Re: The 2002' z06 Vette will kick this car's ass

Discussion in '2002 BMW M3 GTR Straßenversion' started by M5E39, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. okay, well i do like the Z06, but can you people please give real reasons why the Vette can "kick the BMW's ass", now the Vette is a good car, but it is not a speed car that goes at high speeds, and i cannot beat this car in a "race" for God's sake this car is faster and i think has better handiling.
  2. Man ur ass is on some crazy shit (which i want two of) but any way. The Z06 is some peice of shit car that dumbass clunk heads admire because it makes alot of noise and goes a little fast, besides that the vette sucks elephant penis, the interior is shitty as hell and the motor breaks down like a mofoe!! on the other hand the BMW can eat the Z06 and shit out a better car!! and the interior is much nicer AND it handles better AND it looks nice AND it is more technologically advanced unlike the stonge age chevy cars. thats all I have to say.
  3. hahaha, this is funny, an american car beating a german car especcially a bimmer. this is probably the funniest thing i have ever heard considering a bimmer would destory a american car. there is no comparrison. american cars are pig's with there huge engines and horrible handling. when u have the german cars with there smaller more powerfull and well devolped engines along with there amazing handling. there should be no compairrison here. a bimmer esspically an M3 with over 400 hp!! would destory a zo6 along with any other american cars that would dare to face it
  4. man i h8 u diehard corvette freaks, y must everything be compared to the corvette - they're good not great okay, deal with it. and yank cars have nothing on euro cars. america needs to move out of the ice age of motors and realise pushrods r 40 year old tech, overhead cams r the shit, and huge displacement and long stroking is idiotic - better to have lots of small capacity short stroke square chambers and then it can rev without getting too much piston inertia. and 2 valves per cylinder - come on - there r mowers more advanced!

    american cars r well and good and i wait in the next 40 years 4 them to catch up to current euro tech.
  5. Mustang Boss, Ford GT
    would beat this car. actually the GT could destroy this car.
    so yes american cars can beat german cars.
    and vice versa.
    granted the vette got the C5-R with 600HP from a 7.0L
    which is good.
    against a european car with the same displacment? it wouldn't stand a chance.
    Audi's can beat it.
    the jaguar xjr12 with a 7.0L had 730HP. in1991. so no achievmeent for the vette in comparison.
    a natural 4.0 with 400 HP is impressive.
    not the best bmw can do (jaguar also achieve the same spec) but when you look at the BMW I6 3.2L with 350-370HP, that's impressive.
    i dont know of an AMERICAN car that can beat that with the same displacment.
  6. Sorry, as much as I hate to admit it, German cars are better. I don't know any German car company that sucks ass. Hell, even VW's are good cars, since they're reliable. Sorry to say this, but German cars are better, although I love American.
    Even if I hate Germans, you gotta love their cars.
  7. Horsepower is just a number. The Z06 is fast, and that's all that matters.
  8. Besides, this M3 is modified, so it would kill the Z06 Corvette.
  9. I think you're racist to Americans.
  10. How can Europe be more intelligent than U.S.A. if American is much more powerful?
  11. That is soooo ignorant, man.
    You're probaly pissed because some dude in a Corvette killed your Eurocar. Listen, if America makes shitty cars, how come you see a lot #$%#ing American cars on the road?
  12. Damn, you made him your little *****. What are you gonna do now Waddi, bring his tray for lunch?
  13. Actually, the Z06 has a slalom speed of 67.6 MPH, which is so good. In fact, that's like the usual slalom speeds for Ferraris. You can't say a Z06 has bad handling, since it's amazing, you stupid dumbass.
  14. Sorry kid, but if Chevrolet wanted to make a car that could rape a BMW, they could do it.
  15. Sorry, but weight doesn't have much a factor. The Z06 is a car that could match up with any high performance vehichles from BMW. If BMW made a car similiar to the Z06, it would lose.
  16. Ok I just want to reply to some of the morons on here saying the Z06 is....

    -Handles like shit

    Do you guys enjoy pulling facts out of you're ass?

    Just because the engine is big, doesn't make it heavy! I think you guys seriously need to first look at things before you start shooting off you're mouth.

    Oh and if the Vette handles like shit, then I guess Ferrari is a piece of crap as well with their 360 too unh?
  18. ok i just signed up for this form.... i am from the USA and i must say ppl bash the USA way to much!!! dont be haters america is a great country! you all know it so just calm down on the bashing!

    ok about the cars. i love german cars! the M3 is my fav car of all time! with that said i must stick up for american cars. all american cars suck? hum... how about the GT40? the viper? the z06,hummer,jeep,jag,ect... the z06 vett is faster than a stock M3&M5...

    now comparing a M3GTR to a z06 is nutz... but what about a twin turbo Lingenfelter Corvette w/ 650hp? hmmm. that would spank the holly crap out of the gtr!(i would take the gtr though) lingenfelter killed everything in its class.

    when you look at it i dont care what kind of cars your into you mod any car in the world but you can always make an american car faster! i dont hate any type of car iam a auto designer and respect all cars but when i am done w/ college i hope to work for bmw! but i dont think american cars all suck!

    well before you bash cars dont compare cars that are 200,000 diff in price i could make a honda out run that GTR for under 20,000

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