Re: Syclone vs. 454 SS vs. SVT lightning

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  1. Syclone vs. 454 SS vs. SVT lightning

    Syclone vs. 454 SS vs. SVT lightning

    Wich one is the king of the trucks
  2. Peterbuilt.
  4. sorry bor but not many stock f-150's can run 0-60 in 4.6
  5. No stock lightnings can run in the 4's at all.

    I wish people would post a comment based on fact not fiction or pride.
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    A syclone would take an SVT at the strip. The syclone has AWD and can make PERFECT launches, not a slip of the tires. A lightning, which is a VERY fast truck by the way, is a notorious tire smoker and a lack of traction dose not equal speed. The lightning has much potential, it could be no.1 if it had AWD or Traction controll.

    my anti-honda sight:
  7. I agree.
  8. you can't even compare these vehicles
  9. As of right now the Syclone is the fastest out of these but if Ford keeps on dumping more and more horsepower into the Lightning then they are going to have to turn it into a AWD truck then I would think the Lightning would destroy the Syclone but don't forget at the Detriot Auto Show Dodge came out with a concept truck that they say is supposed to be a Lightning eater so we should also watch out for that but the truck is so ugly that I wouldn't think anybody would want one.
  10. whats the diff, btwen syclone and typhoon?
    Hondas do not suck, they can be tuned nicely, for the right amount of money (alot), however, are more reliable than domestics.

    p.s. The ricers you refer to on your site are the stupid white people who drive Hondas to capitalize on the import-scene. The real racers use Hondas because they are better
  11. Do I sense a little anti-Semitism here?
  12. so ivanko, do you actually own a syclone?
    what number is it?
    have you tried racing it and how do you rate the handling?
    i know it blows most things away off the line (grip + turbo + weight distribution = madness) but not sure how it would cope with twists and turns. fell in love with the syclone after reading the C & D article about ten years ago (the memories...)
    and christ knows how you nominate a car for this site. im still trying to work out how to stop imbeciles posting about how "my favourite car is the best car and yours isn't blah blah blah"
  13. ive heard that the typhoon and syclone handled suprising well for a SUV. ive never own a typhoon and syclone but i have owned a jimmy of the same model and it handled better than the mountaineer i own now. im going to forever have to say the typhoon and syclone cause if you take into account that this car is 10+ years old and im sure if GMC had put 10 more years of engineering into this truck we'd have a vechicle untouchable by a lightning or dodge r/t 10 and it gets better gas millage. im a cheap ass ;)
  14. What is still in production? What is still selling like crazy?<!-- Signature -->
  15. My Syclone is #2419 of #2998 total made ever.

    It has officially done [email protected] with the stock turbo and a completely stock motor(the valve covers have never been removed).My best time slip was at Sacramento Raceway.

    I used to live in the Oakland hills and there are many twisty backroads where street bikes love to fly. I have pushed the truck very hard and it hooks up very well. The steering isn't as responsive as my Galant VR4 or Ford Focus, probably due to the steering box design and the larger steering wheel, but it handles like it's on rails. People don't flame me until you have taken a ride in my truck.

    In stock form, the mushy GM bushings are evident by the slight "rock the boat feeling". For some reason I can't understand, they never put a rear sway bar on from the factory on a truck that has underteer? You get a "wag the dog" feeling without the sway bar. The frame could be stiffer and you begin to notice this when the truck is pushed to it's limit.

    Suspension mods include:

    Suspension techniques rear sway bar and sway bar bushings.
    Flex-A-Form mono fiberglass rear leaf springs. 1.5" drop.
    Koni Adjustable High Pressure Shocks at all wheels.
    Chevy Extreme/Chevy S-10 SS frame cross brace.
    Energy Suspension Urethane bushings, in the upper/lower control arms, front and back of front and rear sway bar, rear springs and spring hangers, front bump stops. All front bushings were fit with greasable fittings.

    I had a higher spring rate set of Flex-A-Form springs before that caused too much oversteer for a car with so much weight at the front. The new ones had a bit too much understeer, but I removed about 100 lbs of stereo equipment and my spare tire and the truck handles neutral now.
  16. JESTERFIELD wrote:

    "What is still in production? What is still selling like crazy?"

    The Toyota Echo? LOL
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  18. i was reading about some maniac in scandinavia who races a syclone. i think he was playing with the idea of whacking a pair of HKS turbos in it. i really wouldn't mind seeing what you could do to a syclone given enough dough. sort of sad, but i like the idea that merchant ships had in WWII, the "Q" Ship. these looked normal, but when the U-boat popped up they would drop the facade and blow it out of the water. big obvious cars like the perennial Hennessey 800TT or Koenig F50 are all well and good, but i would really like something that looks totally normal that will leave anything in it's dust. i've always quite fancied the idea of an Audi S4 with some serious changes made. i like the mixture of 4WD/Turbo, be it syclone, skyline or S4. p.s. you don't get people flaming you on this thread. trucks must mean maturity...(that'll get them talking)<!-- Signature -->
  19. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Syguy27</i>
    <b>sorry bor but not many stock f-150's can run 0-60 in 4.6</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->


  20. short distance=syclone
    long distance=lightning
    the syclone would beat the lightning in 1/4 mile but the lightning would start to catch and pass the syclone after that.
  21. Lightning on the top speed, and in the quarter mile. I even read about a motor trend driver who got the stock lightning to do 0-60 in 4.8. Decent driver in a Lightning and you are hitting mid 13s.<!-- Signature -->
  22. so if the lightning would win the 1/4 mile too, then why is the syclone the quickest production truck EVER?
  23. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 93 SHO</i>
    <b>so if the lightning would win the 1/4 mile too, then why is the syclone the quickest production truck EVER?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE Motor Trend times for the 01 Lightning test

    Best 1/4 mile: .....13.8 seconds @ 101 mph

    Motor Trend (print fastest times) times for the 92 Typhoon

    Standing 1/4-mile 14.2/95.5

    Where do you get your info from? Here Say?
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  24. Whatever. Whatever.

    The Syclone guys will note the fastest 0-60 times reported in magazines and not to my surprise the Lightning guys will try and put down the Syclone by mentioning the slowest reported times. If you were to average the combined times of each truck, the Syclone will average the quickest times.

    Enough said.

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