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  1. vipers r pimp thats all i gatta say...
    an for those import lovers...yes a 502 v8 can easily puch 1800
    hell i've seen v8 smaller puchin 4500hp in tractor there there same #$%#in engines dipshit, 440's, 427,454,455,460's
    an yes it can be stret legal..thats to easy there one here in town i can send u the pic easy...its a 69 camaro runnin a 502 wiht over 2000hp
    but anyways i love all cars inport or not..only the good ones tho i hate civics an integras cause there too small an 4 banners
    supra an skylines are the pimpest rides out there i think.
    i have done some heavy ass mods to my 89 supra which is the old one thats started it all!!..
    i was able to import a 2.5 l engine an getrag 6 speed tranny from a smahed up skyline in costed a shitload cause i had to order the eletronics after that, which i forgot..
    and the suspenion my my supra has been redone it's the suspenion off a 99 vette which i think perfroms much better,
    an my engine runs about 600hp witch is notin close to potenial..
  2. supraman69, im fully with u on that. i think all the supras rule and they r the best jap car other than the over priced nsx, i also think the older pre 1990 tudoor skylines where the best of them.
    jap cars n american cars are total different tools
    think of if your building something you dont use a hammer to put in a screw.
    american cars r powerful right off the assembely line and are long lasting cars but they are also heavy
    jap cars r light n r high rmp cars
    and to the chev lover who says he has a 7.9 sec camero that is 1800hp
    and is street legal i think u migth be telling the truth but i also think u atnt
    i wonder how it can be unless u lied when u registered it
    there are certain limits that the law will let you supe ur car up to and driveo n the road and 1800hp is a lot of horsepower so they would not let u drive it legally on the road>
    if you are telling to truth wut engine do u have in it?
    is it rigged for nos(nitrous Oxide)?
    do u have a twin chager or super charger? if you do wut is it?
    and has your "street lega car" run under 8 secs over ounce???
    if u answer these questions i will set it straight if ur the real deal or a lyer
  4. yeah the site has a lot of shit on it but did u see the video clip of the car??? it is fully modded up with huge blower and tubs but still street legal... if i was u and didnt know i would think the same but u gotta see and believe.
  5. Ok, maybe the japanese cars do fall .1 -.9 seconds behind in the quarter mile to your camaro, but they do it on 1/3rd of the displacement and they can still pull .90+ on the skidpad.

    When are people going to realize:

    A> Straight line performance is useless and for drivers who are scared of other cars.

    B> Hop on the highway and maintain 100+ through turns and through traffic, and let me know which turn flipped yout brute car with the 1000lb engine (at 50mph).<!-- Signature -->
  6. hm... rx7 can do, well has done 1/4 mile in 7.33 seconds. A 650hp honda civic where I am from has done 1/4 mile in 11.5 but its 1600cc. a mitsubishi EVO stock can do 402 meters in under 13, you can fix it to do under 9 eisily. The point is, that americans need 8000cc to make a V10 engine, add two turbos to make 800hp (viper). where as the japanese added 850 hp onto an inline-6 engine (this nissan), there will never be an american 6 cilinder egine that will be able to handle 850hp. American cars cannot compete with japanese, and compared to european cars, well
  7. You think ur so damn good with that Cammaro of yours that supposidly runs in the sevens(LoL) and it's also street legal, well i for one know thats a joke! Because i am importing a Nissan Skyline GT-R With all blitz options on it, it will go as fast as the R348. Now i know the car can do 1/4 times of 9.07 seconds with street legal tyres on it with 100 octane fuel, there aren't many cars that will beat me and i doubt you will with street legal everything, if ur car is totally legal i know i'd kill ur ass. This will be one of the fastest road going cars, so if u think u can beat me i'll go u and show u what true jappanese power really is and put your american crap into the ground where is belongs.
  8. Supras and Skylines r both very very nice cars and could porbably kick most american cars ass. The 800TT Viper looks good, but the japs would win this time, no doubt about it.
  9. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from MySkyline</i>
    <b>Both cars are good <IMG SRC=""> thats for sure</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I think exactly the same way.
  10. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Chevy Power</i>
    <b>Nope not a chance, they both suck and so does all the other jap cars. Viper and camaro can easily take on any jap car.hard to beleive? no, the svs and hennessey vipers do 9 and 10 sec in the 1/4 mile and have a top speed of what? 240 mph and camaro and many other camaros could also beat it. i do 7.9 in the 1/4 @ 183mph and its street legal and runs on 92 oct gas.but any way all jap cars suck.

    67 camaro blown 540bbc
    7.9@183mph 1/4
    1800HP 1950lbs/ft of torque
    will gladly race anyone! </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    You are really getting on my #$%#ing nerves. I am fan of both American Muscle cars and Japanese cars. You are giving a bad name to all muscle car lovers, YOU STUPID FUCKING REDNECK TRAILOR TRASH!!! First of all, if you add 1800 bhp(what you claim your Camaro has)to a
    Skyline or a Supra, it will wipe the floor with your 67 Camaro, second of all, I've seen Supra's do quarter miles in 7 flat, with 900 bph (no nos). And in the real world it's not all about a straight line you #$%#ing airhead. It's called turning. YES, streets do have curves and twists and so do real race tracks. That's where the 800TT gets slaughtered by this Skyline Blitz.
  11. Ok now american cars are nice and jan cars are nice they are made to do totally diffent things a skyline can out corner a camero but a camero can out accelerate a skyline (i'm talking about the stock cars) so you can't judge the two of them together one have a v8 and one has a l6 ok so drop it
  12. SUpra over skyline anyday i have had both and lettme say the Supra is a bomb waiting to explode@!
  13. MrKratchet, the Veilside skyline i believe has more power than that, there are Skylines with over 1400 bhp meant strictly for drag racing. I'd take any skyline over any supra, they're both great cars but the skyline handles better, i believe it looks better and it has much better technology with its computers and on board boost meters and g meters.
  14. ok, thanks for the correction on the supra thing, i didn't really remember, i just through out a number that sounded right. But yea, i would always take a skyline over a supra too. But, the new skylines are a lot slower, 4-door, and more of a luxury car, a lot more. Its like a mercedes.<!-- Signature -->
  15. Yeah, i'm not really feeling the foor door, as long as they keep the two door as well i'll be happy. I really think they should give the car a little more power too, stock.
  16. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from SupraIV13</i>
    <b>this car is beastly , Shows u what japan's top tuners can do, the veilside r34 is doin 1000 hp's and 200 mph+ top speeds, and the top secret supra is doin 200+ on FOUR F-IN CYLINDERS. The blitz supras are nasty too, i want em all. If the camaro is so sooooooo good, why the #$%# do I see them gettin BLAZED at the sat. night races round my way, by CIVIC's and everything else. A camaro v.s. a supra is just a joke waiting to happen, i saw my boy tony's sup blaze a camaro by like 4 car ass chevy's.
    Now back to the real point of this thread , the sup and skyluz are bof phat as fcuk, they both have endless potential, and look good in stock form, i wud take a sup simply becuz i love that car btu if i got a skyluz i would lose my mind. 1. Sup's 4 lyphe.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Let me tell you people some thing...
    Here in the US they dont know much about any of the 2 cars in the spot light.. I am from Trinidad & Tobago all the cars in there is Japs and Euros, all you can talk about is what you know over here and i am telling you people that The NISSAN Skyline engine. Known for near endless upgradability to easily handle more horsepower and has a Max of 10000 RPMs and a red line or 8000 RPMs and so i can tell you that in Japan where the both cars where made the nissan Skyline, in fact not the car but the engine can otu do the Supra's by far.

    And as for that asshole that said that a Camaro can out run any one of these cars..
    hahahahahahahahaaaaaa that is funny!!

    <!-- Signature -->
  17. ok yea. grow up. in your dreams that you have that car and let me see that american peace of shit of yours last for more then 3 years. the skyline will kick your american peace of shit anyday.
  18. In response to the discussion about the "Street" car that runs in Australia being legal, here are the facts.
    1. Yes "Joe Blo" is registered. But it is trucked to all events, not driven on the road because it will earn him defect notices if he tries. Defect notices means the parts must be taken off and returned to legal standard, ie: Wheels are to be no more than 2 inches larger than standard in any dimensions. Meaning if the car wore 15x7 they can now wear 17x9's, which probably will not give enough traction to run 7s.
    2. The fastest Registered and driven street car in Australia is the V&E Rigolli Datsun 1200 Ute, using a Fiat 131 2000cc motor and weighing 890kg. It has run a best of 8.60@154mph with 35psi boost.
    3. The laws differ globally. This car swaps tyres at meets to 15x10inch slicks on the back and 15x6 up front.
    4. The cars in Japan make a note of running the majority of their times on street tyres (usually Nitto 555 or Advan rubber) not slicks.
  19. Tru, the Supra might(And i mean "might") take the Skyline around the track. But on the "Chill" scale, the skyline provides much more luxury.<!-- Signature -->
  20. Your american cars can kiss my ass, i love the supra and skyline there both great cars,How thehell can u get 1800Hp from a shity car like that camaro and viper i hope i see you blow your piston rings. ive seen camaros go 30mph and they were redlining the engine my goped could smoke you american cars.
  21. Import were buitl for street racing ...sure you can drag race well with american cars...but when it comes to drifting and cornering your camaro will not come close to the handling of a supra and a GTR the ..GTR has excellent grip driving...The supra was built to drif around hair pins and corners..i would love to see your muscle cars do that with out coming off the track the toyota trueno Ae86 aka Hachi-Roku would smoke your camaro and viper on a down hill race !
  22. supra rule.. show me any skyline that can compare to the jun supra topspeed 403kph!!! 1000hp and two trust/greddy T78. and dont say that the veilside skyline gtr (1345hp) can beat it ...
  23. Oh man...nismo, after reading a whole crap load of comments about that 1800 hp peice of crap , i really think the 86 can beat it...hahha..

    and as for that guy with 1800 hp, I hope you flip or roll to death when you try to turn. <!-- Signature -->
  24. People, PLEASE stop comparing apples to oranges and stop being jealous of that guys 1800 HP camaro. His camaro is tuned for drag racing, of course it would smoke any car (including this one) in a drag race cause thats what its made for. This car's made for the track so naturally it would smoke the camaro on the track. The two cars are made for two different functions so STOP comparing them.
  25. you bunches of american car lovin #%$ots can kiss mY ASS i bet you my dog can outrun your #$%#ing car your engines are so cheap i have to rip away the blocks and replace the piston rings you fried.granny shifting not double clutching like you should u bunch of camaros and mustangs cant race.And you #%$ooty bitches who tried to make there chevys look like a skyline #$%# your mom so you can get a new style stop sweating those crotch rockets.Prelude is the best skylines ,rx7,nissan,supra,bmx,lan evolution.coming to ya nigas ill will

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