Re: The 2002' z06 Vette will kick this car's ass

Discussion in '2002 BMW M3 GTR Straßenversion' started by M5E39, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. say that to the Z06's 3.9 seconds to 60. This car if ur dumbass didn't know has the same size engin but just a little lower horsepower at 405. Still horsepower isn't everything and I should say that your ignorance is amazing. The vette is a beast and if you think otherwise think of all the feature they have come up with all the years. Without the vette your BMWs and other Euro cars (which I really don't mind)would not have tons of their features like fuel injection and many other features that would fill the whole page. American's right now are just in a slow time altogether for cars sold to the public. Most American cars are made to be something you can pay for without having three jobs and over $400,000 in debt and really it is in kind of a dark age because most people demand affordable cars which most european cars are not.
  2. sorry but the Z06 only costs maybe less than 1/4 of the Bimmer and is maybe not stiled like Euro cars, but it makes up for it in quality of engineering. Again I have no problems with BMW but as an owner of a Z06 you are full of Sh*t.
  3. sorry but the Z06 only costs maybe less than 1/4 of the Bimmer and is maybe not stiled like Euro cars, but it makes up for it in quality of engineering. Again I have no problems with BMW but as an owner of a Z06 you are full of Sh*t. Also fo still under that price that same Z06 with just a little bit of improvements has turned in a 1/4 mile time in about 9.81 seconds, eat your heart out u ignorant f**k.
  4. again ignorance... u probably wouldn't even be able to get a test drive in a Z06
  5. again ignorance... u probably wouldn't even be able to get a test drive in a Z06
  6. This is the ignorance I have been talking about. It is just about the same size engine!! DUH
  7. a lot surprizingly
  8. right on. but I feel that the perfomance of a Z06 is equal or more than that of a M3
  9. Yeah a Z06 with less money in it went to a viper racing fest and turned in a 1/4 mile time of 9.81 seconds. Now is that fast because I think it might when most german cars turn in times about 5 seconds behind it
  10. Engine size is nothing young grass hopper. and yes there is plenty of room for you to put up to that much into the z06
  11. they are in the same class because of the engine though. it would probably be a great race
  12. bulshit cause it beat the viper
  13. It works like this...

    The bigger the engines displacement, the better it turbo charges, without loosing drivability because the bigger displacement engines have bigger lungs, and therefore the increase in pressure from the forced induction system (super - turbo) has a greater effect. And because of the size of the engine the Lag (turbo case) is not really noticed, whereas the smaller turbo charged car, like the Scooby STi, requires much more concentration and care to make it do just as well.

    Huge displacement, without turbo charging is a waste, of fuel and O2 because of the law of diminishing returns! If you don't effectively use that extra displacement, then science takes it chunks out of your big block engines!

    So the big bad ass engines have their purpose, but the smaller and more efficient engines always win overall, they are better at almost everything then their bigger counter parts. Especially as they come in the show room!

    Smaller BMW, Honda, ECT engines...
    - Rev higher! (More Fun!)
    - Use less fuel! (Bunny huggers love em!)
    - Comply with emission standards (more bunny chow!)
    - Have less internal friction (more efficient!)
    - Can produce amazing amounts of normally aspirated power! (s2000)
    - Much lighter cars always have better handling! No Exceptions!
    - Safer, because they are smaller and in an accident you don't get a roaring V8 land on your lap! ;-p
    - The list goes on, Ect...

    Just my humble opinion...
    I know Im a nOObie, but that does not mean im stupid, before you criticise, just take into account that I am trying to draw a line here so we all can make sum sense of this argument, which will continue indefinitely to go around and around in a circle until both sides agree, there are always compromises!!!!
  14. Explain the Corvette then to say an NSX.....

    Lighter, much better on gas, and has better handling.

  15. Wow! This car is cool. A Z06 vette may be a lot less expensive, and have a fair amount of power, but compared to this without thinking about the price it stinks.
  16. i dont think this is a fair comparison, first off, this M3 is a freekin RACECAR, pit it against a C5R and see who wins...second of all the guy that talked about americans not being able to get goo horsepower per litre, You are the jackass, sure thats true, but look at the torque, with a corvette or a viper you don't have to rev it up to 7000 RPM and drop the clutch just to get the power off the line, the max power in those cars come at like 3500 or 4500 RPM, so you are the jackass.Dont criticize a Z06 just because it can t beat a 230 000 dollar racecar. I love both of these cars but they are not in the same class. A regular roadgoing M3 and a regular C5 corvette are in the same class performance wise but in price a Z06 is bout the same and is a way better bang for the buck than the M3 is, although the M3 is still a great car
  17. A z06 would dominate on the track but the m3 is better overall.
  18. This BMW would kill a corvette. It wouldnt use as much fuel since it has smaller displacement and its more safer than the corvette it would outhandle it since its lighter than it. Take this concept in mind. Which will handle better a weightless feather or a weightfull brick!?
  19. How does a Corvette Z06 outhandle an M3 GTR?
  20. haha, your right "German cars are the shit"
  21. M3 GTR Strassenversion will kill Z06
  22. Well i went read over the posts in here and they are ridiculous. First of all we have no real stats on this BMW but my guess would be nearly 12.6 quarter mile time being that a stock m3 runs 13.6 please god dont argue. (my friend has one and he has pulled at at least 10 times with every transmission setting and thats his best)well.. a stock z06 CAN run 12.6 so they are fairly equal on performance. As far as looks an m3 is a beautiful car and a Z06 is very aggresive in appearance. But they are not in the same class z06=2 seat sports car, M3 4 seater. Pricing is drastically in favor of the vette. Besides why do you all think that european cars dont break???? i know a mechanic that works on 97 and up mercedes and bmw all the time and ummmm he stays in business so you do the math. even if the vette supposedly breaks down (by the way my step dad is president of vette club and i havent got acomplaint ona c5 yet) you can take your extra 180,000 and fix it!!!!!!!!!!
  23. why not take a Noble M12 GTO-3 and beat them both for 40 grand. the Zo6 is not the fastest for the money anymore. so why compare it. they are both overpriced for what you get. but in the m3 you get EXCLUSIVITY. a word not known among corvette drivers.

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