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Discussion in '2002 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron Preproduction' started by JMS, Aug 9, 2002.

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    The f1 hasnŽt been at the as about top speed for a long long time. if you were to visit for example you would find a lot of cars that are faster than f1 and even faster than this 16/4
  2. i've heard about a million euro ( approximatively the same thing in USdollar) so around 6.500.000 french francs, but even if you'll have the money you'll need to wait a year to receive it at home ..... nethertheless you can be sure that bugatti 16/4 will dethrone mclaren f1!
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  3. I thought i'd just clear a couple o things up,
    ALEX u said da F1 does 0-100 in 1.7secs, well ur a bit off, il tell u 4 a fact RITE NOW dat da qikest acceleration known is of a 'Yamaha R' which is recorded to b an evened 0-100 in 1.8secs,i can guarantee u dat theres no way da F1 does it in 1.7 i think it can barely manage 3.4 and another thing, ALL this stuff about this new Veyron is TOTALLY concept still. for all we know it mite have a top speed of 380km/h, and if da specs that they gave r rite than this car is in trouble wen cornering due to its weight.
  4. So where and when can i get me one of these things and will they be legal in the US for once. We can all thank VW for buy the name right in 95 right after the almost went out of business and giving it the new W form engine that VW and audi are going to start using in there new cars
  5. it may dethrone the F1 but the F1 is still my favorite car as it is so well balanced. (has anyone ever been in one)
  6. Iv been in an F1 and it was for a very, very short time, they dont exactly feel very confident with a wog in 1, hahaha.
    It soooooooooooooo cool, its configured so ur in dead centre and its soooooooo smart how they designed it, wen ur gettin in u cant go strate into the middle, u hav to sit on the left then shift ur legs onto the pedals then gently move the rest of ur body into the drivers seat WITHOUT BREAKING ANYTHING.
  7. This is not even a fair comparison. I mean the Bugatti is a lot newer. Technology has come so far. The Bugatti is not as incredible as the McLaren was when it came out. When the Mclaren came out it was alone but the Bugatti is not because of a car that came out a while before. The fact that the Bugatti only makes around 400 more bhp out of a W16 motor as opposed to the V12 the McLaren has says a lot about the motor in the McLaren. The McLaren F1 LM does 0-60 in 2.6 secs, the BUgatti does that in est. 3.0 secs and it has around 400bhp more than the McLaren. I mean come on thats weak. Even tho the Bugatti weighs a little has around 400bhp more than the F1 so it should be killing the F1. Give the F1 400bhp more and maybe AWD and it would absolutely DESTROY the Bugatti!<!-- Signature -->
  8. i just like everyone to remember that this is only factory modified stats, and everyone know that the factory doesnt tune the living shit out of their engines, and with aftermarket accesories it WILL easyly de-throne any meclaren, and dont forget they were never designed to compete, do you really think that if bugatti was trying to take top spot they would deck it out with the full luxury etc? all extra useless pounds? it would have been carbon fibre throughout and just a seat and wheel inside etc, and probably be doing 420 kph!

    and how anyone can be so stupid as to compare an open-wheeled car(formula one etc) with i car of this sort!!
    (im guessing someone who's really hanging out for those 14"s on their LADA. HAHA)
  9. id just like to support what NVR2LOW said previously.

    hpw could anyone even try to compare the McLaren f1 to the Bugatti 16-4!!! they are in two completely different classes!!

    12 naturally asperated cylinders producing only some 320 bhp less than a quad-turbod all wheel drive w16?? where is the fairness in that?

    why dont people start comparing the r34 nissan gtr to a nissan pulsar?
    because its obious who can get the more power and who has the best handling! im sure i f i wacked on a couple of turbos on a Mclaren that i could get it up to the same bhp as the buggati!!

    i dont care what anybody says. the Mclaren rules and always has.

    oh and the bugatti is furken ugly to!!
  10. You guys suck if you think the 16/4 will dethrone the f1. It may be inevitable but it's all relative, the weight, horsepower, date of release, technology, etc. To reiterate many peoples' points, the mac has been the greatest car in the world for like 8 years. It doesnt have the new tech the bug the freaking thing only has 680hp while the bug has over 1000! that says it all.
  11. this car may be faster top speed, but yall should read up on the viper venom 800 tt. 0-60 in 2.4, 0-100 in 5.5!!!!!! the top speed is only 235, but thats still screamin. so i think thats what took over.
  12. Uhhm
    yeah, technology is moving, so...
    maybe the Lambo Countach and Ferrari F40 where the kings of the super car realm back in the 80's but as technology evolved, it changed the way cars were built, new materiales, more efficient engines... the Ferrari F50, the Lambo Diablo, the McLaren...

    And now is time for the Bugatti to make the quantum leap in the supercar world, changing the rules and all that.

    I wonder what a future Ferrari or Lamborghini or Porsche may be capable of ... in like 25 years?!

    And Cheto... cmon...
    we are talking about stock from-the -factory cars here... sure, you can also put that same engine in a radio flyer and you may go even faster than the Venom, but the stock Viper, altough a remarkable performer, is no match for the McLaren or the Bugatti<!-- Signature -->
  13. Why would it not be street legal? Legality is not determined solely on horses. Also, I'm almost completely sure it is a production car, so it would be stupid for bugatti not to make it street legal.
  14. no, it can't dethrone the F1.Plus there could be the possablity of a new Mclaren because they has the advantage due to the fact they are in the British Formula one and are more aware of new technology so everyvody shood be afraid...VERY AFRAID!<!-- Signature -->
  15. it has me drooling
  16. Let me start off by saying that this car would be RAPED by the Mclaren around a track. The Mclaren would totally humiliate this thing.

    First off, lets look at the engine of the Bugatti. This car has 8 liters of displacement, and 4 turbos. It is making 125hp per liter. THAT BLOWS. The 1992 Bugatti EB100SS had a 4 liter V-12 quad turbo that made 185hp per liter. This Veyron is 10 years newer, and it falls flat on its face with this one. If it had the same power/liter ratio as the EB100SS, this car would be 1500hp.

    Then, in comparision to the engine on the Mclaren F1 LM. The BMW V-12 in the Mclaren makes 110hp/liter. The Mclaren has almost the same efficiency as the Bugatti and it is NORMALLY ASPIRATED!! NO TURBOCHARGERS!!

    Then, you must take into account the weight of these cars. I have not seen any numbers for the Bugatti, but it has got to be more than that of the Mclaren. The Mclaren weighs less than Civics, Integras, S2000's. This is one of the lightest cars in the world, and in addition to that, it has a huge amount of power. The Mclaren uses advanced materials everywhere to save weight. What do you see when you look inside the Bugatti? Heavy stuff that is in there to make it comfortable. This car cannot even hope to approach the low weight of the Mclaren.

    Another thing that needs to be considered here is the history of the two companies. Bugatti has historically made luxury cars, while Mclaren is the second most sucessful F1 racing team in history. This reflects in the two cars being compared here.

    And granted, this car probably will have a higher top speed than the Mclaren, but who the hell cares? The only thing 250mph is good for is to claim the title. Everything about the Mclaren was put there to enable this car to be the fastest ALL AROUND car in history. That is what many people are losing sight of here.

    As I said before, the Mclaren would totally kick the crap out of this thing on a track.

  17. I'm with "tassleh404" on this one. If you want a drag racer that could go really fast really quick in a straight line the new Bugatti would be the right choice. However, if you wanted something that was rediculously fast around the track, something that would handle like a go-cart, stop on a dime, and would be a true light-weight, extremely powerful, and wonderfully agile, the McLaren would definately be superior. doen't display the weight of the 16/4, but with a W16 engine, I can assure you that it will weigh possibly half again as much and its handling around the track will reflect that. I'm not impressed with 1000 horsepower. Geez, a Kenworth dump truck's got more than that! I'm impressed with loads of horsepower in a well-engineered and light-weight machine. The F1 is a force to be reconed with. However, the Ferrari Koenig F50 would be my first choice; the F1 a close second. I'm a bit partial to Ferraris myself.<!-- Signature -->
  18. OK, this is for all stupid people out there who are even comparing the racing abilities of a Bugatti and a McLaren. The Bugatti manufacturers didn't design the Bugatti to be faster around the track than a McLaren. They designed it so you could actually survive driving it around all the time and go fast as hell when you wanted to. I sure as hell wouldn't want to drive a McLaren around town, but I'd love to with the Bugatti. The Bugatti even has leather and A/C. If the manufacturers had wanted to make a real racing machine, the wouldn't have made it as long, they would have made it lower, and they would have used carbon fiber and all that good stuff, making it a lot lighter which would mean better acceleration, braking, and cornering. And even without doing all this, it still is about the same 0-60 and beats the shit out of the top speed of the McLaren. For the clown who said that a Kenworth dump truck has a lot more than 1000 hp, check your stats buddy. A full-blown semi has no more than 500 hp, what they have is shitloads of torque. Do a little research before you start posting stupid stuff. Can't wait to see the responses to this. Later boys.
  19. i don't think this car will beat the mclaren f1, not because of technical specs, weight or what ever. I would be surprised with the current economic down turn around the world if there is even much of a market for $1 million supercar. who knows if vw will even sell this car in the near future. they have invested a lot of money in the brand and would have to sell a lot of these (at least 50) to make their money back. they haven't even begun to build the factory yet. it will probably be 3 or 4 years before there is a real test drive of a production car.
  21. goddammit people if you want a #$%#ing 250 mph couch drop a nitrous breathing 550 cube drag engine in a buick, im not saying that the bugatti is a 250 mph couch but thats what most of yall want it to be. if you want a REAL supercar look at something like the maclaren which was made for performance not to comfortably hug someone's ass.
  22. This car is different like richard owen said. You can tell it's much more luxurious. At the same time, it needs 4 turbochargers, 400 more horsepower, and 2 more liters of displacement to rival the f1. Mclaren has been involved with Formula one racing for decades-and the technology showed in the f1. We will see when someone actually tests this thing and we have official numbers. Everyone here just talks about top speed and 0-60 time. Look at the mid-range acceleration. that's the key number. You will never go 250mph on a road-icluding the autobahn which has many speed limits now, and very much traffic. I saw the bugatti at frankfurt this year. It was amazing and is simply on of the most beautiful cars ever.
  23. This car is one of the most beutifull cars in the world and it is going to kick the F1 cars.<!-- Signature -->
  24. Veyron's 1001 hp aren't enough to make it better than the McLaren F1. Although it can top 400 km/h it will never beat the F1 on a race track.
  25. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from megadeth</i>
    <b>This car is one of the most beutifull cars in the world and it is going to kick the F1 cars.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Nope- as many people are pointing out
    the Bugatti is inteded to be a high performance butluxurious transport
    look at the specs... that thing wheights a lot
    while Gordon Murray (for those of you who don't have a clue, the guy who designed the McLaren F1) wanted to achieve the record of having the lightest, fastest super car ever... no luxury ammenities (save for the ultra cool Kenwood CD unit maybe) but an outstanding power to weight ratio...

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