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  1. last time i checked and seen. The lightning was faster in the 1/4. Yes the syclone is faster 0-60 but thats about it. If comparing the syclone to a 99-00 Lightning the syclone would be slightly faster. But sorry boys the 01+ lightnings have the syclones beat.
  2. Check the top speed on the typhoon, now check it on the lightning hmm 125mph to 142mph oh and that 142 is E/L and guys that have popped that govenor have pushed past 160mph. Now check the quarter mile on the typhoon, now check the lightnings, 14.3 to I believe it is 13.8. Now to the 0-60 yes yes the Typhoon is faster on the 0-60 but hey that is one out of three hmm seems to me that in a drag race, or track the Typhoon would get beat, maybe not smoked, maybe not killed but it would get beat, even on the 1/8 mile it would, infact last time i was at the 1/8 with the Mustang I was informed that this guy's stock lightning will run low to mid 13s. So you take your pick, would you really bet money on a Typhoon Vs. Lightning on the 1/4 mile? Then on top speed?
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  3. Typhoon would get beat, but the Syclone is lighter and quicker.

  4. You just lost your point Jester...the Typhoon is the SUV, as I am sure you are aware. Thus, we have an extra seat and more roof weighing us down. Comparatively, I feel you would be hard pressed to find a stock Lightning running 13.5 and below. I know for a FACT that with proper tuning and NO modification a Syclone can go about as low as 13.2 in the 1/4 mile.

    This Ford pride is ridiculous, this thread was started to get facts and is instead a WAR about opinions. Shit, I am a regular on the boards, and occasionally check out the NLOC boards, and the Sy/Lightning battle rages on daily.

    Honestly, I think you have to give the edge to the Syclone, considering the Lightning has had over ten years of technology nad engineering advancements on its side, yet still the two are wickedly close on the drag strip.

    And yes, the Sys/Tys are horrible on top end, basically due to the AWD transfer case which loses as much as 50% of the flywheel HP, the TERRIBLE aerodynamics, the very much low end gearing, and the 124 MPH speed governor.<!-- Signature -->
  5. my lightning beats my friends syclone all day long at the strip.....yet he's 0 to 60 times are very inpressive and i like how the seats have that wierd pumping up thing.. pretty nice inside but very small...i can fit way more girls in my truck.!!
  6. the fastest i have seen a stock Syclone go in the 1/4 was a 13.3. The quickest i have seen a Stock Lightning go in the 1/4 a very very low 13.2. Both are very quick trucks. But i would have to say a 01+ lightning would win in the 1/4. Maybe not 1/8. As for the Lightning having traction problems. As long as your a good driver and know your vehicle this shouldn't be a problem.
  7. i would take the 454 ss because it has more powerful and torqueous engine.
  8. It's funny how the Ford Lightning guys talk so much like the Ford Mustang guys.

    So many inflated claims!

    I don't know about most tracks, but every drag strip I've raced at including Sears Point, Sacramento, Famosa and Fallon Raceway, I've never seen a Lightning beat a properly launched Syclone. I've never seen a stock one turn better than a 13.8 either.

  9. Syclone
  10. one thing is that the syclone is by far the best production truck ever was made more than 10 years ago and is still beatin the trucks of today...i have an '83 recaro trans year i have a classic aka the knight rider car...i would sell it in a heart beat to have a is the fact that the syclone is all around better than any other truck on the road...enough said
  11. Was the 454 SS really all that fast?
  12. No, They ran 16's stock.
  13. I have seen 5 lightnings at the track, I don't beleive they are faster stock vs stock. I ran a 13.6 with my truck stock (and a broken intercooler pump). The Lightning I have seen at the track are running best time of 13.2 (chip, filter, pulley), 13.6 (chip/air intake), 13.7 (chip/filter), 13.8 (air intake), 14.1 stock. I talked to all the owners and 3 of the 5 were 01/02's. The ofcousre all had higher trap speeds than I do.

    With a chip and tuning my truck is running 13.1's and I think I can get it to run 12.9's, by fixing my brakes (I am having problems holding boost at the line without creeping) The problem with a lot of Syclone is they are old truck and need to tuned up to be running properly, I have fixed a bunch of stuff on my truck. I am not sure if mine would have run even 13's when I first bough with 42K miles on it.
  14. Syclone owns them all. It can beat an estimated time for the Dodge SRT-10, which has 214 more HP.
  15. the ram 2500/3500 has an optional 8 liter 310 horsepower v 10 engine. i hope the "lightning eater" is better. i know my lightning is going to be able to destroy a cyclone soon. im putting a t72 turbo, racing chip, new mach 1 hood scope/air intake. the cyclone has better 0-60 but about the same 0-100 time. and i also heard a rumor about a 2005 lighting being double supercharged. my lighting is a 2002 weighs 5405lbs just to clear up any crontroversy
  16. the ram 2500/3500 has an optional 8 liter 310 horsepower v 10 engine. i hope the "lightning eater" is better.

    The "lightning eater" has a 500 horsepower v-10, but its rear wheel drive, its gonna be really hard putting that power to the ground in a pickup.
  17. Ok, you people are pissing me off. y do u keep comparing the Sysclone, when this supposed to be Typhoon ones. dumb ppl
  18. the 454 ss should not even be in this equation, high 16s at best, the sy if its up to par running wise, tune up and stuff will beat a stock lightning in the 1/4 everytime, I am talking stock for stock, no chip or pulley for the ford, the sy launching with 8-10lbs of boost will give 1.67-1.73 60fts, no stock lightning is doing that and the good running sy will most likely run a 13.4-13.0, I did it with mine at moroso many times and the lightnings were running 13.9-14.3, most of them ran low 14s, no joke.
  19. my friend has an SVT Lightning, thats has ran 8.06 @ 88mph, obvioulsy not stock, BTW that was in the 1/8 mile, but stock vs stco, Typhoon will win, also why hasnt anyone said anything about the 454 SS
  20. Why hasnt anyone mentioned the 454SS? Well because all it is is a gas-guzzling pig that can fry the rear tires. It's probably not bad with acceleration from cruising speed just because of the torque it has but from everything I've heard it's about as good in the 1/4 mile as the fantabulous Silverado SS of today. (which btw is carp!)

    At least the Lightning is a contender when it comes to the performance truck market. IMHO, the Syclone is the best of the group with the new SRT10 Ram a VERY close 2nd and the Lightning 3rd (or last whichever you want to call it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> )

    Now this may just be because I own a Syclone and think that Ford knows their one major flaw (they've even circled it on their front grills). But it's proven time and time again, the Syclone is the QUICKEST production pickup ever made.
  21. Why are people comparing the syclone to the lightning it should be syclone to dodge srt-10 truck. the syclone would win stock but not by much but after 1/4 mile the srt10 would rule. the lightning has nothing on either trucks. As for the 454 ss it has a lot of torque but is not very fast, a truck to look for is the new awd ss silverado that comes with 345 of just engine, if chevy adds a supercharger it will probably beat the syclone and everything else. And why has no one mentioned the new Joe Gibbs edition silverado which is supercharged and runs high 13's stock
  22. the only reason why P.A.S. the inventors of the syclones and typhoons were closed were gm was getting worried about a truck or jimmy beating the corvettes because they had the traction part down with the awd

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