Re: so many horses... why isnt it any faster then it is??

Discussion in '2001 Lotec Sirius' started by Metal Typhoon, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Well I have read most of the replies posted by you guys and some of you have a good idea of what you are talking about and there are some of you that must be banned from any form of transportation.

    The thing that bothers me most is that all of you miss the point. First of all the car is in development and we all know how much testing can improve acceleration and speed.

    What you must notice and understand is the performance of the engine. There are various Mercedes-Benz engines in Super Cars, the main reason is performance relative to reliability. Remember most high performance engines produce power in RPM with lover torque, but we all now high RPM result in high Friction result in short life span.

    So come on the main thing here now is the engine. Think of it a normal production motor with a few modification, producing 998 KW @ 6300 RPM. That is amazing.
  2. 0-100 km/t 3,7 thats way to much concidering the topspeed... i would understand the topspeed if the acceleration were 2sec or something

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