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    Oh? The CLK is more luxiourious than the 3 series? Thanks! Thats good information considering they're in direct competetion with each other and their prices match dollar for dollar. No no no, all of that isn't true. Oh, captain dumbass Gizmo thinks that the pimped out CL looks better than the pimped out BMW, well I trust your opinion.

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    HELLO Fucking dumbass !!!
    what is the 3-series COUPE Mercedes COUNTERPART ???????
    the CLK #$%#ing whore.....
    the 3-series sedna's counterpart is the C-class sedan.
    that's the #$%#ing competition.
    yes its more expensive, because its better.
    ever seen a normal CL, preobably not, since you live in dumbassville <IMG SRC="">
    the CL looks 1 million times better then ANY mondern BMW <IMG SRC=""> and weill be more luxurious then any BMW <IMG SRC="">
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    <b>Angisio you're really boring sometimes, and you're pissing me off too...Everyone who knows about cars knows that mercedes-benz is on top, and by that BMWs are not bad and crappy cars. On the contrary, BMWs are on the top also. BUT MERCEDES IS SLIGHTLY BETER. IT's KNOWN IT'S THE FACT, YOU'll have to accept it.
    Despite that mercedes cars are more expensive than bmws, in 2001 mercedes sold approximatively 1 200 000 PASSENGER CARS, while bmw sold 900 000. that's a difference of 300 000 cars!!! I think this fact shows what company is better. So please get a life. More of that, all major automotive technologies where introduced in a Mercedes car (series i mean) : Airbag, ABS, ESP, ABC, EBC, fuel injection, folding hard top, active suspension was first introduced in the 70's on a citroen and i t didn't work well, and mercedes was the first to re-introduce it succefuly on the S class in 1997. Every single gadget in the car was introduced in a mercedes! remember the new S class 4 years ago? now you can look up in the new E, SL, ANd clk.!!!
    I've drove a 1998 CLK 320 and a 2000 bmw 330 coupé, and belive the CLK is better, it's more confortable, performance is quite the same and the material used in the two cars is not the same at all. the 330 is awesome but still the CLK is better, and now that the new CLk arrived there's no way you can say that the 3 series are better. I have a convertible 300 CE-24 from 1994, 8 years old car, and it's still in very good shape, and when i park it next to a 325 cabrio from 1996, it still covers it...
    Bmw has 2 cars that are better than any of its counterpart at mercedes and those are the M3 and the X5. The M5 was better than the E-55 , but the new E55 is coming in 3 months and it's way ahead of the M5, go check some magazine and you will see.

    GOd!! If you don't accept what i'm saying don't reply cuz you're really a child and you never wanna admit that mercedes is a gr8 car manufacturer, and i don't blame you, that's what all stupid fans do, they consider all other cars as crappy , while fans who knowns something about cars don't (generally thos are mercedes-benz fans)

    And that's all..please don't reply angisio</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Oh, the 2003 is gonna be better than the 1997 M5, thanks for that one. You don't think that they are comming out with M5. You're probably right in thinking they will never change it ever, it'll just stay the exact same. We'll make that comparision when the new M5 comes out.

    Is the CLK 320 more luxorious than the 3 series? Wow, I can't believe that, and they cost the EXACT same too! There isn't even a dollar difference in the price.

    Oh by the way idiot, where did I say in the post that I though BMW was better? Wait... wait, I didn't. Oh thats right.

    Oh does your 94' Mercedes "cover" a 96' BMW. Thanks for that bit of info, it made a whole wad of sense.

    Where did I say that Mercedes was a crappy manufacturer? I didn't.

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  3. i wouldnt call this car the best car in the world because there are just so many factors involved, but i think it is very very close.(stright from the factory).... this is just my opinion, its an incredible car, its by far the nicest car on the road (except for the ferrari modena and marinello) it had stock 476hp from a v8, not to mention the incredible luxury and the Mercedes-Benz name.... dont kill me for my opinion thats wut i just think. to be honest with u... i think the next best car is the chevrolet corvette. you get 400 hp for one 1/3 or less of the price of the sl55. u also get the beautiful noise of american muscle. also the sleek designing of the vette........... but in the end german enginering always prevails
  4. This car was voted the best roadster in the autoexpress car honour show...
  5. no but i'm sure its closer to ever be then a BMW <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  6. I would disagree, I would think that the M3 is better than this, but its all opinion anyways.

  7. well the M3 is the best car in the world, in its own way <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  8. Well thats the main problem with the thread, "the best car in the world" is completely different for every single person.

  9. well u really know what i ment by "best car in the World"...You can't even say that the M3 is the best car in the world.. there are people who like to drive .Maybe some people will find a dumb smart the best car in the world cuz you can park it in a bath's just a problem of relativity...
    When i mean the best car in the world...I mean the Best Roadster in the World...Its the best thing you can get from a roadster...
    Now there's a Lot more that i consider the best cars in the world...just like the New E55 and the new S55...what do you say about the new S55? do you find any problems in it??? well i think that it's a gr8 gr8 has 500 HP and accelerates faster than an M3...and more of that, it's a big large luxurious car weighting 2 what do you say? in an S55 you can take 3 business man from 0 to 100km/h in less than 5 sec, just while they're watching TV...
  10. Yes it is the best car in the world...On the other end...
  11. Well its probably one of the best roadsters in the world, yes, but not the best car, thats all I was saying.

  12. This is not the best car in the world....duh
  13. Far from the best car in the world. it has a #$%#in automatic in it!
  14. Just the fact that it has automatic transmision makes a car not the best in the world??? what's that shit??
    and more of that the SL55 AMG has a sequential gearshift (speedshift) with gear changing on the weels...don't you read what's written about a car before you post your silly replies?
  15. doesn't have anything to do with it !!
  16. silly members!
  17. As long as it is automatic is better than manual.
  18. Re:

    Best car?? Not best car??
    Who cares. I wan't one
    It's the best (for me)
  19. Go get some money from youre mommy because you need some to buy a Barbie.
  20. why don't you shut the #$%# up ignorant!!!!

    get a life!
  21. I erased ///it happy now?
  22. I erased ///it happy now?
  23. yeah, but why are you erasing your posts?

    ---SL55 is the best roadster in the world!---
  24. i dont know what ur on, but this car is lame. its got all that hp, but only runs a 4.6 second 0-60. with that much bhp, it should be running high 3 second times, or even low 4 second times

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