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Discussion in '2002 Laraki Fulgura Concept' started by MB_CLK-GTR, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Do not forget... this baby has 720 horses!<!-- Signature -->
  2. Smoooooth!

    A smoother nicer version of the Murciealgo. I figured every one would be shouting "copy, fake, it's just a murcielago with a bodykit" but I think this is much less square and more refined Lambo!<!-- Signature -->
  3. dont forget that it weighs only 1150kgs giving it a truly awesome power to weight ratio .<!-- Signature -->
  4. this baby must have one awsome acceleratoin!!! im guesing 0-100kph in about 2,3 sec or something like that...<!-- Signature -->
  5. Damn it took them long enough to post this. I have been knowing about it since mid March.<!-- Signature -->
  6. this baby must have one awsome acceleratoin!!! im guesing 0-100kph in about 2,3 sec or something like that...

    what is it with ppl always making "educated" guesses about acceleration.. Don't u have any idea how much grip u need to go 0-100 kmh in under 3 secs.. 2,3.. booooooooooooring.....<!-- Signature -->
  7. Can't say i care much for that front end. The rest of the car is very attractive. Looks a hell of alot better then the Lambo. I doubt if it would get less then 3 sec from 0-60 its not set up as a drag car. 19" rims also would hurt its time alot no give in that rubber.

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  8. It looks like a marnello on the front. Overall I think this car will dominate If it is produced. I think the top speed stat is wrong. I think this car will exceed 215mph. <!-- Signature -->
  9. I don't like it, It looks like someone threw a 550 maranello and a 360 modena together and powered it by a Lamborghini V12. The Murcielago is said to top out at 205mph and it weighs nearly 4,000lbs and has 580hp, This car weighs 2535lbs and has 720hp, Even with low gearing for acceleration the car would theoretically still top out at much higher than 205mph with that kinda Power to weight ratio and it looks pretty aerodynamic.
  10. nice car, I like the fusion of the 550 hood scoop on to the old lamboesque body. 360 inspired lights are sharp too.
  11. Gawddamit u guys.. if it hits the rev limiter at 205 mph on final gear, it aint gonna go any faster than that.. got it? u have to change the gear ratios (or what ever it's called in english) if u want it to go faster.. it wont even help if u drive it down a cliff.. its only gonna slow down..<!-- Signature -->

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