and essentially modify it enough to where it would be race worthy IE the skyline blitz. thewn it would dust this POS.
  6. and your stupidity has shone through. you'd get the skyline and turbo it? Pity even a base model Gts is turboed don't you think?

    That sort of hot rod job is alight for a kid who can't afford a real motor car you can feel free to use that quote whenever you like
  7. Turbo it? The skyline already comes with 2 turbos. And anyway, you wanna talk about mods. The Lotus could probably put out 900 bhp with a few mods on it.
  8. It would be a tough choice for me since I love bothe cars. But I would probably have to go with the Skyline GT-R. The Lotus Espirit is my second favorite though.
  9. I heard that Ford or GM (can't remember which) is trying to buy Lotus, is this true? and if it is does anyone have any info?
  10. Lotus has prestige, nissan can't, japs just don't have that<!-- Signature -->
  11. correct.........
  12. I`m going with the best and the best is the Lotus Esprit.
  13. Thats not true. The skyline is supposed to be a supercar. its called the affordable supercar. Or a pormans supercar. So you are mistaken in that statement. These cars are comparable simply becuause of horsepower numbers but otherwise I wouldn't really compare them.
  14. Let's be honest. Both the Nissan Skyline and Lotus Esprit a great cars, but the Lotus is just better. There is a misconception about the Skyline being better because of heavily modified aftermarket examples, but it is just not true. The potential of the Lotus is greater: it is much lighter than the Skyline, higher output engine, and better weight distribution. Sure a modified Skyline would outperform a stock Lotus, but would a modified Skyline outperform a modified Lotus?<!-- Signature -->
  15. the skyline is NOT a supercar, it's a performance car, maybe a sports car, the skyline is closer to a camaro, when it comes to stock cars, not an esprit, and i'd take the skyline, just because i like it, and if i were to get any british car, this wouldn't be it ( i love the TVR speed 12, and i love jags) btw, what are the acceleration and hadnling specs for this car?<!-- Signature -->
  16. ya and you could get 800 out of an RX3 whats the point?
  17. skyline had a better handling
  18. ITS stupid to even say Nissian and lotus in the same sentance because the Lotus hands down is a much greater car than the Skyline GTR even the R34 it would lose.

    The Skyline was built to compete against shit cars like the Supra, 3000GT, RX-7 and 911

    while the lotus competed against the Diablo, 355, Viper GTS, Corvette ZR1 and the Mclaren F1. Sure it wasnt as fast as the F1 but it stood more of a chance than what a Skyline would do.
  19. "The Skyline was built to compete against shit cars like the Supra, 3000GT, RX-7 and 911"
  20. Yes, the Lotus is a better car than the Skyline.

    In regard to the middle paragraph; you're a retard.

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