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Discussion in '2002 BMW M3 GTR Straßenversion' started by M5E39, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. and as for those of u who say american cars are crap lemme just give u a ittle info on my car an original 1983 factory parts all in mint condition in my chevrolet impala. still runs clean and good after all these years on THE ORIGINAL ENGINE.. im not shure after all those years u cud keep a bmw and say the same. <!-- Signature -->
  2. Just to say a few things in this enormuos debate: First of all lets stop bringin in country into this whole thing. What makes forums like this so great is that you have mixtures of culture, and opions on how to get something done. Secondly, people really need to compare apples to apples. An m3 stock should not go against a z06 stock, put in merely spec terms a corvette. Im not getting into the whole build quality issue, as I have never owned a z06. Neither have most of the people who are posting. Im also only 18 (june 10th anyway), so I'm less experienced. But I do work in an autoshop and want to become the foremost car expert in this site. That said to protect my stand, if you compared a vette from the IMSA series to the M3gtr, both of which are similar price wise, then it would be fair to pit them against each other. But a z06 has no business to go against any race car, because their purpose is incredibly different. Most importantly those who shamelessly practice egocentrism (americe is better, europe is better, etc.) especially have no business in these forums. This is about the appreciation of ALL automobiles, and the emotion and hard work that have gone into them. If you don't like a car, don't bother getting involved in a forum for it.<!-- Signature -->
  3. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from EvilNinjaMoby</i>
    <b>Smaller engines mean less torque num nuts, bigger the bore means more torque vs more stroke means more HP... thats a general explination obviously but your a #$%#in idiot, so I dont want ot make it too hard for you. Oh BTW since your probably still stumped... Bore is the Diameter of the cyl, stoke is how far the piston travels from top dead center and bottom dead center.

    Um, buddy, just to let you know. Most foreign engines are "oversqare" which means that thye have bigger bore than stroke, like F1 engines. American engines are obviously the opposite. Bigger stroke means greater distance to travel between each revolution, in other words less revs. Kinda contradicts your statement right? Bigger bore means more combustion and hp. Once again, take a look at engine specs. The vette probably has a bigger stroke to bore ratio than the bimmer. Please, all true car nuts, lets work together to stop the idiosy.<!-- Signature -->
  4. Meradur, thank you for your intellect and wisdom. It is greatly appreciated. Would you be interested in getting others who share the non biasing views to start and join a web site dedicated to things such as meets and shows?<!-- Signature -->
  5. Whoever started this post is an MORON. Yes, The ZO6 is very nice, handles well, and is blazingly fast for it's price range, but really, it has been deafeated here. The M3 GTR would hand it's ass to it on track or otherwise, But there is a ULTRA-RARE, limited production corvette GTR, which would most likely beat this car. <!-- Signature -->
  6. yea the this car can beat the z06 but the price difference is so great that if u took the z06 and put $175,000 worth of work on it it would rip the floor of this car
  7. Get your hand off it, mate. You can whinge all you want about the price difference between the Z06 and the Strassenversion, but 'tis the price we pay for a state-of-the-art car, my friend. The Z06 runs a LS1 V8: in short, P.O.S. This engine dates back to the 60's, and is no longer a performance V8, more an engine suited to old men who can't find the wood anymore. Let me share an anecdote with you. Down here in Australia, we too have this very V8 in many of our Holden (Gm-owned company) vehicles. Don't get me wrong, many of the revheads reckon it's the best engine since sliced bread...obviously these people need to get out more. Motor Magazine, a local publication, recently ran it's 2002 PCOTY (Performance Car Of The Year) which involved running 21 of the world's best against each other in a fight for the silverware. One of the cars run in this event was a HSV GTS Coupè (a less powerful version of which is coming to a U.S showroom near you as the Pontiac GTO.) The GTS runs the same engine as the Z06 'vette: 5.7 litre pushrod 16-valve V8. Shall I tell you what position this car took overall? 10th. Half way back in the field from No.1. Even the CSV Veloce, which uses a harder-tuned version of the LS1 and has 10% more power than the GTS (and the Z06, for that matter), only managed 8th. And the CSV is no granny-cart mind you...quite an honourable car, as I'm sure the Z06 'vette is. Between The CSV's 8th spot and No.1, there is a wide spread of cars, atmo and forced, coupès and sedans, convertibles and hard-tops. To cut a long story short, the Porsche 911 GT2 came 2nd. Want to know what came 1st? The E46 BMW M3. Yes, the GTR Strassenversion is vastly different to the stock M3, but it's not's better. The price reflects that. Over here, an M3 will set you back around $140k, or US$70k. The CSV Veloce costs a shade under $113k Aussie, or about US$57k. Quite a price difference, don't you think? Yet, still not enough to tip the scales. Granted, the Strassenversion is expensive, but you have to think about what you're buying. I'd take the GTR, thankyou very much. I just hope it doesn't come to a GTR vs. Z06 comparo to make you see that the BMW would walk away laughing. Thankyou for your time.
  8. Captain BMW know what he says. Chevy wants HP well they produce the biggest motor possible. LAME. Look at all the crap 80's cars that the U.S. produced. Look at how big the corvette is it's heavy and handles like a fiesta boat. Screw that. M3 would clean it's clock. Didn't chevy produce a gtr car. If it could beat an M3 GTR why are M3s now outlawed in the races. Chevy is not out lawed. M3 won 90% of the races. Take a look deeper the E30 the most succesful touring car of all time with over 1800 victories. THIS IS PROOF THAT CHEVY WOULD EAT BIMMERS SHIT IF THEY RACED. PERIOD
  9. I'm sure I have to add to this onslaught of comment at your dumb arse response. have you even ben in a german car, talk about fine i've bene in a m3 alogn a bumpy road foin about 100, it was like sittin in my lounge room, sure all guys haev been talkin about performance, there is no doubt, but wha tdoes the vette beat this car at, anything?
  10. how will a 300kw and 1500ish kg vette beat a 335.6kw 1350kg BMW that has a better drivetrain, and a flatter torque curve? + BMW looks the shit, and will be higher quality and will ahve a better interior, and isn't made in america , need i go on
  11. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Dinansaur</i>
    <b>Look at how big the corvette is it's heavy and handles like a fiesta boat. Screw that. M3 would clean it's clock. Didn't chevy produce a gtr car. If it could beat an M3 GTR why are M3s now outlawed in the races. Chevy is not out lawed. M3 won 90% of the races. THIS IS PROOF THAT CHEVY WOULD EAT BIMMERS SHIT IF THEY RACED. PERIOD</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Dude, youre a freakin idiot. The z06 pulls more G's than a stock m3, and the CSL too. The vette gtr won the le mans gts class, and not too mention that the vettes lap times kick the crap outta any m3 in alms. I'm not favoring the vette, or sayinng its a better car, but at least get youre facts straight #%$ boy. Oh yeah, the M3 gtr was banned because it didnt comply with the Homolagation rules, and BMW couldn't do it in the time alloted. If you don't believe me about the vettes times, why don't you go and check out the latest sebring race BMW was in and compare the times.

    <!-- Signature -->
  12. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from z28infront</i>
    <b>Any time a German car is fast it's price is three times higher than the other American car in it's class. THE z06 VETTE!!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    In it's class, huh? Since when is the Z06 in the same class as the M3? And by the way, this M3 GTR would murder a Z06. Not that I don't like 'em, but it's the truth.<!-- Signature -->
  13. Well I'm not sure the the Z06 can kick this M3 arse but I know for sure it can kick any other M3's. German Cars are better then American.<!-- Signature -->
  14. Corvette = Shit. 'Nuff said.<!-- Signature -->
  15. *2002* chevy corvette z06 - 405 hp - 3.9 sec 0-60 - 170 mph top speed

    *2002* bmw m3 coupe - 333 hp - 4.8 sec 0-60 - 155 mph top speed

    the impressive thing about m3 is that it is a I-6 chevy is still improving and m3 is yet to catch up... so really theyre not even in the same class yet.. m3 wud still be in a class lower but the technology is way up there with corvette...
  16. and calling chevy shiyt and calling m3 names? whats wrong with u ppl theyre both the best in their class! corvette has been picked best car of the year amongst the top 10 -INCLUDING M3- !!! and since ure comparing the racing cars... why dont u compare this to the c5-r? heres a little stats for u to mop ure mouth over:

    600 hp nuff said ehehehe but im shure when they post up the stats ull get them... and the c5-r not only is much more powerful but it has almost 400 less lbs! 2511 lbs for the c5-r and 2976 lbs for the m3 gtr with 450 hp... really tell me whos the winner here?
  17. will someone please tell me?!!!!!

    lol jk ahahah made u read
  18. your a #$%#in idiot, if the ZO6 beats the stock m3 by only a few ticks, then why on earth would it be able to beat the damn thing when its nearly 500lbs lighter and over a 100 hp more powerful, with god knows how much torque, think about what your saying beforwe you post the damn thing, plus its got freakin chassis tuning to match. cmon dawg, face it your corvette is done right here, if you want bragging right go talk to the stocker.
  19. Yeah and pigs can fly your very dumb!!! If I have to prove you wrong then I will:

    Z06 Stock
    0-60: 3.9 sec
    1/4 mile: 12.4 sec
    Top Speed: 175MPH
    Price: $50,000
    Engine: V8
    Power: 405HP
    Weight: 3,117 lbs
    Torque: 400 ft lbs

    M3 Stock
    0-60: 5.1 sec
    1/4 mile: 13.3 sec
    Top Speed: 155MPH
    Price: $50,000
    Engine: Inline 6
    Power: 343HP
    Weight: 3,461 lbs
    Torque: 269 ft lbs

    And if the Z06 is gay and it just smoked your M3 than that would make the M3 EXTREMELY GAY AND YOU TO!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT WHEN THESE 1ST GRADE KIDS POST A BUNCH OF CRAP!!!!!!! I HOPE YOUR LITTLE BRAIN CAN COMPREHEND THIS THE Z06 IS FASTER THAN THE M3!!!!!

  20. BMW has better technology and produce cars wth beter 6 cylinder engines.
    BMW also produces awesome F-1 engines.
    in terms of V8 engines, BMW stinks.

    Chevy got better..
    even Ford got better.
    i'd take the 6.3L XKR Trans Am, with 700hp / 555 ft lbs torque, 2550 lbs ... 0-60 in under 3.1 seconds. quater mile in 10.88 seconds @135 mph, and 2002 Daytona Le mans winner...
    i'd take that alms certified jag against the bmw..
    but wait, BMW got kicked out of the ALMS for not meeting requirements. oh well! lucky for bmw, not to see their cars get destroyed.
  21. the funny thing is that you think the z06 is in the same class as the m3.....


    i can't really think of any american car in the class of m3, m5 and such magnificent cars...

    don't get me wrong...vettes are bad ass....they are in the same speed ranger/class...yes....but not all around class

    of course a stock 2002 m3 easily holds its own against a stock vette of the same year in a straight line...on a winding racetrack however...m3 would no doubt win due to its handling...

    the z06 simply provides equal competition against this in a straight line....0-60 times, quarter mile, etc...of course if this m3 was equipped with would be undoubtedly untouchable
  22. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!! This car would absolutely murder the Z06. The Z06 is a great car, but you, my friend, are dreaming...big time!!! Yes, the bimmer costs a lot more, but its also gonna last about five times longer than the vette. American cars in general are crude and can't hold a candle to any piece of German engineering!

  23. BTW - everyone is comparing the Z06 to the freakin stock M3. THAT IS NOT WHAT THE FORUM SUBJECT IS! M3 STRA-SS-EN-VER-SION-AH! thank you.

  24. Re: The 2002' z06 Vette will kick this car's ass

    That M3 is a real beast. It's a street racecar. The Z06 is a street sportcar. The M3 is better than the Corvette on every point (Engine, Performance, handling, shifting, transmission, chassis and even design). German are a lot better than americans about the technology used for the cars.

    That M3 could do 2 laps of a circuit in the same time that a Corvette do 1 :p
  25. I love the Z06 and all, but arent you guys remembering this is the M3 GTR forum? which means....doesnt matter stock vs. stock. If your making this thread in the GTR forum, then you should know that the GTR totally burns the Z06.

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