Re: So, is this thing gonna dethrone the F1?

Discussion in '2002 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron Preproduction' started by JMS, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I have always been a big fan of the F1. This bug may be able to trounce the F1 but these numbers are estimations.

    If we remember awhile back on this very same website there was a debate going on about the Konigsegg vs. the F1. Everyone said the Konigsegg would destroy the F1. Konigsegg gave statistics saying its top speed was 250. However these numbers were estimations. When the Konigsegg was tested this October the top speed was in reality closer to 217. So honestly I can't say which is the better car NOW. After the car is tested I will definetly say which car is in my oppionion better.

    We must remember that at the rate technology is moving the F1 will be dethroned sooner or later (hopefully later)

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  2. good deduction sherlock
  3. I think the Ferraris and Porshce can easily beat the McLaren or this crap.
  4. hmm, theres a lot of people on this site who comme and rant about people ranting, quite stupid and hypocritical if i may say so.<!-- Signature -->
  5. I still reckon the Mclaren F1 (ROAD CAR, NOT GOD DAMN RACE CAR) would beat it around nurburgring.<!-- Signature -->
  6. the fastest production road going car with no doubt about it!
    quality above all: Bugatti/SIVA!
    get ready for a surprise, this is just the begining of a new era for car concept.

    the title USED to belong to Maclaren F1 with BMW V12...
    but not anymore...

    this machine exists in the same reality as us... wake up...

    - 8 liter
    - 16 cilynders in four rows
    - 7 speed sequential gear box
    - 1001 bhp
    - 406 Km/h

    :-> I understand that is hard to believe in all of this in a road goig version, but the name as it all.

    Bugatti EB 16/4 Veyron, another one bites the dust...
  7. If anything the Bugatti focuses much more on luxury than the McLaren F1 (The Mac has unassisted brakes and steering). I think the Bugatti will be more of a grand tourer rather than a performer.

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  8. everyone is soo stupid he means the mclaren f1 not a formula one racing car, why the hell would anyone compare a street car to a racing supermachine. But anyway, yes this bugatti will dethrone the mclaren, FINALLY that needed to happen sometime, i am glad it finaly happened, also this site says the 0-60 is 3.0 seconds, but i read that it was actualy being built to hit between 2.7 and 2.9 seconds.<!-- Signature -->
  9. You are stupid if you think the Mclaren F1 Was ever the best supercar! If you think it was or is the best supercar you need to check on some performance stats. The limited edition Mclaren F1 isn't even the best supercar. If you don't like what you see kiss my ass!
  10. I say that it definitely will, The McLaren may be a more balanced racer, but to the general public that won't matter. The Bugatti is a grand tourer, and therefore more luxurious. Bugatti has created one of the most advanced machines to date. It is true that the mclaren is older and this isn't a fair comparison, but so what? That comparison is going to be made no matter what.
  11. i think everyone is trying to talk about the McLaren F1

    you guys who think we are comparing this to f1 guys are nuts

    mclaren f1 was created for racing, racing, racing

    this beast is meant for comfort, show, and size

    ill take the bugatti, cuz it just so huge!
  12. So, is this thing gonna dethrone the F1?

    I haven't heard anything yet about the F1 no longer being the fastest car. According to the stats, this one should be, anyone know if it is officially yet?
  13. it should be and its about time. dont get me wrong i love the F1 but a 0-300km/h time in under 14sec it has to be the best.

  14. No matter what ya say guys this thing is NOT faster than a Formula 1 one - seater. Well, to be frank, it depends on how you understand the word fast. Veyron's got further more power than a Formula1 car, though it weighs 1400kgs more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means it hasn't got the ability to stir as accurately and fastly as an one -seater. For example you can drive your way through a U turn at 120km/h with a Formula1 car but the Bugatti is not able to do it after say... 80km/h. After all, it wasn't built in order to be deadly fast and to handle as good. It's a heavy luxurious two - seater. Compare it on a narrow track - full of difficult corners- with Schumi's one seater and you'll be disappointed by its handling and speed.......
  15. Yeah, it definetly does, because here we aren't talking about formula one. It's about the fastest street car (well, till now), the McLaren F1, a supercar built by McLaren. So, it doesn't makes sence to comprehend a formula1 car with a street car.
    because of the weight: A formula one car weighs about 500-600 Kg, a Bugatti (probably) between 1000 an 1200 Kg, so the difference is about 600 Kg which isn't that much ;-)
    However, this car is a ROCKET and a dream too ;-) Unfortunately to expensive (about 1.5 Million Euro ~ 1.4 Million $).

    Greets to everybody

  16. well it maby be for now.<!-- Signature -->
  17. The m3's new sequential shifter shifts in 80 milliseconds...the bugatti is sub par and not worth 800,000
  18. The M3's new shifter doesn't double clutch like the Bugatti's will. This is probably vital to preserving the drivetrain of this car. The amount of torque this thing has could do a lot of damage.
  19. No the veyron will NOT dethrone the F1. The veyron is meant to be a super tourer, not a racing machine. Although the top speed may be higher, the F1 could rape this 4000+ pound bohemoth on the track.<!-- Signature -->
  20. yes, with the new engin i don't know how it wouldn't. the F1 is very fast car but this new bugatti has it beat.
  21. Let me clear one thing up. I DID NOT MEAN A FORMULA ONE RACING CAR. I meant the mclaren f1, which has a top speed of about 240 and does 0-60 in 3.4 (I believe).
  22. QUOTE: Bugatti may weight 3 times more than a F-1
    but with only 30% MORE HORSE
    Actually, it's probably closer to 37% more horsepower.
    But still, 37% doesn't really sound like that much. Look at it this way, it has over 370 hp more than the Mclaren.
  23. The only thing similar about these two supercars is that they are both street machines. I dont know about any one else but the Mclaren will always be #1. The veyron has almost 400 more horses than the Mclaren and almost that much more in torque but it only tops the F1 by a mere 5-15 mph and about 1.5 seconds going 0-60. The difference in power is like putting a beetle against an F-350. When the veyron is ready to rumble, the F1 will more than likely step to the challenge.
  24. ALEX wake up, dickhead, the F1 does not get to 100 kp/h in 1.7 seconds! It can manage 2.9 but that is it, chap!
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    The f1 hasnŽt been at the as about top speed for a long long time. if you were to visit for example you would find a lot of cars that are faster than f1 and even faster than this 16/4

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