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  1. SUCKS!

    a lady that lives a little down my road has a brand new one of these(manual) and this car BLOWS!!! i laugh every time it goes by. i know the people and comment about their shitty purchase all the time. but i cant beleave they paid as much as they did for this car and its SLOW!!
  2. Dude , shut up , for one thing you cant buy these , you have to buy a mustang and them buy all the roush stuff , you have no idea what this car can do , im turning my 01' mustang into a roush and all i have is the roush supercharger , roush exhaust and roush body kit , i have never lost a race , my friend paid $8,000.00 to get a nissan skyline r34 over here and he modified it , i f*&$% it up so bad , so before you go talkin stuff , you better know what a roush can do , and if you want me to prove my point i'll give you my address and i will race your little civic or whatever you got and show you how it feels to be walked on by real american muscle .
    Cant beat the sound of a v8
  3. Oh B&*^% i live in aurora so lets see what the f*&^ your s%#$ can do , tell me where to meet you and i am so there , You know about the street races every sunday and wednesday? i will make you look like a dumba$$ , this is gonna be so fun , and just to show this site what the F&*^ is up why dont we put about , hmmm lets say $200.00 if your poor a$$ can afford that . REPLY ASAP
  4. This car is badass. I want to get one but they are too expensive at dealerships and i dont know how to get a conversion from roush. Someone help me.
  5. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from CreamOfTheCrop7</i>
    <b>cant beat the sound, just everything else, i have never lost a race to an american car. so bring it mullet man!!!!! i live in denver lets see you beat me, i have $200 that says you wont.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Whatever. Do you race school buses? Bring it with my 01 SS. I'll school you.<!-- Signature -->
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    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 25, 2016 , seriously it aint that expensive to make your self but have a body shop put on the bodykit cause it is hard to do your self , you have to do alot of reshaping on the sideskirts .
  7. I dont like it.<!-- Signature -->
  8. R u really stupid,or that was just a stupid jock?Its better be a jock cuz if its not than ur a stupid f#ggot whos just being jealos of dis kinda cars who drives 1989 Honda Civic and sux dick!!!
  9. ill let you fight bout your fords and imports .... all i gotta say is ill make both you look like B#$#$% when my SS smokes you ..... and the TYPE - R dude ....... buy a real car
  10. this car is nice for me and it kicks ass!
  11. Shut the #$%# up you ball faced *****. If you only knew what Jack Roush has done for the automotive world you would shut your hole. Plus this car is not slow your just an ignorant #%$.
  12. Re: I'm gonna buy one :D

    jack roush could've resurrected henry ford and this car would still suck. Who the shit would pay over $50g for a mustang?!? The chassis hasn't been updated in 27 years! My friend has one and it feels like the car shit a brick everytime you hit a bump in it. Plus it looks like it burns more r!ce than panda express at the mall. Ford guys think this is so damn pimp, they had to bolt a supercharger onto it so that they could even have a chance. Yet a N/A SS Camaro would't be that far behind, plus, it would get its nuts kicked in if it ever raced a supercharged camaro. Yet Ford guys never think about that, do they?
  13. Re: I'm gonna buy one :D

    last time i checked, I thought the Mustang was a "jock" car
  14. Re: I'm gonna buy one :D

    You are officially ignorant. Have you not heard about the new 2003 Mustang Cobras? They are supercharged and make 390 hp with the same amount of tourque. Those cars are tested by C&C at 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and the 1/4 mile in 12.653 seconds. All of that for a car that costs $35,000. Plus the problem with your comment about a Mustang racing a supercharged is that Chevy never made a Supercharged Camaro so it doesn't count!!!!! If you are going to compare fairly then you compare both cars in stock form. BTW the new supercharged Cobras have been made to do high 11 second 1/4 mile times with only $1,000 in modifications. You could not do that with a Camaro. The only car Chevy has that outperforms the new Cobra is the new Corvette ZO6 but Ford will take care of the ZO6 with the new $100,000 Ford GT.
  15. You are an idiot. Let me guess you are one of those stupid chevy people. Chevy's are the ones that blow. this looks better and can out run almost all chevys.
  16. I'll get a Ford Focus FR200 and smoke your ss which by the way stands for shity speed. Chevy sucks.
  17. Idiot. You don't know anything about Mustangs. They will woop your crappy little chevys.
  18. Don't get me started.
  19. you guys all need to stop bitching and shit, Im what would be considered a Ford guy, but its not about if chevy sucks or if ford sucks (dodge is another matter, though) chevy and ford both have some excellent cars, and i've seen equal amounts of camaros beating mustangs and mustangs beating camaros on the drag and on the street. No body who is serious about cars keeps their car COMPLETELY stock unless its a classic, so it doesnt matter what the car, its all about the owner and what he or she can do to their car.
  20. Hey SSfearSS, you are one of the stupidest people ive ever heard of. my advice, buy a car that doesnt suck dick, and dont race him unless you want to lose $200 and make your self look like a dumbass. 325hp for the SS, 360hp for the Roush. Numbers dont lie. 2000 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R.....the domination has begun.


  21. SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!alot ha
  22. You all are noobs. SVT = Shitty Vehicle Technicians.
  23. You are a moron, just stop talking now. Drive this, and tell me you think its slow and stupid.
  24. Are you sure it was a Stage 3? They aren't that slow, they are fun to drive but they are a bit pricey for what you get though.

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