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  1. your a #$%#ing idiot. you think that all cars with big engines get worse fuel mileage, while in fact when japanese talk about efficiency it means thermal efficiency.

    stop arguing? there exists not a single mustang or camaro z28 that exists for road racing. the c5 vette is a good car, but it is expensive to modify. a used nsx costs just as much if not less to modify.

    in addition the japanese didn't start making automobiles until like the 60's when their quality was really bad. but i guess you didn't kow that did you. there are actually quite a number of extreme horsepower retro japanese cars. i can name off the top of my head many old 180sx's 240z's mazda r100's and rx3's and cosmos that crack quarter miles in the 10's and even the 7's. so shove it.

    in addition most american cars do have poor handling. remember the mustang, vette, and f-bodies are only three american made cars that could even be considered to be 'good'. did you forget that f-bodies aren't even made anymore? loser. in addition a z28ss costs about 30k plus options making it about 32k. quite a number of laughable v6 mustangs and f-bodies roam the streets.

    i dont remember seeing too many domestics other than vettes being entered for international motorsports, or SCCA road racing divisions, much less winning anything.

    care to refute that?
  2. why toy are trying to proove that while you know you're wrong! us car companies dont give a damn about handling with the roads overthere exept some cases and those cases are for racing! its just as i to tell you that european cars have (in their majority ) bigger engines well they dont i know it ,you know so whats the point?
  3. he's right you know , there are civics that can do 1/4 in flat 10, and rx7 (but with nitrous)that can do it in flat 9s so... anyway different cars so...
  4. kiss my ass
  5. impossible ... not in a million years
  6. Everytime that american cars enters to discussion, cause problems. Or does the rednecks cause them? Well, who really knows. . .
  7. This car makes 850 hp from 2.75 litres

    Don't shit on it

  8. the rb26dett like i said is one of the best engines around. you realize that nhra has to appeal to the import crowd just to make money. import drag racing right now is one of the most innovative forms of racing around. the pro-stock crowd has so many #$%#ing rules and closeness in times that you might as well watch a tree.

    read my comment prior to this. should explain things.
  9. you can buy the ligenfelter from a company and drive it home that day. you cant run 9s with any import that you can drive off the lot for anywhere near the price of the new ligenfelter. and i might add the 9.24 the vette was on DOT approved street slicks, so they are street legal.
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  11. sorry its 8.9 no 9.4. no one gives a #$%#ing shit about street legal civics. and sorry but a tuned corvette will always beat a tuned import, doesnt matter which one.
  12. are you a 100% sure, cose remember its not all the car, its 90% driver. okay. Also i could name over 10 IMPORTS TO THE U.S., that could beat a tuned vette, stock standard. I'll name three just for you:
    1. McLaren F1 (european import)
    2. Ferrari Enzo (european import)
    3. Lamborghini Diablo SV (european import)

    Remember not all imports are japanese okay. so next time think before you open your trap.
  13. lingenfelter is a other car can go 0-60 as fast as the 427tt...and it hardly has over a 1/4 mile in 9.4s is awesome...considering the best he pulled off was which the car is street legal...and by the way i get so sick and tired of hearin well a supra can take it at higher speeds...don't disrespect lingenfelter..what other person has taken a street car (not funny car...or top line fuel dragster)...and had it go 298 mph...he did that back in the 80s to an 89 trans am...which had a 355ci engine...crankin 1400hp...and his quote was that the trans am had better aero dynamics than the vette did...he was the one that helped callaway develop the corvette sledgehammer...well what do u know...i think he knows his stuff
  14. i personally dont like camaros so the skyline
  15. hey i saw that race between the new ford gt40 and that peice of shit ferrari me and my mates shit our selvs laughing, all that work for noyhing.
  16. you cannot be serious, trying to compare the Asian and euro manufacturers to the yank piles of trash. Keep dreaming, the only way a yanks can stay up with and other manufacturers is by dropping a massive donk engine in the bay. Clearly this is an American site and the majority of you guys probably masturbate with the god damn flag. Long live quality built cars - not yankee piles

    P.S. I think more to the point i just hate American Cars bar the Z06 which is alright.
  17. hey your retarded right? you have to be.... American cars are good, last time i checked (which was today) the number one time on the nurburgring course was a 2009 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR.... number 2 was (drumrole please) a Corvette ZR-1, 3 was a Pagani Zonda... your cute little jap cars come up at like 6th...

    also, the reason that American cars arent all over the world is because we have less strict emission guidelines from other countries that make our cars not even allowed in there...
  18. ok ass bangs. im tired of these pointless arguments so im going to step in and end it. American made cars are better. first off you dont buy camaros mustangs and corvettes for gas mileage. ive witnessed an impala ss with a 327 get 22 mpg city!!!! i was driving it so i would know. second dont compare hp ratings like that. 875 hp from 2.7 liters? try 10,000 hp from 7.0 liters #%[email protected] tits!!!! i know of 2 chevys that got 1,000,000 miles and still kept going. i know of personally 22 vehicles all american made that have lasted over 300,000 miles and were still going when given away. those piece of shit nissans and other ricer cars that have 4 cylinder turbos are a joke. i beat those everyday with a 4200 lb 220 hp 4.6 liter powered 2v per cylinder 1998 f150 that i got with 108,000 miles that all it had done to it was brakes and oil changes/ filter changes. that truck of mine will do 0-60 in 7 seconds flat and will do 1/4 mile in 15 seconds flat!!! its bone stock btw ive even beat those imports on turning and speeding around nieghborhoods. i also have an 87 camaro that produces 280 hp and is all stock gm and it all together to restore and buy, new rearend and engine less than 8000 dollars i spank 32 imports in straightline races and track style racing around town hp isnt everthing 300 hp 4 cylinder produces 220 torque. i produce 360 torque with my car and i have 20 hp less. i can also go 150mph in my car and 0-60 in less than 6 seconds all for around 5 grand in cash. do that with a crappy import. a 350 motor with 260 hp and 330 torque cost u 2200 dollars brand new ready to run. do that with an import motor.

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