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    Password, so hostile.

    Well, "generally" Japanese cars have not won any more than American cars have in races where both have competed, and recently (Grand Prix, anyone?) The Corvette and Viper have won more.

    Not that I would have anything against foreign competitors in the North American Racing Circuit, but no Japanese auto manufacturer has created the 900-horsepower naturally aspirated engines it takes to compete in that form of... "racing," as you put it.
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    I moved in from Japan...and I'm moving to the Pac Coast.

    I never really understood the true concept of a r1cer until last evening. Japanese tuners don't usually mess with Hondas especially not Integras or Civics...too many other capable cars...
    Anyway, my wife and I were driving home from the mall last night and at a green arrow, we made a left at a major intersection (two left hand turn lanes) and I stayed in the far left lane (I prefer not to change lanes while turning left). Apparently, it annoyed the guy behind me and he jumps in the middle lane (cutting off another driver) and slams on his gas. It gets amazing loud, and I start to see him overtaking me...literally at a crawl. Keep in mind I'm in a 4L Auto Ranger, with my wife just heading home....normal accelleration. As he begins to overtake me, I can't help but be drawl to look over at this loud abomination starting to pass. I see a black hood, white car, then I see Indiglo gauges, and no interior. All this noise, and his abysmal acceleration causes both my wife and I to erupt in laughter. So he downshifts, probably doubles the noise, and now he's accelerating like my grandma with her walker. A little better than the original crawl mind you. It looked like a C5 (large cargo plane...NOT the vette<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> ) trying to take off. My wife and I laughed practically the rest of the way home!
  3. Bored-UP - HA!!! Welcome to America, my friend. THAT is what I am biased against... not Skylines, certainly not Supras, not even the S2000, and I've seen a few NSX's in action, just enough to still talk shit but give respect. It's the carbon-fiber hood, farting-exhaust, B-52 tail, 17.2-second Honda's and Celica's and #$%#ing Hyundai's that I can't stand, EXACTLY what you just described... it's THIS that plagues our good streets... sigh...

    Where on the PacCoast do you live? I used to live in SoCal, by the PacCoast Highway and MPX Camp Pendleton. I live up in WA now, by the Comlumbia River.

    I'm glad to see that true import fans aren't as moronic as those herds of "r1cers" with legions of plastic low-flying aircraft. Ughh.. makes me mad just thinking about it...
  4. Whatever made you think true import fans care more about looks than performance?

    hell, I have about $2000 (cdn) worth of damage on my car (one spot from the driver of a Ford truck rear ending me at an intersection, taking out my tail light - replaced the light of course - and doing some damage above the rear fender, then he took off. The other spot from just being parked in a tight parking lot during christmas), but I don't get the damage fixed because it really doesn't affect performance unless I'm going over 190 km/h (which is very rare), hell I had more than enough money, but instead got some hi-performance lightweight rims with Toyo Proxes instead (the rims were rally rims, handling has improved for racing), I also got an off-road suspension instead of getting any body damage fixed. There are a lot of "true import fans" out there who legitimately like imports for the advantages (and yes there are disadvantages as well) they have, we're just less noticeable because we don't do anything extreme on the outside.
  5. Not everyone has the same taste. Some like to mod the appearance, some like to mod the engine, suspension.
  6. i think the best mod is those that u can't really tell from the out side.......those car is fast and doo good on race track...mmmmm
    is kinda like the car in the GT3 (game)
  7. Actually...I haven't done ANYTHING to the outside since I bought it (unfortunately or fortunately) but it came with a Veilside CI combat kit.
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    PASSWORD - seriously, man, you need to read my posts before you reply to them. All this slander is getting annoying.

    LIKE I SAID, I have nothing against true performance car enthusiasts, such as BoredUP and, evidently, yourself. But if you cruised the streets of any major U.S. city for ONE day, you'd be as sick of all these wanna-be posers, which NUMEROUSLY outnumber the true performance imports, as I am.

    EVOTME - same to you. But if you really want to know what's wrong with carbon fiber hoods and buzz-bomb exhaust, I'll tell you...

    Carbon fiber weighs about 1/10th what steel weighs... which is good. For non-structual applications, it is very tough and has similar tensile properties to metal. However, a carbon fiber achieves the same expensive blunder that a huge friggin' tail does on a FWD Honda; it steals much-needed downforce and traction from the driving tires, shifting the COG even moreso onto the rear, ambient pair.

    Larger exhaust is fine - if you have the output to breath it. Did you know that a hedder on a 1.6-liter Honda adds as little as four horsepower and, on the average, steals about 1 foot pound of torque? That's a good estimate - if you don't believe me, pickup a copy of Import Tuner and read one of their product comparisons.

    Even worse are buzz bomb mufflers, which only open up the very end of the exhaust system; this does not decrease back pressure (which 4-cylinder motors need plenty of to produce their miniscule amounts of torque anyway), but actually breaks up the exhaust flow in a harmful way to produce that farting noise, hurting performance in the end.

    Want to TRULY increase your car's performance for less than $150?? P Pickup a set of underdrive pulleys, or pull the head and get it blueprinted, or a three-angle valve job performed.

    But don't waste thousands on a carbon-fiber hood, buzz-bomb exhaust and a fat freakin' wing just to hurt performance in the end.
  9. I love it when Honda owners install black hoods - not carbon fiber hoods, just black hoods. That cracks me up. God, they're lame!!

    I saw a Honda on the freeway with a tail that canted upwards... what, to produce UPFORCE on the rear tires?! Just imagine a dog running as fast as it can on just it's front feet...
  10. They are dumb man!! Why do they even have to install them? WHy don't they just paint them!! haha!!

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