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Discussion in '2002 Koenigsegg CC 8S' started by drummerdude, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. winner on straight: bug (only at high speed; cc8s does 10sec 1/4 miles, bug is very heavy)
    winner on track: cc8s (by a country mile)
    winner in looks: cc8s
    winner overall: guess
  2. he speaks the truth for once. the 962 is by far the best EVER road car. for some reason the macca has taken all the cred for fastest road car; it ain't. the 962 deserves respect.
  3. I like your Pagani avatars, you have a good taste <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  4. The Bugatti accelerates quicker than this. Alot quicker especially when you get above the 100Mph mark. So it's speed to the Bugatti all the way. A race on a track would depend on the track, if it was say Monza I recon the bugatti would win but say it was Zangvoort or somthing like that the my bet would be on the CC8S and looks is entirly opinion based so say it's
    Winner on straight Veyron
    Winner on track overall CC8S (Most tracks not counting American speedways are on the twistier side).
    Looks is in my opinion a very very tough choice, so I'm gonna cheat, interior Veyron, exterior CC8S.
    Winner = Neither.
  5. o my god, thats a tough question. Koenigsegg, no veyron. NO, Koenigsegg! I CANT DECIDE! GIVE ME BOTH PLEASE!
  6. koenigsegg all around i like it the best... we'll see what the bugatti puts out when its tested all out

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