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Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 456M GT Scaglietti' started by steinamyte, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. The best looking Ferrari out.

    Without a doubt, and you can haul all your lady friends around to boot. This car looks simple and elegant, the Maranello has too many curves, it looks cluttered. Lamborghinis Mercialgo can beat this, but not much else!<!-- Signature -->
  2. In my opinoin, it's not the very best, (it still looks good), but it has FOUR SEATS! Take you and the kids out for a 180 mph joyride. WHOOHOO!<!-- Signature -->
  3. This car really rocks, its tha shit

    This is one bad motherf*cka<!-- Signature -->
  4. It looks great but its not the best looking Ferrari in my opinion.
    And the four seats are kind of a must in a family GT, they sure don't bother me.
  5. in terms of styling, the F50 is the best looking ferrari... but for style at a lower price, its gotta be the 360 modena
  6. This is one of the best looking ferrari out..360 modena i think is the best looking car out there right now.
  7. I like the Maranello better, but this has four seats. I have to question how much headroom there would be in the back seats though. I think the F355 is the best looking Ferrari. I just don't think the 360 Modena looks as nice.
  8. A Ferrari is a Ferrari; it's so hard to rank them because they are all so great. I love the Modena for it's blending curves and howling V8. The Maranello to me is the perfect blend of Italian engineering in a front-engine car. And finally the 456, with its subdued elegance, is easily the most aesthetically balance car Ferrari makes currently. I would love to make love to this car. The only complaint I have for the 456 is if they would change the flip-up headlights for some Maranello-style ones. But other than that, a fine package indeed.<!-- Signature -->
  9. as a die hard ferarri fan i will say that even though the F50 is a little odd shaped, it is still the best looking Ferarri out there<!-- Signature -->
  10. i dont think its the best out there, but it would be something that i would want if i had the money. you can carry people in it, but its a ferrari, it cant be a daily driver. it will just break at 10,000 miles, or need its 8,000 mile rebuild<!-- Signature -->
  11. This is my FAV Ferrari EVER...It is the has that casual / luxury car appeal to it and yet it has the guts of a true sports car...Amen to those workers at Ferrari...
  12. I want to have sex in this car. This is just too cool. The major clubbin machine. Pick up a few ladies, and kick some ass at the lights. I think I want. lol. Maybe they will take my 1992 Toyota Tercel in on an even trade?<!-- Signature -->
  13. This car is nice the 4 seat do make it a little more pratical but I like the 355 the best more of a F1 style ride.<!-- Signature -->
  14. Nothing beats the F50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from ferrari god</i>
    <b>in terms of styling, the F50 is the best looking ferrari... but for style at a lower price, its gotta be the 360 modena</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    i agree 100%

    tough choice choosing between this and a Modena 360. this has 4 seats , but the 360 is much better looking, especially the spider--that rocks<!-- Signature -->
  16. i think that the f50 and 360 modena look better but this is still nice looking no matter what. Thats what i love about ferraris all their cars look nice and i would love to have any ferrari because all of their cars are fast luxurious and fun to drive.
  17. Re: How can it be so slow

    Yeah this is a pretty sweet car... very nice looking and fast
  18. Re: How can it be so slow

    personally i think that there should be no argument on the best looking ferrari because they all look good. Each of them are designed for a specific purpose with one specific style in mind. the 456 is just the family gt from ferrari. It is fast, elegant, and the fact that you can get two more people inside is just unbeatable. The perfect family sports car. that really sounds good. oh and...i wont make any reference to whomever said that ferraris are not daily drivers. dont be foolish, please. if they werent daily drivers i wouldn't see them every day zooming around in the autostrada (sorry, i'm italian). One more thing is that reliability has never been an issue when it comes to ferrari. they are bullet proof mechanically and aerodynamically. want an example? Formula 1. and by saying that, i know that you will conclude that the road cars are very reliable.
  19. this is one great looking ferrari. but, i think the best looking one is the original testarossa......anyone agree?<!-- Signature -->
  20. if i wanted a fast 4 seater id get an M5. but still you could say you had a ferrari and could bring more than 1 girl home with you. For best looking id say a f355 or an f40. <!-- Signature -->
  21. i think that the best looking ferrari is the 550 maranello, mainly the koenig 550 twin turbo. 790 hp, and the greatest looks out there, *drool*<!-- Signature -->
  22. sorry, i mean this car looks good but there is no way that this is the best looking ferrari, sorry but no.
    later<!-- Signature -->
  23. Uh, I don't really think so. The car's styling has aged over the years, and just because it has a two-tone paint doesn't make it look a lot better. Besides, the F50 looks better, and so does the 550, but I think the 360 looks the best.<!-- Signature -->
  24. its nice........i like ferrari's and BMW's.......<!-- Signature -->

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