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Discussion in '2002 Lamborghini Murciélago' started by FerrariKing, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. SV

    What does everyone think of this SV version of the Murcielago????????

    its kinda dodgy but i think you can get the picture
  2. i swear i posted the pic before

    i used the 360 modena wheels just to show the difference
  3. ANYONE???

    Tell me what u think please

  4. Nice Pic. Looks tight
    <!-- Signature -->
  5. Looks like a modified Modena (-;
    But c°°°°°°°l...<!-- Signature -->
  6. You've killed this car you've mayde it like a peace of shit!!!!!!!
  7. because it says SV on it, but it was photoshoped<!-- Signature -->
  8. Its not bad... but the air vent(roof) and the wing lacks
    clarity...And the "sv" badge on the side - needs a little work... try
    a smaller size, and change the font to a more "suiting" format. keep
    up the good work. Oh yeah, the wheels (if im not mistaking) have the
    Ferrari logo on them - you might want to change that... <!-- Signature -->
  9. ok, i'll work on another version in my spare time, i'll try to change the front spoiler aswell.
  10. fix the back wing! the wheels look cool! nice job though!<!-- Signature -->
  11. heres an entirley new one.

    the front and rear spoilers are hard to do, but tried, i got the wheels (which i think are awsome) from the chevy malibu concept or whatever and changed them to gold cos i like them like that.

    anyway does anyone want anything else done, maybe different cars.

  12. haha nice job man! it looks real! well unless you inspect it closely but you did an awesome job! hey can you do something with maybe a 360 modena! jsut giving suggestions! or some other car it doesn't matter! i just wanna see another one!<!-- Signature -->
  13. here u go

    there pretty basic
  14. cool nice job! give me all of the ones you have made already if you didn't anymore i don't mind!<!-- Signature -->
  15. the first pic is of the car i stole the wheels off.
  16. sweet as, like what you've done with the murcielago.<!-- Signature -->
  17. nice job on all of them! they're cool!<!-- Signature -->
  18. those r some safe pics guy<!-- Signature -->
  19. nice pic i like this one though<!-- Signature -->

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