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Discussion in '1993 Ferrari 348 TS' started by HyperAcid, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Slow car [n/t]

  2. What do you mean ?
  3. Funny,I didn't know they made 'em that slow. Do you know that a 99 Boxter would give this car a run for its money (lol)?
  4. nope, this car is as fast as a porsche 911 Carrera:
    0-60: 5.2-5.3
    reaches 270, 280 km/h
    these r specs form the official website.
    as fast as a porsche for about 50k $
    I WANT THIS car....
    this will be my first ferrari i'm telling you <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  5. A Ferrari F348 would kick any Boxter's ass. What does a Boxter make? Horsepower-wise, I mean? 250? A 1993 Ferrari F348 makes 300 (Later upped to 320 in 1994) and with the addition of a Tubi exhaust, it would bring it up to about 345 HP. Of course, horsepower isn't everything, but c'mon! A Ferrari F348 vs. a Porsche BOXTER??? NO CONTEST!
  6. definitly !!
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  7. Idiot. I bet you drive a rusty Cavalier with three wheels.

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