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Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by aznsupacivic, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Putting 8's and 9's in a civic is damn near impossible, and improbable, and expensive. It's not like you can say: "Hmmm, let's just drop an engine in!" It's not like water! You can't just "drop" one in! And if Honda wanted that engine to be in the car, they'd put it in the car! It's not like the Prelude engine doesn't meet Jap requirements! And the term "Hardcore Civic"? That's like Vin! Vin drove a hardcore civic! Give me a break! And aren't the VTEC valves open all the time? And you need a turbocharger AND the messiah to import owners, the magical mixture, NOS!!! THEN, when you've mortgaged your house to spend all this money, you can't afford a spoiler for the downforce, so you pop two milo cans and connect them with cardboard, slap on a Type-R sticker and call it a racer, when you really mean r!cer.
    It's not like any other company can't produce an inline 4 2 litre engine, they just choose not to. and because of that, they have more power than your 'precious' civic with a homemade spoiler.
    Now, I'm not Civic bashing. Civic's are reliable, durable city cars with good petrol efficiency. But are they really worth all the money? Can't people buy a car with a bigger engine, more room, and more power for the same price as a "SuperCivic?"
  2. Well you know what VTEC stands for, Clap Clap.
    Do you know what it does?
    Basically it takes power away from the engine bellow 6k RPM, VTEC is a petrol Saver not power maker.
    It is so for when you are shopping the inlet of petrol is constricted as to save on fuel and money.
    VTEC is nothing special, and if it just ran on the 3rd cam lobe all the time it'd actually be a hell of a lot better.
    N/A Civic's do not beat stock ZO6's, it makes no sense whatsoever for a little front wheel driving joke for a car to touch a rear-wheel driving 400 horsies + V8.
    A tuned Civic will never beet a tuned ZO6, it's that simple.
    The Z06 isn't much heavier and you have a hell of a lot more power to start off with.
    I don't hate Honda's only there psuedo-performance range like the Integra, Civic and Prelude.

    I suggest you go learn about how VTEC doesn't make power and how torque-steering front drivers don't help you win drags.
  3. Angry Honda people don't cut at my last post.
    I'm only saying they're no worth doing up for competitive reasons.
    Civics though are quite good at what they were built to do, being a commuter car.
  4. you're right they DONT have an inline engine, which is the best thing Mazda made, its got a good ol' rotary, an american design. And thats one import that can put the power to the ground. I read an article on "Imports Vs. Domestics" basically stating that the old american muscle cars beating up on the jap crap, the only import that got the best of them was the RX-7. Excellent car.

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