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Discussion in '1987 Ferrari F40' started by FerrariKing, Aug 9, 2002.

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    The Best replica in here.....

    This would have to be the best replica i have seen of the F40 and probably one of the best out of all replicas.
    i have spoken to the owner of this car through email and he said that it would sell for about $375,000AUS which is pretty expensive, however it is set up for racing and if you read the stats for the car i think you will be highly impressed.

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  2. god damn!!! 800bhp!! all home madeto! man this guy can built cars!!!!what engine is in this baby, F40 engine?<!-- Signature -->
  3. he uses a lexus v8 twin turbo (so its kind of the same deal as the real ferrari v8 twin turbo).

    also the 800bhp engine hasnt been fitted yet but its on its way in about a month i think. he's gonna keep me posted in dyno tests and stuff so like that.<!-- Signature -->
  4. I feel that the Lexus V8 spoils it all... Its a great engine, but the image is not there, like using a Ford V8 in a Koenigsegg CC.<!-- Signature -->
  5. OMG i just jizzed my pants when i saw that pic!<!-- Signature -->
  6. Well, it just isn't a Ferrari and it shows all over.
    I would like to know if the physics and many more factors can give the stability of the real F40.
    Then i don't believe in adaptations(not this case), it's like spoiling a beautiful painting let's say rembrandt or Monet.
    It just spoils it.
    i hope you respect my opinion.
  7. that is to perfect for a replica, i dont believe it is one... but if it is, it has to be the most perfect replica ever, it looks better still, that is more tan perfect....

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  8. Nice ass car. I've seen F40s on the road and in Ferrari showrooms in Beverly Hills. Really beautiful cars. This F40 is nice; but like someone said the Lexus V8 Twin Turbo engine ruins it.
  9. I don't think the Lexus v8 ruins anything, alhough I also don't think the name "Ferrari" automatically garuntees a perfect car either.
  10. its a replica, so its no use for a nother engine. the homemade chassi and body has allready taken away the ferrari image. and by the way its very little ford in the koenigsegg, just the block and its been heavily modified, so i wouldnt call it a ford engine.
  11. pretty nice kit, except for the wheels, they just dont look right
  12. wwwwwooooooohhhhhhhh
  13. Thats an awesome replica, i kinda like it more then the original. but F50 is my car choice. still waiting for the F60, i cant wait to see whut it looks like
  14. You can tell it's a"fake' f40 but a very nice"fake' f40 non-the-less!lol
  15. thnx 4 spoiling it, lexus v8 just don't cut it in my opinion bro.
  16. Re:

    It's cool, but if you're going to make an awesome car, give it your own awesome bodywork, don't just steal Ferraris.
  17. Kit cars/replicas usually lose their image in the "fit and finish". It's difficult to match Ferrari's or any other manufacter's fit and finish in a small factory. I've seen a few replicas, and it's the slightest defect in the grilles, glass fitment, and especially doors, that ruin them for me.

    Lexus V8? Is that supposed to be a selling point?

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