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  1. its all up to the driver if you race these cars stock but both cars have there advantages stock and upgraded. but i like them equally and they are both great cars.
  2. The RX7 is lighter and doesn't have as much turbo lag as the supra. I love the Supra but all it's power is in it's higher gears. Like somebody also said, that dammn rotary engine has mad power throughout its power band. by the time the supra reached 4th, that RX7 would be long gone. Anybody for a skyline bash-down? I hate that ugly-toaster lookin bastard!
  3. Heh. don't turn this into a skyline vs rx-7 forum. Skyline is really really fast. And I love rx-7's. But when I went to hong kong I saw some really crazy skylines that would own rx-7's.<!-- Signature -->
  4. how are the two when it comes to handling?<!-- Signature -->
  5. RX-7 rated best handling car of 92 by Road and Track magazine, beating out porsche 911 turbo on the track. Supras weren't around then but from mechanical experience, toyota does not make great sports cars. Neither does mazda but the RX-7 has always been an exception. Rotaries have the advantage of having only about 6 distinct moving internal parts, while piston engines have over 100. Rotaries follow one circular path while pistons move up and down.

    both cars stock and turbocharged, SUPRA would win on the straight.
    On a race track, the RX-7 would murder because of its lightweight, 48 front/52 rear weight ratio and incredible suspension.

    I've owned both a supra and RX-7. RX-7 is the most fun to drive. Only downside to rotaries, terrible on effeciency, but who cares when you're racing. I visit the race tracks a lot and very few race supras but the RX is very common... people put v8s in'em and they still out handle anything out there.
  6. I don't know what shit ayo talking about. Of course the rx would win. Even from stock. The only time a supra will win is in a long distance race. But who cares, the quarter mile is what matters the most. Listen to something you wouldn't believe, but trust me it is true. I live in ST. Croix. Right next to Puerto Rico. One day on the track, a second generation rx-7 turbo 2(1989). Race against a supra turbo(1993) From start, the rx had leave the supra. The rx-7 had broke its transmission, I think, and it course down the track, and the supra had never catch it.That is shame full. Imagine what a third generation rx-7 would have down. don't get me wrong supra a good, but there are no match for the rx-7. So screw those piston engine. Long live the 2 rotor engine.
  7. rotaries if well taken care off (oil change every 2k miles , redlines runs everyday) will last 4ever ...and any car with a twin turbo has a crappy efficiency.. I mean everytime you hit 3.3 k revs or so..the psi boost makes that engine just open wide and swallow every ounce of gas on the tank.. but if you drive withoutt crankin up the revs to high your mileage should last you an awfull lot.
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  8. I'd back the Supra, and the RX-7, it would be a very close race my heart says supra but my brain thinks perhaps a RX-7. But in real life i would expect the 0-100km/h in 5sec RZ supra to win. and NORMAL RX-7's don't have twin turbos, only single. but very close race indeed.
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  9. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from NinjaAssaultSquadElite</i>
    <b>Wow. OK, stock they are roughly the same speed but supras are often faster in comparisons (scanned below). </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->your info is wrong. Look at every other magazine or video and they will say that the Rx-7 outhandles and outperforms the surpa. The 7 is a much more technologically advanced car than the supra. Its far more superior. and that styling is to die for.<!-- Signature -->

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