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Discussion in '1938 Cadillac Series 90 V16' started by 94stang5L, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. sweet

    this would be a sweet follow up too the lighting or upgrade as long as the give it more power then the lighting
  2. Nice car. I like the tribals on the back and on the seats. And i also think a car with that kinda look deserves a bit more horsepower, and maybe a hoodscoop.

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  3. The tribals and frontal design are a great touch but as previously stated needs more horse power.<!-- Signature -->
  4. this truck is sick the only thing's it is missing is a scoop or cowl induction hood, supercharger for that extra horsepower,a different colour interior colour.other than that it is #$%#ing wicked...
  5. gateway it has a supercharger, infact it has the whole 01 lightning drivetrain.<!-- Signature -->
  6. all it is is a super ugly lightning, and why is everybody talking about more power? 380 hp and 450 ft lbs arent enough? buy a chip and some pulleys and youll be making well over 400 hp.
  7. no it's just that for a follow up to the lightning it should out power it........And it's not ugly it looks sick
  8. a scoop? what the hell are you guys morons? a truck with a scoop would blow the idea of having a stock sleeper truck. ppl buy lightnings because unless you really pay attention while your trying to make out with some fat chick in your mustang he will destroy you off the light while you think its a joke that he is revving his engine. Dont put anything on the truck that will draw the attention of the guys with itchy trigger fingers and the power fo fuk your insurance rates all up. This concept is horrible. the original lightning is very sweet. esp in yellow.<!-- Signature -->
  9. Dude, are you gonna tell me you don't like a phat blower on those carbs? You don't like power?


    keep the faith
  10. well why does every vehicle have to be a sleeper it's stupid you can let people know you have a fast vehicle but the lightning is still better and a blower would look shitty.....oh yeah trust a mustang attracts the hotties at least here in fat chicks allowed
  11. this car is sweet but it does need a bit more powerful and it needs to be a bit more pratical
  12. you guys don't realy know what the power plant is in the truck so here you go,it is a supercharged 351w motor from the 02 lighjtning(got the info from a ford rep at the anehime auto show)the trucks tribal pattern is also on the tires now that is sick. I also have to agree with the guy who said "why do all cars have to be sleepers" no crap. Why would you want a car/truck that is fast andd look just as fast. And anopther thing if you drive this truck you won't have any fat chinck in the cvar there will be no room with all the fine ass chicks that will be lined up to get a ride.<!-- Signature -->
  13. DIS IS DA SHIT!!!!

    I can't imagine something so wicked coming from Ford. I personally like German makes, but I gotta give Ford on this one, the design is Dope and the power is amazing.

    Nothing is more embarassing than being in a Ferrari and getting passed by one of these babies as the haul their trailer home right by ya on an uphill!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  14. y'alls think it's sweet as a truch that's low like it is stock. I'd put a lift on this baby n some 33" super swampers and whip ur ass on and off road...<!-- Signature -->
  15. its the guys in sleepers that make the most money because the retards in the bright little rice rockets think they need chromaflair paint and 8 ft wings on their cars to show people they are fast. and if you already have a woman and arent pitiful and have to buy your dates then go right on ahead. ill be the guy in the biturbo pinto in primer blowing the doors off your civic with a surfboard on the trunk.<!-- Signature -->
  16. This is a badass truck. I would love to have one. The tribal symbols on this truck make it even better, kinda looks like the slipknot symbol in a way. But, I would love to have this awesome truck. It just needs more HORSEPOWER thats all it needs.
  17. I like the truck, I've always been a fan of the Lightning, and
    I think it's a f*ckin badass.

    ~peace~<!-- Signature -->
  18. I don't know why do all of you guys say it lacks power... because its even more powerful than a regular lighting.... and hey the Lighting is the unquestioned king of the hill in the high performance truck territory...<!-- Signature -->
  19. looks like the rancaro is back, God have mercy on our souls!<!-- Signature -->
  20. This #$%#ing kills it...We dont really get that many pick ups in the UK...And I think this thing is awsome..looks Dope, nice and low and U could bang sum 22"'s underthere and put a load of amps in the back with some subs and speakers and so forth...but Id just keep it how it is...PEACE<!-- Signature -->
  21. wow another awesome truck from ford.. i would but this truck any day... it ahs a very nice desing... nive interior and exterior... now who is gonna beat this kickass truck... i would like to see GM try
  22. i would buy just the seats they are realy cool
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